Chapter 1:

Chapter one : the student meets the detective

A city where I'm the only one who lives in

Seventh of November , year 2026Bookmark here

A boy was sitting in his classroom at schoolBookmark here

He hed a short black hair with a decent haircut, he was wearing his school uniformBookmark here

It was a blue shirt with black pants, it had the school badge on the left side of the shirtBookmark here

Gakusei sutēji that was the name of the schoolBookmark here

The boy was sitting alone in the classroomBookmark here

He was thinking and looking at the boardBookmark here

The boy was quiet and calm just like the seaBookmark here

Student: what’s the time?Bookmark here

He looked at the watch he was wearing in his right handBookmark here

It was 3 pm Bookmark here

Student: I have to go homeBookmark here

He wore his back pack and left the classroom then he went out stairs reaching the school gate after eight minutes from walkingBookmark here

No one else was there just like his class no one was at that school except him but for some reason the boy didn’t care Bookmark here

He started to walk in the direction of his houseBookmark here

Student: I feel that I want to sing Bookmark here

He started to sing a song with a weak smile on his faceBookmark here

Student : I will keep walking like this Tonight follow the lonely footprints straight ahead again.Bookmark here

That song was in his mind for a long time, he doesn’t even know or remember who sang it or where did he hear itBookmark here

Student : Be the one The most important thing is living .Bookmark here

He stopped singing and his face expressions became normal again, quiet and calm like the seaBookmark here

The boy was always like this he was quiet and calm all the timeBookmark here

Student: miracles? Chances? Message?Bookmark here

He started to repeat these words as it had a meaning to himBookmark here

Student: connect to the futureBookmark here

He was looking at the sun while saying that sentence “connect to the future”Bookmark here

Student: connect to the future, connect to the future, connect to the futureBookmark here

He started to repeat it slowly while walkingBookmark here

That sentence really meant something to him but he couldn’t know what is itBookmark here

Did he fall in love before? Or did he had a dream with an old friend? Or he is just a normal student and trying to get an idea by saying that sentence? Bookmark here

After fifteen minutes he stopped saying that sentence “connect to the future” he reached his house and stood in front of the door looking at it Bookmark here

His house was a house with two floors and a small garage for a car , the small garage was next to the house on it’s leftBookmark here

The house’s color was yellow with a brown door and a red roofBookmark here

It had a small garden with purple flowersBookmark here

He took the keys from his pants Pocket and opened the door, he entered the house and closed the door againBookmark here

Student: I’m homeBookmark here

He said that but the house was empty no one was there like the schoolBookmark here

He didn’t see anyone all along his wayBookmark here

The first floor of the house had the living room, kitchen and a bathroomBookmark here

He took of his shoes and put it next to the door of the house after that he put his back pack next to his shoes then he went upstairs to the second floorBookmark here

The second floor had three bed rooms and a bathroomBookmark here

The first bed room was big and had a bid bed for two adultsBookmark here

The second bed room was small and had two beds for two young kidsBookmark here

The third bedroom was small too, it had one bed that bed wasn’t small and it wasn’t big it was just a normal bad for a teenager, that room had blue walls and a silver big carpet on the floor that looked like a space ship’s floor Bookmark here

The room had a book shelf with a clock next to it and a balcony too, that room was the boy’s room and the other rooms were emptyBookmark here

The boy entered the room and looked around himselfBookmark here

Student: I’m very tiredBookmark here

He layed his back on the bed then he closed his eyesBookmark here

Student: Who am I?Bookmark here

The boy didn’t know who is he, he didn’t know his own identity Bookmark here

He started to hear a voice coming from his mindBookmark here

The voice: your role in this world is your identityBookmark here

Student: who am I?Bookmark here

The voice: your role is your identityBookmark here

He repeated the question a time after another but it was still the same answer “your role in this world is your identity” the voice didn’t say anything else it was just the same answer and the boy was repeating the same questionBookmark here

