Chapter 4:

Evil and Good?

...mY happiness...

What were angels, what were demons? What were humans? Bookmark here

The angels...pure? No. They only care about perfection. An ideal they follow of “good.” I learned that nothing is good. They can kill those who kill for justice. Good? no. They bring pride, and superiority to humanity.Bookmark here

The demons...evil? No. They leech from the vile. They take and eat the dirtiness from the world while being chastised by the angels. But they bring chaos, lust, and hatred to humanity.Bookmark here

Humans? Good or evil? none. Humans are not simply good nor evil. They are the defective product of angels and demons. Impure but pure. An enigmatic and paradoxical state. Bookmark here

What am I?Bookmark here

I came to realize I was not the same as any entity in the whole world. This was the second time I came to know loneliness. Nothing in this world wanted me. The demons and angels repelled me for my abomination of a birth. Humans? They were trash that I grew to hate, and the same ones that discarded me after I was used.Bookmark here

The sweet chime of existence stays lost to my ears. The beauty of the world grows dull. Death cannot reach me.Bookmark here

I am man? No.Bookmark here

Angel? No. Bookmark here

Demon? No. Bookmark here here

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