Chapter 4:

Walking the path to adulthood

Blue in the sky

Some a few days later that incident, I could come back for home with Lauriceia, but she quickly left me at home for returning her obligations, when I entered realize the importance of Ayako on my side, each room does emerge a new memory in mind, cozy memories of moments that I don’t remembered before the first time that I awaking in a hospital, memories like a time that when we returned after a school day we were talking about a day while was nightfall and she saw a shooting star, during the show she said me that in the past, peoples believed that if you see a shooting star, you should make a wish, so I question her what was her desire, with an ashamed face she did not answer me. With each a new memory give me a tile for paving my way, so i decided went for my bedroom for to study for a entrance exam, this exam is does planetary because some occurrences during past exams of schemes to cheating on test, this exam is divided into two parts, a first part consists in a theoretical test at-which testing your knowledge level, with questions of mathematics, languages, nature and social sciences, trial time is five hours, but you can leave a trial place after three hours, this test is very difficult that a percentage of approved is 25%, but as thousands taken the test all years was necessary creating a new phase which consists in a fight tournament, nothing mortal although there are some injuries, at least that's what that pamphlet with the letter of recommendation said, this tournament is necessary for candidates show their aptitudes to enter for academia, you can fight with four instruments that are used by Holdfights in combating, this instruments are divides in Sabers: cutting blades, although this blades don't have sharpness; Bows: everything that shoot; Shield and random thing, this last item is normally less used in the test owing to randomness of the available utensils, since this element was implemented is rarely a challenger won a battle, but if a challenger get a victory is automatically approved because it had knack a real confront, however the vast majority to prefer another three items.Bookmark here

In the last years, a new fact emerged owing to a new type of education institutions blending a traditional way of learning with preparation training for conflict, with this way came to the reason why the recommendation letter template was created, since those institutions obtained the authorization of the troop of Holdfighters, but just the bests can get a recommendation letter that varies accordingly with their capabilities, you can too get a recommendation letter if your heroic acts were recognized for Holdfighter, like me, but this case you need to pass the theoretical test.Bookmark here

I stopped a search about an entrant exam when my sister arrived from work with our dinner, but after I come back my bedroom to studying until a fall of sleepy and next few days my daily routine was studying and take care of the house, in night Lauriceia brought our dinner, is our routine until a day that she question me? Bookmark here

— When will your test be?— Her face showed that she wanted to take me to the test site.Bookmark here

—In two days, but don’t worry I can go alone.— I didn't want her to take me for not form an agglomeration.Bookmark here

Two days later those chatting, I went to the test site together with my sister, as expected this generated a buzz because of her notorious career, due to this that I took so long to enter in test site that almost missed the entry time when entering in a classroom that I will make a test, all look me with surprising me with thinking “why he stay here?” or “he is the brother of Capitan Lauriceia?” or derivatives that my right arm is summarily ignored.Bookmark here

The test seemed impossible when I see a amount of pages that given to me, but browsing a questions changed my opinion for a feeling that i will can to pass of test, but i question appeared in my mind, because i studied with mental fixation reviews so i didn’t needed to write with a pen, but quickly in second page this test showed that was multiple choice, however the biggest challenge is time, because I thought it would be easy because those subjects that Lauriceia taught was present, but also had another questions with a high level that capturing a time remaining, in passed the pointer of clock and new questions emerging, although missing half-hour to the end of the test, I finally could to exit of local, on the way out of the site, i saw another enrollees by test exiting too and realizing their faces, my vision staring too blurring because when i saw their eyes, i could feeling their nervous, therefore their fears, i thought that a hospital bed would shelter for the rest of my life, but a pair of arms caught me before that i fainted.Bookmark here

— Hey, You are ok?— a male voice questioned me when I regained consciousness. — Guy, what's happening with your arm, why is it your arm?— Finally, someone questioned my arm.Bookmark here

—Your face is familiar, you are famous?— He continued to question me while I was getting up, but his doubt was resolved when my sister ran into the corridor. — Lau…, Lau…, Lauriceia, you are the son of Captain Lauriceia?Bookmark here

— NOOOOOO!— I and my sister arrived behind me, solemnly denying.Bookmark here

—Capitan Lau, the holy maiden of Holdfighters, the first captain that defaulted one thousand of Ghosts, our savior during a Bloodnight, could you grant an autograph?— he almost to faint owing to the shortness of breathBookmark here

— Bloodnight, what is it?— this alien word seems familiar, but my sister tried to cover ears, but I could hear all his line.Bookmark here