Student: who am I?Bookmark here

The voice: your role in this world is your identityBookmark here

The boy didn’t repeat the question, he stopped and stayed quietBookmark here

The voice: who are you?Bookmark here

Student: I don’t knowBookmark here

The voice: your role in this world is your identityBookmark here

The boy became quiet for a minute then he answered the voiceBookmark here

Student: I’m a studentBookmark here

The Voice: your name is studentBookmark here

The voice stopped and the boy fell asleepBookmark here

Student opened his eyes and sit on the bed quicklyBookmark here

He started to look around quickly as if he were crazyBookmark here

He was worried and scared, he was nervous tooBookmark here

Student: where am I?Bookmark here

He looked at the clock and noticed that it was late nightBookmark here

It was 11:50 pm Bookmark here

Student: who am I?Bookmark here

He stood up and went to the balconyBookmark here

He was very nervousBookmark here

Student: what I’m doing here?Bookmark here

He looked at the moon, it was a full moonBookmark here

Student: what is this house?Bookmark here

He went inside the room againBookmark here

Student: where I am?Bookmark here

He started to try to calm down and to thinkBookmark here

Student: I have to calm down, I’m panicingBookmark here

He looked at the book shelf and stood in front of it slowlyBookmark here

Student: who’s house is this? And who’s room is this? Maybe these books can tell meBookmark here

He started to read the books namesBookmark here

Student: A song of ice and fire, only I level up, tales of demons and gods Bookmark here

He calmed down and continued to read the names of the booksBookmark here

Student: the legend of the mobi deck, palace walk, palace of desire, the beginning and the end, and I have fallen in love with a demon lordBookmark here

He noticed another book that was very small in the size compared to the other booksBookmark here

He took that book then he sits on the bedBookmark here

Student: the distarious life of kaiki kouko Bookmark here

He laughed and smiled for a secondBookmark here

Student: did a chicken write this book?Bookmark here

He opened the book and started to readBookmark here

It had a lot of drawings inside with dialogue bubbles, that book was a comic and it’s also called a Japanese mangaBookmark here

He was enjoying reading that book he was laughing a lot and smilingBookmark here

Student: that boy just wants a normal life while he is having all these problems and events in his life, how can he get that life?Bookmark here

He closed the book and put it next to him on the bedBookmark here

Student: I want a life like the life he wants but I still don’t know who I’mBookmark here

He looked at the clock again, it was 11:56 pmBookmark here

Student: only six minutes since I woke up? I still have to know who I’m and who’s house is thisBookmark here

A sound started to come from downstairsBookmark here

Student : what is this sound?Bookmark here

He stood up and left the room then he started to go downstairs slowlyBookmark here

He started to breathe with a loud voice, he was scared and worriedBookmark here

He was still hearing that sound but it was becoming more clear with every step he takesBookmark here

Student: it seems that someone is knoking the doorBookmark here

Someone was knoking the house's door but he didn’t know who was itBookmark here

He reached the door and stood behind itBookmark here

He calmed down and started to breathe normallyBookmark here

He shoutedBookmark here

Student: who is there?Bookmark here

He shouted againBookmark here

Student: I’m asking who is there?Bookmark here

He repeated it again and again but no one answers, someone is still knoking the doorBookmark here

Student: what should I do?Bookmark here

He looked at the door and started to thinkBookmark here

Student: I guess that I have to open and see who is it myselfBookmark here

He looked at the kitchenBookmark here

Student: I will need something to protect myself just in case if it was a dangerous personBookmark here

He went to the kitchen slowly then he took a small knifeBookmark here

He looked at the knife that he was holding in his handsBookmark here

Student: I guess that this one will workBookmark here

He stood behind the door again with the knife in his handBookmark here

He takes a deep breath slowly, he puts his right hand on the knob while he is holding the knife in his other handBookmark here

Student: one , two , threeBookmark here

He started to open the door slowly but the person who was outside kicks the door suddenly , student falls on the ground because he wasn’t careful enough and the knife falls from his handBookmark here

