Chapter 0:

Karma, Help me!!!

who I am is not who I want to be

The year 2021:

" I am karma. Everyone has got what everyone deserves. I don't have a reason to exist here now. "

" Don't come searching for me when I go missing. "

" I am karma. Everyone has got what everyone deserves. I don't have a reason to exist here now. "

" Don't come searching for me when I go missing. "

" Don't come searching for me when I go missing. "

An echo in my head before I fainted.

Allow me to set the scene.

I feel as if my body hit the glass wall, and for a moment it seems that my body is going to defy gravity. I feel the glass wall shatter under the impact of my body, and I feel myself falling three stories straight down. I hear my own hoarse cry of fear as I fell to my certain death. Lying on a dead body in a pool of blood in the middle of a parking area.

I can hear the sound of Cop siren. Here I am lying on a dead body. I am about to faint after falling from the rooftop. Someone takes me to the hospital.

Fortunately, I,m not dead as someone else fell from the rooftop with me, and I landed on his body but, I have gotten many injuries. In my unconsciousness, a woman wearing a dress of a nurse enters the room. She is holding a marker and comes near my bed. She has written something on my right hand. After that, she has left the room.

I am gaining consciousness after two days. I do remember coming in and out of consciousness. After gaining consciousness, I still feel tired after lying down in bed for two days. I can see a nurse nearby. I have grabbed her from her shoulder and pulled her toward me, and says:

" Where is she? Is she fine? "

the nurse is terrified of me and says:

" Calm down!! "

She pushes me away and ran toward the door, and brings a police officer with her.

That police officer comes to me and takes me with him for inquiry.

He starts his inquiry and says:

" Who are you? "

While he is asking me this, I am looking into the palm of my right hand. Vertical wrinkles appeared between my eyebrows. I can smell the danger. My mouth is stretched, while I read the statement written on the palm of my right hand:

"Forgive me for being who I am."

" Who I am is not who I want to be. "

That policeman asks me again with anger and says:

" Who do you mean?

I have asked you,

Who are you?"

After staring at that man for few seconds, I say to him:

"I'm just a victim."

The policeman seems furious and says :

"I'm going to ask you one more time, and you better not speak nonsense this time. Tell me, Who are you?"

I feel sick from his inquiry. Nothing can describe the feeling Of staring for minutes at the boring policeman. I say to him:

" I,m Zack Erwin."

That policeman continues his inquiry and says:

" Zack, A person has seen you pushing a man from the rooftop. Why did you murder that man?"

I feel anxious. My throat tightens. I have to force myself to breathe, but it feels like the air is trapped. I realize that I am sweating, and I feel strangely hot.

I say to that policeman:

" It is an unintended murder. I pushed that man in self-defense as he was holding a gun to kill a girl. He already had harmed her. "

The officer takes no interest in what I say, and he says:

" We did not find any girl, neither we found any gun at the crime scene. "

I say to the police officer:

" I can show you the photo of her that I have on my phone. You can try to find her. "

He has allowed me to show her photo. His eyes are wide open, as I show him the photo of the girl, he says to me:

" This is no joke. You are showing me a picture of a girl who has been missing for few years. "Akane Toru" has been missing for five years."

He stood up from his chair and brings me an old newspaper and shows me a news column and read that column for me, he says:

" 17-year-old Daughter of Minister of Finance: Manzo Toru has killed her mother and escaped from home. "

The policeman tells me that the Minister of Finance: Manzo Toru made a statement in front of the media in which he said:

" My daughter: Akane fought with her mom for not allowing her to spend a night at her boyfriend's home. They were in the middle of an argument. I went to attend a call and when I came back and saw this and couldn't find my daughter there. I searched for her everywhere. "

Before he says anything, else I start shouting like a mad man and say:

" Where Is she? "

" I want to see her. "

" Why are you telling a lie? "

" She is not a murderer. "

" Karma, Help Me !!!! "

" Karma, Where are you? "

" I want to escape too."

That officer grabs me from my hair and takes me to a cell. He has locked me inside that cell.

After seven years:

Zack, while sitting in jail, waiting for his punishment to come to an end.

He says to himself:

Rumors all around say that she is a murderer. I stayed Tangled up with her thoughts all night. Will she come back to me? Is she really a murderer? I waited for her for seven years. I wanted to tell her, just to hold on. I still regret every word that day I never said to her. Maybe my Words could have changed our fate. Only if I had a chance to tell her maybe I wasn't in jail right now.

Zack is holding a pen. He is writing on a diary:

Have you ever heard a story about the Human brain getting hacked?

In my case, I didn't. I couldn't even think of the idea of exploiting the human brain. I came to know about the phenomena of the human brain getting hacked when Karma came into my life. At the stroke of midnight, A Female hacker approached me, not physically but through the internet.

That hacker had not the intention of Hacking my computer, not stealing my private data.

Exploiting vulnerabilities of my system wasn't one of the intentions of that hacker. She had a "bigger aim" than that. She was bored of Exploiting the vulnerabilities of computers and hacking them. She wasn't normal at all.

