Chapter 2:

In the familiar coziness

Blue in the sky

When we arrived at my house, after we said goodbye for our "friends" and quickly entered the house with Ayako, she put me in a hospital exoskeleton, a support tool for my relearning to walk and still limping, I went for second floor where my bedroom was, in the way I thinking about the subject of Holdfight and question if this matter is important, but a strangely feel that walls were made of cardboard but painted by silent white hush screams for help, finally found my bed i could feel ease, I run for blankets, my body needed to warm, created a cozy air for my mind, but quickly Ayako, following me to worry if a something happen for me, reproved my act say me for shower for take out all impurities in my body, later take off a exoskeleton for hot shower and dressing cleared clothes, after replacing the exoskeleton, caught a handrail i went for living room while Ayako searching any food for snack, i laid in sofa and see a picture frame with a photo, a picture of me with a beautiful women, when I saw her facet, I seen a flashback a same women with suitcase to hug me before say goodbye, when i awake tried remember of important with a women with suitcases in hand, that when a female voice ruptures the silent of room saying:Bookmark here

—You finally arrivedBookmark here

And running to hug me and cry said unaccountably words, listen to the noise Ayako quickly run for living room for to see what are to happen, when she arrives: — Lauriceia! — when Ayako said it, a glimpse coming into my eyes making me to cry because my sister arrives home, but just it that I listened because fainted for a strong hug from my older sister.Bookmark here

When I awaked is the night my sister has laid in one chair near of bed, seemingly she put me among bed blankets, one slip-up she down in my blanket and when her head was put in my lap I starting for remember all about her together with a put on her head, that she is strongest Holdfigher of city, Holdfighters is the last power force of humanity against Ghosts, a creature that I don't remember your form but I knew that is dangerous because these creatures killed our parents in the first day of Lauricea in a brigade, her name is tribute for our grandmother because our mother had wanted, it is one of few things I remembered of our parents when I have perceived my sister has petted my head while I crying about this memories, or statics imagens with everyone been laughing of happy moments that gone. Bookmark here

—Don't cry little bro, because I am here for defender youBookmark here

While she spoke, she hugged me with all forces to affirm your wish, almost fainted again, but I could say clearly your fearful face, maybe she fears is lost me more one time, her face demonstrate fatigue, fatigue for to defend the city, a Holdfight is last mankind army, their origin refers to the arrival of mankind in our new house, we thought that this planet doesn’t have life forms, we normally developing for one hundred years in a lull until a threat arise, an unknown threat overpower that wanted to exterminate us, so by the hands of Palwell, founder of Order of Holdfight, a non-conventional forces that unified all three forces with expeditions corps and civil voluntary, their meaning our united desires in our new home with is a memory before I slept again.Bookmark here

Next day i did awake with voice of Lauricea said that she had gone to work and probably come back for house late night, it is single lapse of her speak because i laid and was entering in Hypnos kingdom like a stone splashed in river, in the dream is more placid that last time, this dream consists one walking, my walking by empty avenue, around have old buildings thorough of vegetation, some buildings were in shambles like one battle had happened in the city, but don't had bodies, just silent and ruin, looked for sky is possible see by side of stars shapes like a tornado but laid, this weird clouds as ghost-form flies for eternity, chirping weeps for lost lives that vanished by city, walking by avenue i found fight armors that lose battle and inward had very memories, maybe memories of soldiers with fear for solitude, among many wastes i found pictures, pictures with me and my sister, when i finally perceived screams and cries pop ups around me and i awake with twilight light behind me and Ayako voice called me for open the door.Bookmark here

I jumped out of my bed, I dressed rapidly to exit my bedroom to answer her call, when she enters quickly questing me if I did anything during daylight, with the same speed of question I answered with shameless and weak voice: — I had slept all day.Bookmark here

— You can't be sleeping all the time, you need to do anything, because to imagine when you come back from school or worst-case to don't any home task, your sister needs resting after a hard workday.— Ayako said it with anger because normally I was lively, however, your face changed to an unstoppable sadness, but her face returned for indifference. — So, you aren’t eat anything, right? So I am preparing dinner.Bookmark here