The man who was knocking the door entered the houseBookmark here

He was a tall man that man was wearing a tall black coat with a black shirt under it, black pants and a blue scarf, that man was a detectiveBookmark here

He was wearing a weird looking hat that was greyBookmark here

He looked on his right and saw student scared on the groundBookmark here

Student stood up and hided the knife behind his backBookmark here

Student: who are you?Bookmark here

The detective started to laugh for a secondBookmark here

He stopped laughing then he stood in front of studentBookmark here

He started to smell student’s hair, he stole the knife while smelling but student didn’t noticeBookmark here

Student: why are you smelling me?Bookmark here

He took a step back and showed student the knife after he stoleBookmark here

Student became surprised and nervousBookmark here

Student: how did you do that? Who are you?Bookmark here

He started to look at student and his face was full of convedenceBookmark here

Detective: you were focusing on me while I was smelling you , you didn’t give an attention to the knife in your hand Bookmark here

The detective poined with his hand on the door for a secondBookmark here

Detective: when I kicked the door you weren’t careful so you fell on the floor and dropped the knife from your hand, I think that you were using your right hand to open the door and it’s probably your dominant hand because the knife fell easily from your Left hand, if your Left hand was the dominant hand the knife wouldn’t fall easily from itBookmark here

Student stared at him shocked and surprisedBookmark here

Detective: am I right?Bookmark here

Student: yes, you areBookmark here

Detictive: are you gonna hide that knife forever behind your back?Bookmark here

Student dropped the knife from his hand and became scaredBookmark here

Student: who are you?Bookmark here

The detective started to smileBookmark here

Detective: you can call me detective, you are student, right?Bookmark here

Student: how did you know?Bookmark here

Detective: actually this doesn’t need a detective, you are wearing a school uniform and there is a backpack behind the door Bookmark here

Detective laughed for a secondBookmark here

Detective: it’s very clear like the sunBookmark here

Student: why did you come here?Bookmark here

Detective: I was walking in the street then I saw you in the balcony, I wanted to know who is the new guy with the new roleBookmark here

Student: New role and a new guy?Bookmark here

Detective: yesBookmark here

Detective went outstairs and student followed himBookmark here

Student: can you explain for me?Bookmark here

Detective: you don’t know anything yet, right? You were using a knife that’s used to peel orange to protect yourselfBookmark here

They entered student’s roomBookmark here

Detective sit on the chair near the computerBookmark here

Student: yes , I don’t know anythingBookmark here

Student stood in front of detectiveBookmark here

Student: I want to know who I’m, you are a detective Bookmark here

Detective: so you want me to help you to know your true identity not your rule, right?Bookmark here

Student: yesBookmark here

Detective: I noticed the manga you were reading, it’s the distarious life of saiki , why did you write a k on the s in the name?Bookmark here

Student: I don’t know I’m not the one who did thatBookmark here

Student noticed the hat of detective Bookmark here

Student: can you tell me what is this hat? It looks weird and funny?Bookmark here

Detective: it is the hat of Sherlock Holmes, the greatest detective in the historyBookmark here

Student: you know him? Is he your friend?Bookmark here

Detective: you don’t know who is him? He is just an imaginary detective, he was just an idea in sir.conan’s mind but he became the greatest detective in the historyBookmark here

Detective started to smileBookmark here

Detective: maybe Sherlock isn’t real but I’m gonna be the real Sherlock who can solve any case in this worldBookmark here

Student: so are you gonna help me?Bookmark here

Detective: you are giving me your case?Bookmark here

Student: yes I’m giving my case to youBookmark here

Detective: I will help you then but under one conditionBookmark here

Student became alittle nervousBookmark here

Student: what is it?Bookmark here

Detective: I want you to help me to know my identity and solve the mystery of this world tooBookmark here

Student: I’m sorry but I can’tBookmark here

Detective’s face became shockedBookmark here

The clock stricked 12 : 00 am Bookmark here

It’s the eighth of November 2026Bookmark here

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