Chapter 2:

Volume 1| Chapter 2: Jannice Netherholds

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Chapter 2: Jannice Netherholds

If the famous masochistic type person truly exists, I’m sure they are very much thrilled to replace me right now.
The disappointment look on Father’s face will truly be a huge turn-on for them.

However, as I’m not one of them, I feel a sense of guilt weighs down on me every time that look appears on his handsome face.

“Y-You! How many times this kind of thing had happened?” He scolds me.

I look down at the floor without saying anything. I know I am the one who is wrong and I know Father will not be calmed if I just apologize, so I keep quiet. I will wait once Father is calming down before I apologized.

“It was only last week that you broke your mother’s favorite vase and now you destroy all of your pillows. Just how did you even do that? You can just break the vase by throwing it but how can you break that many pillows by throwing them? You are just a child. You can’t destroy them relying on only strength. Also, what is that loud sound from your room?”

I feel anxious when I hear Father’s words. No…… he cannot know the truth.

“Jannice, do you hide something from me?”

I bite my bottom lip, refusing to speak.


“Dear…....” A bell-like voice comes from the door.

Father looks up to see the source of the voice and calms down.

I heave a quiet sigh. I do not look up but I can hear my savior’s footsteps walking from the door into the room.

“Jannice……” That bell-like voice is calling my name and it has some attraction to force my head to look up.

What greets my eyes is a beautiful person who owns a pair of green eyes with blonde hair and a translucent skin without any flaws. She has this out-of-the-world aura so even if someone accused her being an angel in disguise, I would believe it.

This beautiful woman is my mother.

“My daughter, just what did you do this time?” She asks while holding my hands.

Looking up into her eyes makes me feel guilty, so I look away. I stay quiet for a while, but she is patient.

She does not force me to say anything and only caress the back of my hands slowly. However, it can only make me feel more guilty that in the end, I can only mumble in a very soft voice.

“I’m… sorry.”


Ah…… My eyes feel wet, and I feel my nose is running.

“I’m sorry.”

This time I say it a bit loud.

“What are you saying sorry for?”

“I’m sorry for destroying the pillows.”

“How do you destroy it?”

“That…” I hesitate.

“Jannice.” Once again, her voice makes me look up and stares into her eyes.

“I’m sorry! I won’t do it again.”

My tears fall into my cheeks. Ah…… I cry.

“Come here……” Mother pulls my body into a hug and pats my head. “There, there~.”

After a while, I stop crying. I pull myself back from my mother’s hug and let her clean my face which I’m sure in a very horrible state. She cleans my nose and tears with a tissue.

“Will you promise that you will never do it again?” Mother asks.

I nod. “I promise.”

“Come here.” She squeezes my body in her embrace before letting me and pushing me to my father.

I hesitate at first but I gather my courage and grab the hem of his suit. He looks down at me before looking away.

I am startled at his reaction and my eyes begin to tear up once again.

“Father……” I call him but he ignores me.

I tug his suit to get his attention and he finally looks at me.

“I’m sorry.” My hand tightens around his suit. My tears are threatening to fall again but I hold it and starts to hiccup instead.

“I am sorry, Father.” I look up at him and see his composure is starting to fall.



“Father, you don’t want to forgive me?” Ah…… it falls again.

“Uh…… my baby Jannice~” Father crouches down to the floor. “I forgive you. Father is sorry too for scolding you. Will my dear daughter forgives me?”

I stop crying but still hiccuping then I nod my head. Immediately, a bright smile starts to appear on his face. Afterward, he squeezes my tiny body and showers me with kisses on my cheek.

I have to stay for a while and endure it before I am pardoned to excuse myself.

I walk out my way from the study room to my room.

Flipping my hair, I give myself a brief smile.

And that’s how, folks, a way to escape yourself from getting scolded too much.

End of show.

I chuckle. Father is no good. I just know his anger won’t stay too long. After all, I’m her lovely beloved daughter. It won’t do if he keeps scolding me. He will risk himself a possibility of getting hated by me.

Ah! I just remember that I haven’t introduced myself. That is rude of me.

Forgive me.

My name is Jannice Netherholds, the princess of Netherholds House. This year, I reach the age of six-years-old but because of the secret I’m trying to protect from even my parents, my mental is not that of six-years-old.

Huh? Do you want to know what kind of secret it is?

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