Chapter 3:

Volume 1| Chapter 3: Filthy Dog

Don't Worry, I'm Just a Mob!

Chapter 3: Filthy Dog

So you are the one with enough ability? Should I say ‘Congratulations’ or should I give my thanks for continuing reading this?

Well… nevermind that. You want to know my secret, right?

Since I have promised to tell so, I’ll tell. I may not look like it but I am someone who will fulfill the promises I made.

The secret I’m hiding is actually about my….

“Miss Jannice is so weird!”

Hm? I hear my name being mentioned. Walking down the hallways, I find the source of that voice is coming from the living room. While hiding my body behind the wall, I see a group of maids is cleaning the living room.

“Miss Jannice is so weird! She is such a freak!”

“I know right! Only this week, just how many times she broke things? A few days ago she even broke the vase that is favored by Madam Fenista and this morning, she destroyed all of her pillows! Don’t you know that it is very tiring for us maids to clean all of the trouble she made?”

“I agreed! I kept being scolded by Miss Heline because of her. Urgghhh…… she needs to learn from Madam Fenista.”

“Yes. Madam Fenista is graceful, ladylike and even beautiful. How can she be the daughter of such angel-like person?”

Um…… This is awkward. How should I react to this situation? I think if I’m just like any other kid in my age, I will be crying by now and running to my parent while calling the maids being mean to me. As a result, those maids will surely be fired from their job.

However, I am not like that. It is a bit embarrassing but I think I am kind of abnormal compared to my peers.

Moreover, they are just saying bad about me and I don’t think it is too big of sin that they needed to be fired. Of course, I do feel upset with their word because I’m not a completely heartless person but what is the appropriate action in this situation?

While I am busy thinking, I feel a shadow overlap my small body. I look up and see Miss Heline, the head maid is smiling to me.

“What are you doing here, young miss?”

“Ah! I…… I am…… um……”

I hesitate and lose my words. Seeing my flustered face, Miss Heline only smile before heading inside the living room.

The maids still have not noticed her presence and keep bad mouthing me while cleaning the living room.

Standing at the side, I watch the show in front of me silently.

“Take off your uniform right now!”

“““M-MISS HELINE?!””” Only then they notice her presence and react in unison.

“W-What do you mean by taking off our uniform?”

“It is exactly that. Take off those uniform and get out from this house. You are no longer a maid for Netherholds House. We can’t bear to keep maids who dare to talk behind their master’s back.”

“W-Wait! You can’t do this to me, Miss Heline! I have a sick mother and five younger siblings at home. You can’t throw me out like this!”

“Sure I can. I have the right to do that. You should know that I already give my mercy, right? A mere servant like you are talking behind their master’s back, such a crime can be considered as a scheme against their master, a betrayal. If my action cannot be considered as merciful then maybe I shall not be merciful and hand you to the court but if I do that you know what will happen, right?”

“B-but……” One of them is already on her knee while the other two are crying.

“I’m sure you understand by now. Make sure that you are gone before the dinner time. I don’t want to see your filthy face anymore.”

Finishing that sentence, Miss Heline turns her back to them and comes to my side.

“Young Miss, you will not disagree with my action, right?” She asks.

“I-Isn’t that a bit too much? They are not even scheming anything.”

I look at her and see her smiling. For as long I can remember, Miss Heline has always been smiling. However, only today I realized, her smile is not always that warm as right now, she is smiling but her eyes have a hint of cold.

“Young Miss, Netherholds House has no need for such filthy dogs like them as they will never do any good for us. This matter…… Young Miss, you can understand, right?”

I don’t say anything and just keep staring at her.

“May I ask for you to pardon me, Young Miss? I need to report this to Master and Madam."

Without thinking, I give her a nod.

"I wish a good day to you.” She bows to me and makes her way to the study room.

As expected, she is smiling as if none of this ever happen. I peek into the living room and see those maids are still crying.

If I am just a normal six-year-old kid, what kind of reaction will I have right now?

Knowing that I will never find the answer, I make my way to my room.

Because, deep inside of my heart, I know that I have silently acknowledged Miss Heline's words.

Unlike the story in that thing, the world is not only filled by rose-colored petal.

I, myself should know this fact better than anyone.

The world is never fair and full with struggles. The world where are we living is consist of stepping others to get on the top…… even if that means to take of that person’s human right.

Moreover, I may just be one of those filthy dogs in this world.
I close the door behind me and heave a sigh.

“Filthy dogs, huh……”

I look around my room. Everything has been cleaned and there is not even a trace showing that this room has once become a mess. As expected of the servants of Netherholds House, not even a speck of dust can be found.

I remember the maids from before. Did they also help cleaning my room?

I don’t even have a chance to thank them. They may be bad mouthing me, but they still did their jobs very well. For example, when they are talking about me, their hands are still moving without stopping to clean the living room. Such an expertise and efficiency are even rare among nobles’ maid. Really, it is really such a shame to have them being fired.

Am I still too naive?

I walk to the table at the foot of my bed and pick a flat black thing before lying down on the bed.

This flat black thing is called『tablet』. I’ll be honest, this thing is not supposed to be in this world. At the very least not in this era.

So why is it here?


Because of magic.

Magic is normal in this world. It exists although not everyone can use it, especially not a six-year-old like me.

So how can I use magic?


Because I am awakened to the magic.

In this world, to be able to use magic, the mana inside their body will need to be awakened first. Mana is essential to us because it is our life force and normally, mana will never be able to flow out from their body, so they are unable to use magic. However, an awakened person has the ability to control the flow of mana inside and outside their body so they can use magic. As for how many mana they can use depend on the limit of how many mana can their body holds at a time.

An average age to be awakened is fifteen years old.

I am six-year-old so I guess you can call me a genius?

As if it is simple like that!

It will be better if it is just that because being awakened earlier means more potential. If it is just as simple like that, I don’t need to keep this as a secret! I don’t have to live every day with the fear of being found out.

However, the situation I am in is not as simple as that!

Because after all, my type of awakening is True Awakening.

What is the difference?

Someone who is awakened to True Awakening has an unlimited amount of mana, capable of destroying a kingdom or even bigger! If an early awakened person is being praised as genius then a True Awakened person lives on the other side of the coin, they are being despised as a monster.

I am a monster.

However, a monster will need a collar to prevent it from running rampage. The collar is called pledge of loyalty. It is forced to them without caring their will and if by chance those monsters are running rampage, they will be found dead in a mysterious way.

This is the World’s Rule.

Nothing can defy the World. Not even a True Awakened.

This is my secret. No one knows about this. Not even my parents.

That means, I still haven't been captured and forced to pledge. For now, it is a relief but who knows how long this peace can be sustained?

Once my secret is out, I will be forced to pledge and by then, what is the difference between those filthy dogs and me? I'll only be able to obey nothing but the order of the country. For the pretense of protecting the country, I may just be forced to stand in the front lines. Waging a war that is full of lies to the people while in fact, it is nothing but human's impulse to keep wanting more and show their might to others.

What is the meaning of human if I am to pledge? Because if I have pledged, I will lose all my rights as a human.

This is the World’s Rule and this is my secret.

Having that much power that it will not just hurt you alone but also your loved one, what do you think I feel when I realized this? Having to cope with the fear of being exposed every single day, how will you expect me to act like a normal six years old kid? If I am exposed, the Netherholds House will be punished for the crime of hiding the truth even though they know nothing.

Even so, I don’t want to turn myself in. Why? Because I’m a coward and selfish.

Even so, what is so wrong with a six-year-old being afraid of death?

I…… I just don’t want to be a filthy dog.

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Author's Note: It is longer than intended.

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