Chapter 2:

Chapter two : be my Watson

A city where I'm the only one who lives in

Student: sorry but I can't detective

Detective looked at him with a shocked face, he stared at him without blinking his eyes for a minute

Student: I can't help you in this

Detective took a deep breath

Detective: why? Why you can't help me? You don't want to know what is this place? You don't want to know what is this world?

Student became alittle nervous, he looked at the floor with his calm face

Student: it is not that I don't want to know, I just can't do that

Detective stood up and put his hands on student's shoulders

Detective: tell me why you can't

Student stayed quiet and didn't answer detective

Detective: just say something, you don't want to know where are you? you don't want to know your real identity? you don't want to know your name?

Detective went to the balcony and pointed to the moon for a second

He shouted

Detective: that moon

He went inside again and looked at student's face

Detective: that moon is full, it's always a full moon in this place

Student was still quiet

Detective: can't you see that it doesn't make any sense? Can't you feel that something is wrong with this place?

Student started to look at detective's face slowly

Student: I know that there's something wrong but…

Student's voice and face became full of hesitation

Detective: so why you don't want to know anything about it?

Student: I can't

Detective: tell me why

Detective repeated that question "why" and student didn't stop that answer with hesitation "I can't"

Student: I can't

Detective: don't you need knowledge?

Student started to shout

Student: I don't need knowledge and I can't help you

Student became confident

Detective stared at him quietly

Detective: why? Just tell me the reason, you need a reason

Student: why should I need a reason to do something?

Detective: to do anything in this world you need a reason or it won't have a meaning

Student: so tell me, why did you ask me to help you?

Detective stayed quiet for a second

Student: you don't have an answer?

Detective: actually I do but I can't say it

Student: why? Are you lying?

Detective: because it's too early to think that it's real

Student: then tell me

Detective's face became serious and confident

He looked at student and said the answer, he said the reason with out any hesitation as if he was sure about it

Detective: because I felt that I know you , I felt that I knew you along time ago

Student became surprised

Student: but if it's real then I have to feel it too

Detective: that's why it is too early to say or to think about it, I have to know why did I feel that first

Detective took a deep breath and then looked at student

Detective: tell me why you can't help me then , I told you my reason tell me your reason

Student: my reason?

Detective: yes , I know that you have one you must have one

Student sit on the bed and stared at the floor

He stayed quiet without saying a single word for three minutes

Detective: why you don't want to say it?

Student was still quiet he didn't answer him, he just stared at the floor quietly without saying anything

Detective: are you scared of something? I'm curious about it now

Student became calm and his face became full of convedence

Student: kaiki kouko

Detective put his hands on his mouth and tries to stop laughing

Student: that is my answer

Detective was still trying to stop laughing while he is looking at student

Detective stopped laughing and looked at student

Detective: why did you say that?

Student: I want to live a normal life, I don't care about anything in this place I just want a normal life

Detective: first his name is saiki kousou not kaiki kouko and second if you didn't know what is this place you won't be able to know your identity

Student: then I don't want my identity

Detective laughed

Detective: everyone needs an Identity, you can't Live without it

Student: this world gave me one

Detective: then who you are?

Student: I'm a student and my name is student

Detective: you didn't understand my question, I asked who you are

Student: but that is the answer

Detective: no, it is not

Student: how? Why?

Detective: I want you to tell me who you are, you don't know what is the reason you are living for?

Student looked at detective, he didn't know the answer

Student didn't have a reason to live and he didn't know who is he

He didn't have an Identity or a name, student just this he only knew that his role is being a student and that his name is his role in this world that is all what he knew

He was anxious, should he help detective?or should he just live the normal life he wants without any problems and without caring about anything that would happen?

He didn't know which choice he should choose, he was totally lost

Student: I feel that I want to sing

Detective: why are you feeling this?

He felt that he wants to sing again just like the last time, it happened suddenly

Did he feel lost in the last time too? Was he thinking about something in that time?

He started to sing, his voice was low

Detective was listening to him without saying anything, he was just listening to him quietly

Student: I will keep walking like this Tonight follow the lonely footprints straight ahead again They never end but somewhere only you is waiting for me .

He continued to sing and started to smile, a weak smile was on his face

Detective was staring at him and listening quietly and carefully , he felt that this song is familiar to him

Student: Connect to the future, face the past Let's live in the present and never forget Chances and miracles.

He stopped singing and put his hands on his head, his hands started to shake a lot

He became scared and he started to scream

Student: pain there is pain in my head it hurts, it's so painful

Detective stood in front of him and holded his hands

Detective was very serious , he looked at his face

Detective: where does it come from?

Student started to panic and scream louder

Student: I don't know , I don't know it's very painful

He tries to hold his head with his hands but detective is preventing him

Detective: student you have to focus, you need to focus

It seemed like detective knew what is happening with student

Student: I'm hearing that voice again inside my head, it's becoming louder and louder

Student started to hear that voice inside his head again but it's very loud he is feeling pain

It's too painful for him


The voice was repeating that sentence a lot , that voice was very loud


It didn't stop repeating the sentence, student's pain became more painful

Student screamed louder and louder, he needed that voice to stop he couldn't think he couldn't do anything

He couldn't even stop the pain or the voice

Detective: there is only one way to stop your pain

Detective started to focus, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath slowly

He became calm he became very calm in that moment he looked like student there faces were similar to each other they already had the same eye color

Detective: listen to me carefully sstudent

The voice was still repeating that sentence "connect to the future" detective took another deep breath slowly then he stared to talk

Detective: don't listen to that voice you have to focus

Detective became serious for some seconds while he was talking

Detective : yare yare

Student started to hear carefully, the words started to become more clear in his ears and with every word the pain became less

Detective: listen to me student I said yare yare

It seemed like detective knew what he was doing

The pain stopped in student's head and the voice stopped too

Student looked at detective with a smile

Detective stopped and looked at student's face

Student: thank you detective

Student was smiling happily

Student: how could you stop that voice?

Detective: only something related to your role can stop that voice , yare yare was written in the manga volume here you can say that it's the main character's quote

Student: that is one of this world mysteries?

Detective: yes, can you be my Watson?

Student started to think while he was staring at detective's face quietly

At the same time , in another house that looked like the student's house it was similar to it

A guy was standing next to the window in his room

That guy was staring at the moon

He was wearing a black shirt with a red t-shirt under it and grey pants, he was wearing a yellow hat

He started to sing a song and he was enjoying singing it

Lover:  Let me sing for ever more You are all I long for All I worship and adore In other words, please be true In other words, in other words I love you

He takes his hat off and holds it in his right hand and looked at the moon

He had a short black hair

Lover : ladies you can call me lover