Her intentions weren't Normal. She was unique and strange.

Just like computers, 'humans also have vulnerabilities.' All humans can be considered vulnerable in many ways due to illness, age, emotional state, and many more.

Exploiting the Human brain doesn't sound normal. That hacker had an aim something like the exploitation of vulnerable emotions of a human being. How is it possible that someone can exploit Human Emotions?

It is possible by exposing your vulnerability, your weaknesses to the world. It means you are giving a chance to others to command you. Other's will become a 'Root' inside you, and you will become a 'bot.' They can use your problem to create a scene/exploit against you and destroy you.

She called it freedom. No one was going to arrest her for exploiting the vulnerable emotions of a human. She did everything to Feel the freedom.

Is it ethical to exploit the vulnerable emotions of a human being? She used to find the vulnerable Emotions in her teammates and attack those vulnerable emotions of humans. She wanted to become an expert by doing it again and again. Maybe you will not understand me now, but everything will make sense as we'll move forward and learn about the boundaries, restrictions, and rules of Hacking.

Now wait and, Stop for a while and stare into the inner you and think about it are you not being controlled by someone around you? Are you satisfied with yourself being controlled by others? Are You willing to spend the rest of your life with a person who wants to control your actions?

Are you good enough to make yourself happy for the rest of your life? What is the greatest obstacle to feeling happy all the time?

What exactly does "Happiness" means?

For me, Happiness means to stay with my beloved ones always and move along with them in the race of life. I don,t want them to stay behind and follow me neither do I want to stay behind and chase them for the rest of my life. I Don't Want to control my beloved ones, nor do I wish to be Controlled by someone.

Happiness is staying along with my beloved ones and move Along with them in the race of life.

People feel happy when they use humans as an order obeying machine and when other humans follow their orders. Many people Feel Happiness is becoming more successful and earning more money even if they have to leave friends and family behind for the sake of money or fame. Is it normal to leave people behind for fame and money?

Has this world ever tried to tape your eyes open to force reality? Have you ever felt that you don't have any existence of your own? Are you just a Copycat? Have you ever feel like that you are not the owner of your mind and body. You are someone who is getting controlled by others.

Let's get back to the tiresome Past incident of when I started practicing "Hacking'' to be more precise "Bug Bounty Hunting." I used to think that it was myself who has Started to Think like a hacker, but without my online friend, my bug hunter (hacker) personality didn't have a pulse. As I Moved forward in the field of Hacking, I started to lose my Pulse as I was evolving into my "ONLINE HACKER FRIEND''. I started to fade away as I was unconsciously Evolving into someone else. I reached a state in that evolution period where I couldn't tell whether if I was a "Hypocrite" or I had "Dissociative identity disorder"?

My personality shattered into pieces, and then a time came when I didn't recognize myself. I didn't know myself anymore. Unconsciously, I stopped being "Myself." The word ''Myself'' disappeared from my dictionary, and I became a "Copycat."

" I couldn't live with myself any longer.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

I was Sick from my own Existence. I couldn't bear myself anymore. I couldn't like myself anymore. I was Absolutely Evolved into someone who I couldn't admire at all. I wanted freedom from who I became. I was trapped into a body and mind which was eating me alive. I only urged for Freedom from my psychological state.

Only Freedom could save me from being invisible. I became an Order Obeying Machine who was commanded by a Hacker. I didn't know how to take the command back from that hacker and control my brain on my own. That female hacker knew well how to play with the psychological state of humans. She called herself Karma.

(Features of Zack Erwin:

Height: 5'9''

Skin Tone: Beige

Characteristics of skin tone: Light or fair skin, can freckle and can become light tan after repeated sun exposure (but the risk of getting a sunburn or skin peeling is high)

Hair: He had Auburn (reddish) hair and was a little bit Electrified.

Hair Texture: Soft and lush

Descriptive Hair Color: Auburn (reddish)

Eye: Earthy/ brown: The word “earthy” is associated with accessibility, being down to earth, and most importantly, the color brown. If you are also describing a person whose eyes seem kind, this can also be the most appropriate word to use.

Cheeks: delicately timid cheeks

Chin: Pointy Chin

Jaw: Triangular jawline

Nose: Turned-Up Nose )

(Features of Karma:

Height: 5'4''

Skin Tone: Ivory

Characteristics of skin tone: Porcelain to light skin color, without or with minor imperfections, sensitive, and could easily burn under the sun.

Hair: She had Silky short grey hair. Bangs obscured her eyes like a sheepdog. A narrow strip of hair from the left side was Ebony/black.

Hair Texture: Soft and Silky

Descriptive Hair Color: Grizzled (gray)

Eyes: She had “piercing” blue eyes that were intense enough to feel like they were able to “pierce” another person’s soul.

Cheeks: Chubby cheeks with a Hallow dimple

Chin: Cleft Chin

Jaw: Jaw hallmarked her facial features

Nose: Sharp )