Chapter 3:

Starting a new story... Again

Blue in the sky

When I finally awake all around me changed since of first time that I remembered the hospital, my patient room is small in comparing to my first awake, have more colors in less space, in windows have tree leaves that is my neighbors, my right side had my sister sleeping seated with her head in my lap, using anything pack like a pillow, she dressed in red, almost garnet, military uniform with a marine blue overcoat to be her blanket, I was happy for can see her more one time and desired to rub her head I normally put my near arm for did it, but when starting rubbing her hair I realized that my arm changing of color, from typical skin color to onyx blue like beast-animal that attacked us last night, my astonishment came with more fright because a guy, with same clothes of my sister and carrying a tray as two tea-cups, as coffee instead of tea, dropped this tray and running in aisle exclaiming:Bookmark here

—HE AWAKEDBookmark here

The scream awake my sister that immediately remove sleepy dust in her eyes and when she realized mine awaken, quickly hug me with all strength that almost shutdown me for more minutes in Hypnos kingdom, but realizing that my skin to go for a blue tune, however, this shock is denying for my awakening.Bookmark here

—Finally, you have woken up, I was waiting for you awake for months.Bookmark here

This phrase startled me because her face was the same as last time but changed over time. —Lau, how long am I sleeping?— I question her not to bother with this matter. —Fifteen for 24 months—this is the line that the newcoming doctor said for me when he opened the bedroom door. This information hurt me like a knife drilling my bust—What? It doesn't feel real, how I sleep for a long time without anyone realizing I vanished.Bookmark here

My sister put her hand on my shoulder, turned her face to the doctor waited for any approval to speak, as approved she starting a long explanation/speech of facts happening that night.Bookmark here

—That night was uncommon for our troops because always we attacking Ghosts before they entering in security perimeter for avoiding that they got into the wall of City, a perimeter consisted of a fifty meters radius outside of the Wall that we are tearing down then before they attacking the Wall, if Wall breaks all city will have succumbed, always one attack wave of Ghosts was tiring for our troop because they attacked in fullness and in the day we are minor numbers for the defender a city, but that night we thought that will be easy defend there, but this thought quick changed because they attacking in two numerous waves and a little breakout in the near area of Wall astonished us, we have priority for wall incident after a first wave, but a second wave attacked us almost defaulted us, meanwhile the small wave turned for City while we survived of the main wave when realizing quickly attacking lasts ghost, went I found you, you was fainted and remains of ghost is near you.Bookmark here

This line astonished me because I thought that her troop is the strongest. After all, my sister always protected me with all power, but with her frustrated face, I realized that this fact was shaming her.Bookmark here

—Because days before had formed one exploration troop for ascertaining the low number of Ghost appearances in the area around the City, this agglomeration was suspicious, however, a low number did not worry us, but it’s a long way for our troop come back together, so just our group returned for report our activity while a numerous group was continuing the investigation — said a guy with same clothes by my sister trying assuage a phrase, but this trial is failed because her face doesn't change, nevertheless, my talk reason returning for Ayako and I will have a question about Ayako but a siren song break up a calm environment, my tension up for my head thinking if any threat come of any place, but my sister with rapid sense hold my emergent body that desire to fight for important anythingBookmark here

—Relax bro, just a lunch siren, well sorry for leaving you alone again, but I need work, I hope that you improve to take it home.Bookmark here

I hugged her with all my power and said farewell words wishing her good luck. Any moments after to parting, I finally open the pack that she was leaved for see the content was a uniform, similar of my sister, but more light with white tones, under the dress have one photo with edges burned in center a family, our different family, because father took care us in home while our mother fighted against to Ghosts until retired because she suffered a serious injury on a mission shortly after I gave birth, Lau had been dreaming in turning a Holdfighter like our mother until she got a vacancy in corps, and her first day, i remember just the blood flavor, but when i realize that is a memory was night and a starlight blending with red light that cruising a sky, this is Cloudloadings, they always on the sky searching any trace of humanity in space like a telescope fleet in a starry sky, they are important because they was the pioneers for finding this planet in our elder home and when found a planet, like our new home, they reporting for sending a expedition group for colonization this new planet, if this expedition are fruitful, more colonists go to planet for to develop a new civilization.Bookmark here

—But, how am I knew it? —I whispered to myself, a questionation arose in my head, as this information had in my mind, to know about Holdfights is easy owing my family had a past with by force, but this matter is unfamiliar until a violet light appeared in my room, maybe an advertising light that focused on the enclosure, when a light touch me a phrase emerged in my hear: —What are you want to work?— I said this in my ordinary voice, Ayako sat beside me and answered —I want to see the stars, wondering how many homes we could find, how many families may arise, wondering a new generation will have built a new home for their child's.— This is the dream of Ayako, to become a Cloudloading for touching the stars. It was her old dream, that never will turn info into reality.Bookmark here

