Chapter 1:

Starting a new story

Blue in the sky

Screams, moan and lamentations reverberate in my ears, noises that paint my imaginations with red by blood in walls, gray for tombstones and black for the night sky, anything blends for drawing horror canvas in my mind, turning in slashers comics, the Dead riding your yellow house harvesting children and parents souls, when realized one kid grabbing my leg, when said your face, seem blank canvas, however, opened your mouth requesting screaming: — HEEEELLPPPP MMMEEEEE!!!!— When opening my eyes, it is a cold day, heavily raining on the outside, but when I awake, I do not see another color beyond white, white like snow, except the windows in gray, everything is white, within this isotropic environment I think myself:

—Unfamiliar scenario.

I do not remember anything, just this dream, if it's not a delirium when the world is only rubble and flames, screams of pain and suffering for the loss of precious lives, but whenever I went remember sad faces of peoples in tears, everything seemed to turn in dauby and I do not remember anything. Moments later in the near corridor a girl running, with cherry bloom flower almost Lavender color hair, enter in my room in tears however I still could not see your eyes, but different from my dreams, it is tears of happiness like a newborn child in the arm of your mother, she hugging me with all forces almost choke me, soon afterward very medics entered in my room, all faces are same of girl, but it seemed a conglomerate piling my overview, verified my conditions and perceived that improved of my injuries, debating with each other for getting out of the hospital, with a confirmed a girl was enlivened with this news that turn back for cry when the medics left the room, her classmates, that seems all doctors are working, too enter the door and celebrate my Health state, all wearing the same uniform her, all your facets are same of doctors, one of them held my hand said:

—Veteran, so good, the club needs you for the championship Saturday.

This line had confusion, what’s sport that I play, but the first girl censured him said that doing it will bad stressing for my memory, his throat dried with her complaint but he smiled because I improve the health condition, the chatting continuing while I observed that my worry dissipated with their smiles, unknown smiles of unknown peoples that maybe I know, classmates or maybe high school acquaintances that I don't can remember, your colors festival contrast with solid white room, I feeling secure, enough secure for sleep again, but when seeing me entering in Hypnos reign nothing changed, the same nightmare, same blur, same cries, same destruction, it is breaking my happiness, my reality sense, my ego, I thought that this agony never end the her voice reverberated in my dream doing me awaken, when open my eyes, rain is over, but it was morning and sun illuminated the room, a first girl has here by my side, watching me, to be raw I questioned her about your name, a first moment she retorted but reanalysis the situation and condition asking my question:

—Ayako, Mikatsuki Ayako, your classmate, not girlfriend, don’t think dirty mind, but we are older infancy friends and your sister requires that I cared for you while she traveled to work, you are ######, have ##### years old, studied in Solidarity Academy, a respected high school in the city. We are in the second year of this school and you have a serious accident that you forget everything, but don't need to worry because you are fine and go back to your home today. Obviously, with me, I don't leave one sick guy to return to your home.

Everything she said showed a trust so much that I could see your delicate face, your eyebrows share hair color, your eyes seems looked tired, however had brightness that remind hope, but when she talking my name one static sound occupied space that I tries remember, sounds of thunder filled in ter namespace, something strange in a conversation, especially from an infancy friend but I ignored for not frighten her, but watched my astonish face in listening to your talk Ayako silenced and the room turns back to being a cold and dark, I risked say any words but my throat is dry, but she understands my desire and your face turn on rejoiced when a doctor enters my room with their staff, he requisite that her to exit of room for he execute the remove the equipment, however i caught her hand with all forces like my body acting by self-reflection, when she realized starting to cry, but she accepts and left a room trying to hold of tears, his nurses starting the preparations for my leave to hospital, but their acts seems like manufacture robots, too quicked that less the one minutes later, I was already dressed and left the room, going to hospital lobby, in wheelchair obviously, I quickly see the room of patients, all my happiness exhausted when I saw your faces are the same a mourners in my dream but turned in real, yours eyes realized that world is grey and cold, your voices reminded me a first dream, but reviving in real life, this scene provoked me fear, horror and lit me one desire: Survive.

This fear raised despair, my clothes automatically turn in ases, my skin hurting me like thorns, my breathing got heavy, furthermore, I feeling my lung-like frozen helium balloon, my eyesight turn in blind when those faces approach me, I heard a Dead Horse cantering in surroundings, he wants to take my soul, when I almost caught Ayato to awake. — How are ok?— Her voice seemed like an angelical choir inside of an infernal scenario that I insided, your face over my head covering up my face with her cherry blossom hair, an angel vision excited me for continuing my life, cleaning all stains that dream implanted in my mind.

— You are dreaming again, haven't you tried it?— we looked at ourselves and laughed — What's in your dreams for you to come back there so much? — her face looked like a preoccupation if my childrenhood friend had more than one illness, but I grabbed her head and said: —It is all ok— when I said it, she smiled and took me to leave the hospital.

On the lobby, same classmates are waiting for me with a happy aspects, but their faces is different of Ayako faces, their faces seemed masks, carnival masks, but this masks seemed real humans faces that yours jaws gestured like to be yours masks to glued in heads with masking tape, a electric guy approached me said that is happy for my health recovery and will hoping come back for club, but Ayako more one time interrupted him this action said that i don't to have stress, so she leaves me for hospital outside and there i can see how this world is different that i hoped: one world where tall buildings share a scenario with gigantics robots that "to protect" the tomorrow, when entered to cab, with Ayako in my right side and your acquaintances in our front, i could see all city along the way back for home, on the highway that have seven lanes, but i could to see downtown looked like is a cabbage, where high buildings, with constructions that seem to touch the sky, centering leaves surrounds, where the resident area was outskirts is external leaves, the ways a wall surrounds the city like a bow ribbon circling a cabbage, but i don’t could see all because the city is large that mixing with a horizon, I don’t remember when i fell asleep, but when i awaked is evening, I was in Ayako shoulder, she put in your hand in my face and I could feeling her heat, gave me a cozy feeling from a time that I did not remember, a time that i was happy with my family.

—You are ok?— Ayako's eyes demonstrate worry, but a classmate grabbed her shoulder and said — Relax, we had arrived at his home, we can put it on his bed and we can prepare anything, ok? — immediately we arrive at home, different of the future design of a downtown building, my house has red brick walls with windows on the only two floors, likewise, my neighbor's houses, when to get out of the cab and they are whispers about collegial things and I could hear some things like history lessons, maths lessons, physical education, and every college things, but a thing that surprised me: Holdfights test, when they said it, their voices looked through dreads, but I do not know what this meaning, however, this word seems familiar, like a thing that is common in the family bosom that I craved to be one Holdfighter