Chapter 6:

Chapter six: the phone is from Re; zero

A city where I'm the only one who lives in

Lover opened the box and saw something inside

He became shocked and stared at the box

Student: what’s wrong?

Detective: did you find something?

Lover felt scared and nervous he was still looking at the box

Lover: the phone it’s here

He said that while he was nervous and looking at student and detective

Detective looked at the phone inside the box

Detective: can I take a look?

Lover: yes, please

Lover gave the phone to detective, he was looking at it and checking if it was really working

Student: is this real? Is this really your phone?

Detective put the phone back in the box and looked at student

Detective: this is impossible

Lover: so what do you think mister detective?

Detective: that phone came back but I don’t know how

Student: why? Aren’t you a detective?

Detective was nervous because he was thinking alot , it didn’t make any sense he was that it was impossible

He looked at student with his nervous face

Detective: you can’t create something from nothing, we aren’t gods to do that

Lover: so how did it come back ,mister detective?

Detective: it is impossible, I don’t even know how did it happen

Student stood up and looked at them

Student: maybe it’s something related to this world

Detective: that is the only thing that can be an explanation for this

Lover took the phone from the box again and stood up

Lover: then there’s only one way to be sure

Detective: what is it?

Lover: we are gonna destroy this phone again, mister detective

Student became excited and detective calmed down

Student: that is a good idea

Detective: let’s see what’s gonna happen

They went to the balcony and looked at the street from there

Detective: you have to break it from the first time maybe this world has more detailed rules so we don’t want to try something different whatever it was

Lover: J'ai compris, monsieur le détective (got it , mister detective)

Lover threw the phone right into the street with all the power he got in his hand

The phone broke into two parts

They threw the phone to see if it will come back again, they weren’t even sure about what was going to happen they just wanted to know like any other human being

Student went to look at the box to check if the phone came back

He found the phone and got surprised

Student: it worked, the phone is back

Lover looked at detective with an excited face

Lover: mister detective

Detective: you want to try again?

Lover: yeah

Detective: how many times?

Lover: until we understand what is wrong with that phone

Detective: what if it’s dangerous?

Lover: mister detective, there is no danger I’m the danger

Detective: nice words Walter white

They Shaked hands and then detective took the phone from the box

These two started to understand each other really well, student was looking at them and forsome reason he felt that he saw that scene before

Student: I feel that I saw these two somewhere before

Detective went to the bathroom and the other two followed him

The bathroom was green and had a bathtub with a medium size

Lover: you had to tell me if you wanted to go to the bathroom

Detective: actually I’ll put this phone in the bathtub

Lover: we are gonna kill him a lot like monsters, mister detective

Detective: let’s make some perfect crimes lover

Both of them laughed like carzy people for a moment

Student: these two became really weird now

They filled the bathtub with water and took some steps backwards

Student: just be careful that can kill us probably

Lover: don’t worry you clever student

Detective: if the phone can come back then maybe we can come back too

Student: you are the one who said that it’s impossible

Detective: When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth، my Watson

Student looked at him with a panicking face

Student: we don’t even know what is happening , are you trying to be a philosopher here?

Detective: I’m gonna threw the phone in the bathtub now

Lover: do it, mister detective

Student: are you ever listening to me?

Detective threw the phone into the water

They waited for fifteen minutes then looked at the water

Lover: I think it’s dead now , mister detective we did it again

Detective: let’s check the box

Student: I just wanted a normal life, I swear that I didn’t ask for this

Detective looked at him smiling

Detective: yare yare

Student: not that word again

Lover: menodkseh

Detective and lover went to the bedroom again to check the box and student stayed alone in the bathroom looking at his reflection in the water in the bathtub

He was looking at his face and thinking

Student: who am I?

He looked at the phone and laughed for a second

Student: I’m just a normal student , I know this but I want more I want to know my identity

He was talking to his reflection in the water

Student: I want to know if I was a good person or a bad person, I want to know if I had friends

He smiled to his reflection

Student: isn’t it weird? They don’t remember anything too but they are happy and they have some dreams too they are moving on but they still want to know about their past and about this place

He felt weak inside while talking

Student: maybe it’s a dream maybe these things aren’t even real but they are still trying and trying without hesitating, maybe I’m wrong maybe I don’t have to live a normal life, maybe I have to try to know everything just like them

He closed his eyes for moment then he looked at his reflection again

Student: I still don’t know what should I do, but I will decide as soon as I can

He left the bathroom then went to the bed room, detective and lover were sitting on the bed

Lover was holding the phone in his hand, both of them were thinking

Student was totally lost he couldn’t decide anything about himself

Lover and detective were thinking about the next way to destroy the phone

Lover: did you get an idea?

Detective: I have a lot but I still want to know how does it keep coming back

Lover: I can smell Subaru in this (he means Subaru from re;zero)

Detective: are you sure that it’s not mayori? (He means mayori from steins; gate)

Lover: no , that’s totally different

Detective: why?

Lover: that’s time travel, the phone died(got destroyed/broken) and came back again many times like Subaru

Detective: so what do you think about this?

Lover: my phone is Subaru M21 (a re; zero and Samsung reference)

Detective laughed and looked at lover

Detective: do you want to put it in the microwave?

Lover: how did you get that idea?

Detective: I got it because I thought about steins gate and mayori

Student entered the room and looked at them with a serious disappointed face

Student: you two are going to destroy the house

Lover: clever student, just pray that the phone won’t come back Without a head and riding a motorcycle with a horse’s sound (durarara reference)

Detective: that’s enough references for today

Lover: but all the days are the same day

Student looked at them because he didn’t understand anything

Student: what do you mean? Everyday is different from the other

Lover: detective knows what I mean, just don’t think about it my dear clever student

Detective: you won’t understand anything, it’s too much for you

Detective and lover were hiding something from student, something about this world and it was really important but he didn’t notice it

Lover: let’s put it in the microwave

They went downstairs to the kitchen and put the phone inside the microwave without turning it on

Student: I think this is dangerous

Lover: hey student, ne sois pas un lâche ( don’t be a coward)

Detective: it’s gonna be fine , don’t worry

Lover set the microwave to finish after two minutes and turned it on

Student: let’s go upstairs

Detective: go there alone

Student: what? It’s gonna explode you would die

Lover: just go

Student went upstairs and waited near the stairs

Lover and detective went to stand infront of the house’s door looking at the microwave

There faces were full of convedence they weren’t afraid from what was going to happen as if they were sure

The two minutes passed and the microwave exploded with fire

The fire started to spread in the house every where , it was really fast

The fire ate detective and lover in a few seconds like a monster, it was a terrifieing scene

Student went to hide under the bed in the big bed room, he was really scared and teeryfied

Student: they died, detective and lover are dead

He was shaking alot under the bed while the fire started to spread in the room he was in

He was getting safucated with the smoke

Student: I’m gonna die like them

The house was full of fire

The great detective and the romantic lover were gone in that fire