I remember when we met, I was returned for school after that blood memory with it all colors turn monocolor, but when saw her cherry-tree color come for me, all change because her mood was the same light that your color-hair, her simples words try to break up my sadness, her actions are cozy, like an event, we always studied together since of we first meet, but we never stayed in the same club, until she required for I enter in sport club that I did not remember because this club is closing owing to don't have enough students, but when I had entered, we team finally arrive for national step, a historic moment until an accident. When I try to remember the accident, my mind just shows cries and screams, nonetheless, when I am remembered this time as a blue fairy contrasting the red canvas, like last time, this fairy always said anything, but when I awoke this line vanished, I knew that this phrase is important, but a same static sound took her voice, precluded information of line.Bookmark here

Remember her face, motivated me to be a Holdfighter, I need to find out her, her presence warmed up me, her voice cheered me, her touch rejoiced me, all sentiments emerged with a violet light that motivated me to restart, while I finally decided that come back for study, just Lauricea desire when left this pack, along with a letter of recommendation from her, written between the lines has a meaning: — Fight for your future, independently your difficulties, the world is hard game level, when fight with all forces for your desires.— with this new motivation I return to Hypnos kingdom to wake up early.Bookmark here

— Help me.— This is phrase turned in a symphony in this new dream was different from the previous ones, I was in the same ruins of clouds dream, but I saw a beautiful girl in the middle of an avenue, singing an inaudible melody to an empty audience, the soprano had wore a dark-blue dress with the moon for her spotlight and as I approached, her presence fortify, my will is touching her, however when she realized my stride had turned in front of me, I could see her face that left me astonished because it was the face of the Ayako, but contradistinctive a happy face of our first meet, her face is remembering an unaccountable sadness, when I had tried her again, my right arm changed of a human common arm for an onyx blue piece, her face has become agonizing grimace, that peaceful place was planned of red and her scream waking me.Bookmark here

The light of morning blinded my eyes when I awoke, the nurse was stupefied with my rouse. — Are you well?— her questioning made me is realize that I was crying when I awoken, in a movement by reflex my right arm touch my face and I could felt a icy touch presents in onyx blue rock, quick moving away my hand and touched a bound of patient bed, sound of bump into resonating like metal, but my hand changed for blade for a second and come back for a common hand, this unique second showed that this hand will help me on my journey, after this incident my recuperation was progressive, first task is come back to walk during thirteen days and the last day, Lauriceia had visited me and when I saw her happiness face that motivation me for continuing my journey, a second task is to study due in that her recommendation letter just ensured my enrollment in the school hence I need studying for to pass the entrance exam, but this torture turned in easy shortcut, owing to help by Lauriceia, those hard matters turning simples homework and last weak, due to a period of recuperation in one month, I going for hospital courtyard to breathe fresh air and be able to move freely, this is last test before of to return my normal life.Bookmark here

— Wow, your recuperation had rapid for someone sleeping fifteen mouths, but…— Lauriceia end a sentence when saw my right arm. — Sister relax, I will do my best, even if this thing bothers me, I will do that test since is a simple question.Bookmark here

—This simple question with subjects that you don't dominate, right? — She said with a disdainful face, laughing at the difficulty that your brother undergoes, even ashamed, I could see her happy face that seldom to show, a laugh of Lauriceia always warmed all moments, since a happy meet until sadness farewells, but at this precise moment it reminded me of a memory that we went to a picnic with an Ayako that was also smiling, this unique factor did that my mouth, automatically. say:Bookmark here

—And Ayako, where is she?— A terrifying silence takes over the ambient for a single moment — Ayako, who is she? She is your girlfriend? How long are you with her?Bookmark here

—Don’t play me, you can say if she is dead?Bookmark here

—Hey, hey, is a joker? This “Ayako” don’t a figment of your imagination during a coma?Bookmark here

— You don’t remember her?Bookmark here

—No!?— She says it, look at my expression of anger.Bookmark here

— Ayako, Mikatsuki Ayako, Our #### — A same static sound resurfaces to steal an important word, annoying me that my arm starting to changed and my senses began to fade with my irritation, but Lauriceia with same quickness that she resolving the problems of the troop, hugged me with she traditional strength — Don’t cry, my precious little brother, I searching your girlfriend where is stay, or if she exists, but trusting your sister that she solves — After she said it, I burst into tears. Bookmark here

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