Chapter 5:

Chapter five : they met

A city where I'm the only one who lives in

Lover: what is this sound?

It was student’s and detective’s voices

Detective: be my Watson, be my Watson please be my Watson

Student was screaming and running from detective

Student: I told you I want to live a normal life, leave me alone detective

Lover was about to turn and look at them

Lover: people?

The fall on lover and he falls on the ground while the both of them lay on him

Lover’s face became disappointed and fainted

Lover: mister moon help me,they are not ladies

The detective, the lover and the student the three roles are now together

Lover: damn it, why it wasn’t a girl ?

Student: you are the one who is laying on me detective

Detective stood up and looked at student and lover

Detective : student, I’m not the one who talked

Student was closing his eyes and laying on lover’s back, lover’s hat fell on the ground away from him

Student opened his eyes and saw detective standing in front of him

Student: detective? If you weren’t the one who talked then who I’m laying on?

Detective: what about checking that yourself?

Detective gave student his hand to help to stand up, student took his hand and stood up next to him

Detective was smiling and looking at student

Student noticed that detective was looking at him

Student: detective stop looking at me like this and…

Detective: what is it my Watson?

Student: can you leave my hand?

Detective: sorry , I didn’t notice that I was still holding it

He left student’s hand

Lover stood up slowly and looked at them while he was cleaning himself with his hands

Lover: hey you , are you victor or something? (He meant victor from Yuri on ice)

He said that while he was looking at detective

Detective: victor?

Lover: forget you won’t understand what I mean

Lover looked around himself looking for his hat?

Lover: where is my hat?

Student looked at lover

Student: excuse me

Lover found his hat and cleaned it with his hand then he wore it

Student was talking to lover but lover didn’t notice that he was talking to him

Student: excuse me

Detective was staring at lover

Detective: I have the same feeling

Detective looked at student and then looked at lover again

Detective: that’s Impossible, they are the same

Student went to lover and put his right hand on lover’s left shoulder

Student: I said excuse me

Lover looked at him

Lover : I’m sorry , I didn’t notice

Lover took two steps backward

Student: can you tell me who are you?

Lover: I’m the one who has to ask this question to both of you

Detective took a step forward and looked at lover

Detective: why?

Lover: because I was alone in this city for a long time and I didn’t see anyone until you showed up

Detective: so you are similar to us

Lover: do you expect that I would trust you this fast?

Detective: you said it yourself you were alone here for along time so you don’t have another choice

Lover: what is your name then?

Detective looked at him and laughed for a second

Detective: I’m detective

Lover: and he’s student I know it’s obvious, I’m asking about your real name

Student: our role in this world is our identity

Lover smiled and looked at student

Lover: it looks like you are similar to me and you are not lying

Detective: how did you know that I’m a detective?

Lover: it’s obvious your wearing Holmes’s hat

Detective became surprised

Detective: how do you know him?

Lover put his left hand on his hat and looked at them

Lover: you are boring guys, follow me

He started to walk but lover felt that he broke something under his foot

Lover: huh? What is this?

Lover looked under his foot and found that he broke his phone

He picked it up and tried to turn it on, but the phone didn’t work

Lover felt bad and disappointed

Lover: this isn’t beautiful

He threw the phone away and looked at student and detective

Student: what were you holding in your hand?

Lover: forget it was nothing, just follow me

They followed lover to his house and entered it then closed the door

Student looked around himself when he entered the house then he felt surprised because it was a copy from his house

Lover: follow me

They followed with him upstairs and went to his room

Lover stood near to the bookshelf and looked at detective

Lover: I knew him from the books, look I have DVDs , books , novels and a lot of things for a lot of shows from different cultures

Student and detective became surprised, student only had novels in his house and one comic book lover’s book shelf was different from his book shelf

Lover went to sit on the Chair next to the computer

Detective: how did you watch the DVDs?

Lover: sometimes I watch them on the computer and sometimes on the TV downstairs

Detective became shocked

Detective: these devices are working?

Lover laughed for a second

Lover: you didn’t try to use them before?

Detective: I thought that they were there just for decoration

Lover: it’s not a crime scene mister detective

Student: the thing that was in your hand that you threw away when we were outside

Lover: what about it?

Student: what was it?

Lover:it was my phone, when you fell on me you broke it

Student and Sherlock became shocked and surprised

Detective: you had a phone?

Student: it was working too?

Lover raised his eye brows for a second

Lover: you didn’t have one? How?

Detective: how did you get it? Where did you find it?

Lover: it was working and I was using it to play songs , it was useful for me

Detective: where did you find it?

Lover: in the big room that has one bed, it was inside a box under the bed

Student: can you show us?

Lover: fine

He stood up and took them to the room and the three of them stood near the bed

Lover: you didn’t search here before mister detective?

Detective: the other rooms were cold , my room was the only warm room so I thought that I won’t find anything in the other rooms

Lover: what about you clever student?

Student: actually I don’t remember anything, I only remember what happened since about 12 am today

Lover: so you are new?

Student: yes I guess

Detective: can you show us the box?

Lover: très bien, je l’ai, monsieur le détective (alright alright got it mister detective)

Lover sit on the ground and took a silver box from under the bed

Lover: this is the box

Detective: it looks like a woman’s box, are you sure that it was your phone?

Lover was starting to open the box slowly

Lover: yes , of course I’m sure because….

Lover opened the box and saw something inside

He became shocked and stared at the box

Student: what’s wrong?

Detective: did you find something?

Lover felt scared and nervous he was still looking at the box

Lover: the phone it’s here

He said that while he was nervous and looking at student and detective

Broken and dead things can’t comeback again that’s what were they thinking about when they saw that phone