She went to the kitchen and I followed to help her, we are coming behind of vegetables had peeled, I requesting a chat because I want to know more about me and my life. — I don't know, but I need it because the doctor said that it is good for your recovery. —So she answered all questions, since said again my age and schooling, around 18 and i am middle of high school, until that we living in last city, at least in continent because at least in continent because Zaurus is our new home, this planet have seven continents and each one is near, like a flower petal or cardinal directions because existing North, South, West, East and Northeast, Southwest and central point, humanity capital is there and biggest city, so another six cities is connecting by huge bridges, before just existed a Capital City, with overpopulation our society desired to explore other lands, so simultaneously six pioneers gone for to explore the uninhabited land, because when we arrived in this planet don't have any life form human similar here, so humanity wished remade your great civilization of elder time, but when the firsts pioneers founded a six cities, Aurora for North Continent, Başûrî for South, Vostochnaya for East, Komohana for West, Kontrapuntua for Southwest and our Home is Nilma, starting expanding accordingly the ground this area to during a first decades work of the pioneers had been developing of humanity in several areas until a day, when they have gone attacked for bizarres creatures as bigger stature and strongest that theirs obsoletes arms and weapons, this creatures gone said of Ghosts because first meet with a humanity, that when clouds as ghost-form appeared, this creatures raised in soon like a night, harvesting a human lives, week for week, until it appears a resistance, where all heads unificated for this fight that enduring until today, the Holdfights is extremely respectable for society, all families want have a member of your offspring become a Holdfigher.Bookmark here

I had horrified when she said about Ghosts, we have sat in the dining room, but after she tells me that it is an old thing because not have attacked these creatures for years because of Holdfights, with shiny giants armors defeats the creatures, the whole population is trained since of school, but just young fight for city protect, my sister is a prodigy of a troop, because is elder of the troop, in time of service when ages, most victorious and most fast to climb the ranks in the history of Holdfights, and too because it that have more pressure about my formation in the academy, while this pressure is nothing for me that had the high grades of history of the academy, until of accident.Bookmark here

But when Ayako would tell me about the accident, she started to burst into tears — Why? Why are you so kind? I, that, should have suffered that accident, not you — I hugged her like my sister did last night, hugged me she continued speaking: —if I was not flutt-brain maybe we will continue our normal life, just thinking about tasks and our relationships.Bookmark here

But while she said it a single lapsus of memory come in my eyes when iub she arms: I lying in pool of blood, asphalt color turn for white, just cry of children and ambulance siren sounds that gone in this lapsus, that turn off in more sirens, strong lights blinding my eyes, medical silhouettes bypassing and the end a blue angel hugging my body said me a phase, but huge sirens that awaked me and undid our hug, when Ayako heard a sirens, her face showed hopelessness with song, quick she pick up my wrist and taken me for street where there was running of our neighbours all together in line for we protect of threat, sirens and blackouts blends a despair, smoke was rising in side where the Wall stayed, Ayako pulled me for street with all strength like a mom want to save her children, but your strength is over when a high screaming freeze everyone with one primal fear terrorized all around us, after the screaming everyone running despaired, but Ayako try take me for a alley a little gap enter houses near us for hidden us and when found it, scream and cry of my neighbours is silenced and animal sounds dictading the song of street, when realized street turn in red-blood because this animals group, that is similar a dark-blue crystal with so much animal-form that changing from dinosaur to simian, eating my neighbours like strawberries, Ayako put your hand and my mouth for blocked my screaming of horror, when her force my face for up for explaining all, since that this animals is too much mortal that can bite a family at once, until a plan for escape this place, but i just see for first time for sky since my exiting of hospital, and beyond the stars i could see clouds as ghost-form and finally remember of one more passage that almost lost in my random flashbacks, a passage that have my parents leave me for check the first day of Lauricea in brigade, when i could see animals with same form this animals that we are seeing now, but when i will see a animal attacking my parents, This memory made me remember an angel blue, her face was sweet, too sweet that when I falled in the floor it did not hurt, this sweet taste changed to bitter, when I opened my eyes a mouth of those animals over my head, i thought that all is over, but Ayako jerked for out of mouth of before animal for save me:Bookmark here

—Thank you for living with me. These are last words her before that your image change of lavender for red in my front, my madness thrive and like an animal, my vision turned to red and I wanted to attack it for try save her after all memories turned in a blur, what I remembered is that I hunted those groups, I grabbed ahead of one of them and shattered like a piece of dry mud and I jumped among the houses but when I breathed for calmed me, I could see a crystal-animal in shards along my right arm, behind me had two giants shines robots astonishing with a situation, one of then tried, dressed an orange suit to touch me, when I said your face, he jumped back with fear for me, my eyes bleared and it is all that I remember before fainted is gunfire noise and awake again in Hospital.
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