— Where were you almost two years ago, were you sleeping by any chance? Or are you from out of town?— When he received her affirmation to continue, he started a history.Bookmark here

— This is the biggest disaster of the City since its foundation, that night the crying was the soundtrack of attack and the smoke from the fires painted that scenario in gray and red, a flock of Ghosts reaped people like it was a visit to a supermarket, the quick action of Holdfighters saved us from the worst, but the streets seem veins in a day after of attack, numberless of families are still looking for their missing members today and because it that I want to become a Holdfighter, my sister was one of the victims and I saw she is captured in my front, but what if I was enough strong but what if I was strong enough she wouldn't be kidnapped or worst.Bookmark here

— Sorry.— This unique word combination that her shame face went her apology for he— You don’t need to worry with me, because if I lived with it, I would be a statue, however, I want a thing.— He requested a piece of paper for a proof inspector who was close to us and with his pen requesting an autograph for my sisterBookmark here

— So, what is your name?— She questioned him with a pen in her hand and my back like support for writing, as at the end of the test a throng came down in the corridor and the union of their voices had disturbed his voice, but his answer stands out from the others.Bookmark here

—Junjoumaru, Mikatsuki Junjoumaru, My mother is a judge and my father was district attorney, but they knew each other in law school and ...— When he said his name a large sound of broken glass deafened my ear, I felt my arm changing for turned in dust, after in numberless rays and finally come back to arm form before to faint.Bookmark here

— Prepare for war— This was the only phrase that I understood before unrelated figures flicking between red and blue, sounds of cries surrounded me each image that I saw, the thing that seems of someone Holdfighter cornered, cities in burning, rivers in red, lightning storms reigned the skies, an army in blue marching in that city, a burst of light ends everything and one white immaculate place with a maiden praying in a strange language before she look me and a local flooded, Lauriceia voice surrounded my mind while I was submerged in a dark sea.Bookmark here

— Please, awake, I don't want to visit in hospital for the rest of my life. I don’t want to lose my unique family, please wake up now. — Her crying voice is the first tone that I listen in open my eyes, we still in local, those agglomerate surrounding us, watching me with a mix of surprise and amaze, I was in Lauriceia lap and when I saw your face made me remember a scene of past, a scene where we were a burning environment and she had the same crying face, I took the same action as that memory that with my right hand I tried to dry your tears that ran down your bloodied face, but different that time, her tear ceased with my touch and a smile arising in your face.Bookmark here

—I’m fine— When I said it, she cheered up and passersby realized who is she was quicked assembling around us, and confusion was formed. It took a considerable amount of time to leave us. In the night when still stay in local, an official who takes care of the test complained about her presence here, after this scolding Junjoumaru was waiting near the door.Bookmark here

—So, where’s my autograph— With all the unreal pomp and ostentation, when he saw my face, quickly your impression changed for preoccupation— Hey hey, what’s happening, in one minute your health changing of good for sudden illness, do you really want to become Holdfighter?Bookmark here

—You don’t want to become because of your sister?— When I questioning him, my feeling was anger, anger at being labeled weak, I needed to turn into a stronger warrior for I could see her facet again, meanwhile my sister put her hand in my shoulder and said.Bookmark here

— My brother recently woke up from a coma that left him bedridden for almost two years because of a serious accident, he wants to have a normal life after this catastrophic event, but his dream to become a Holdfighter exists since he was a child and your heroic spirit made him suffer that accident, so I wrote a recommendation letter for don’t take the physical test, that's why we were here today and I hope his passes because I respect wish him and I knew that he will become an honorable Holdfighter as you will become.—She said this last part with your hand in my head.Bookmark here

—Wait, you are the brother of the great Lauriceia???— His posture broke thereby hearing this, your facet looked amazed that seemed like a funny face.Bookmark here

— Wait, wait, an accident, what happened?Bookmark here

— I don’t remember a unique thing that I know is a siren song and a friend.— when I would say a name of Ayako, quicking Lauriceia cut off my line for said that it was getting late but questioning if Junjoumaru would be available for returning on local in next days, with his affirmation our meeting has been arranged, because the results are quickly available, so much so that you can check it online the next day, but checking on the spot with your family is an elder tradition, one local get-together because the approved list is shown and a whole betting system was created for the second test that starts with challengers test being exposed to the public. Bookmark here

After our farewell, seeing that the Junjoumaru silhouette blended with the night, Lauriceia quickly said: —You know what the doctor recommended not to get stressed, so you could forget about this delusion.— A scary face appeared on her face, I don’t remember a moment that she was too angry at this time, but apace her mood returned to peaceful harmony.

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