Chapter 4:

Chapter four : They are not ladies

A city where I'm the only one who lives in

The street was dark and small ,no lights only the moon in the sky that had light

He was singing and dancing at the same time

Lover: who loves me? Tell me mister moon, I’m alone in this city I didn’t see anyone else here

It was a calm dance , he was just moving his body and arms slowly while looking at the moon

Lover: Misutāmūn oshiete,Dare ga watashi o aishiteimasu ka? ( Tell me mister moon, who loves me?)

He was continued to dance while he was talking

Lover: I want to fall in love , I want to have someone that I can be with all the time and share all my moments with

He smiled while he was dancing and talking

Lover: love is beautiful, Romeo and Juliet fell in each other’s love and all the characters through the history too every single person who was born fell in love at least one time in his/her life but it’s better to be one time only through the whole life because you to be loyal to the person you love whatever happened

He started to dance more fast

Lover: I want to stay free and feel the wind through my body , I don’t want any chains to stop me

He smiled and increased the speed of his dancing

Lover started to sing again with a loud voice as if he was trying to scream

Lover: The dreams of lovers are like good wine

He was nearly screaming as if that song was inside him for a long time and it was it’s time to come out

Lover: I’m coming for you world, I Will find the love I’m searching for

He stopped and pointed with his left hand on the moon like a gun

He was excited, lover smiled a with a smile that was full of excitement

Lover: I want to live a life that I will never regret that I lived it

He put his left hand in his pants Pocket and continued to walk

He stopped dancing and singing

Lover: I don’t know but there is something different tonight, I’m feeling it it’s near me

He stopped walking and looked at the moon

Lover: hey mister moon, can you feel that too?

He stayed quiet for a moment

Lover: you think that there is something different too? Do you know what is it? I really want to know what is it

He stayed quiet for a moment again

He laughed for a second

Lover: hey hey mister moon, is it a lady? A girl? Is it a female? Can you feel a female here?

He looked at the moon disappointed for a second , he was just kidding he wasn’t disappointed

Lover: what do you mean? Of course you can see everything from there look you are up there, come on mister moon just one time for me or I won’t sing for you again

He stayed quiet for a minute then he became alittle angry

Lover: what ? My singing is bad? No it’s not bad I’m singing classic songs it’s so good and beautiful, did you listen to rap or something? Classic songs are the best

He laughed with a loud voice and smiled

Lover: the detective student? That isn’t a song maybe you mean a character from case closed (detective Conan) or maybe it’s from another infamous school anime, are you an otaku mister moon?

He took his left hand from his pocket and continued walking

Lover: do you know mister moon? I wish that I could know my name , I wonder what was my name, do you think that I fell in someone’s love in the past?

Lover wanted to know everything about himself, he didn’t care about the world he only cared about love, happiness and his own self, was he wrong? No one knows maybe it was the right way to live in this life

He stopped walking and took his phone from his pocket

He looked at his phone then his face became shocked

Lover: how is this possible? It has changed, but how?

He looked at the moon and he was very serious

Lover: I told you mister moon something is different , it has changed I want to know how and why did it change because it was like this for a long time it didn’t change like you mister moon both of you stayed the same

He heard a loud sound of foot steps , it was very loud as if someone was running

Lover: this sound is annoying, mister moon what was that detective student thing you were talking about?

He heard a sound coming from behind

Lover: what is this sound?

It was student’s and detective’s voices

Detective: be my Watson, be my Watson please be my Watson

Student was screaming and running from detective

Student: I told you I want to live a normal life, leave me alone detective

Lover was about to turn and look at them

Lover: people?

The fall on lover and he falls on the ground while the both of them lay on him

Lover’s face became disappointed and fainted

Lover: they are not ladies