Chapter 1:

Yorukobi Academy

Confession Games

My name is Haruto Akishiro, a completely average first year in high school. Now I know that sounds like a typical main character, but let me stop you right there.

My grades were slightly above average and the same could be said for my athletic ability. However my communication skills, insight, creativity, below average at best. You see, rather than everything about me being average, the fact that I wasn't fully average was proof of my averageness.

...Ehem, well anyways, I'm just a normal teen you could find anywhere, and to me, getting an office job, finding a wife and having a few kids was something to look forward to. 

I didn't strive to be average, but I didn't force myself to jump out of the box either, not intentionally at least.

Looking at my life so far, nothing would stand out, but entering a certain high school left a huge stain on my otherwise average profile. I could not count the number of times I wished I had paid more attention to the school rules before I agreed to come here, but was that really my fault?

Wasn't it society's fault for dropping those god-forsakenly long terms of service and grooming us to skip reading and just click accept? Right?

What? Is it just me? Fine, don't be honest then.

Regardless, I also accepted the fact that I screwed up, and that I would spend the next three years cursing my mistake.

School, after the second class.

I yawned as I took a glance at my plain watch. 

'About ten minutes.'

After that boring history class a nap was sounding pretty appealing, especially since the next teacher normally came late. As the idea quickly got more and more tempting, I cleared my desk and was about to get into the right position, when an announcement came from the loudspeaker at the entrance of my classroom.

[Ladies and Gentlemen, it's that time once again. If you want a live show, please check lucky spot C.]

The moment I heard that upbeat voice, I knew what this announcement was for. 

'That, huh? Hmm, I guess I can wait a little before I make my decision.'

[This time the challenger is from the boys' side. There's probably no reason to remember his name so we'll call him Student B. At a height of 5'5, a member of the go-home club and a C+ student, he has come to challenge the unconquered 'smiling devil', Hinata-]

Before he finished her name, I bolted out of the already desolate classroom and luckily managed to secure a spot by the window.

From this window, I got a clear view of two figures surrounded by a gallery of students on the ground. The first thing I did was focus on the girl who was being challenged. 

With a stable smile that perfectly fit the definition of grace and dignity, she had black, shoulder-length hair with a peach-coloured accessory on the left side of her head. I couldn't see her face from here, but I could still recall her beautiful image.

Her name was Hinata Arisugawa.

"Um, my name is (no one cares), and I called you here to tell you that I love you and that I want you to go out with me."

[Oh! Student B goes with a straight fastball. How will our queen respond?]

What they were saying was being picked up via microphones placed in every lucky spot so I could hear clearly even though I was this far away. Sometimes, I ridiculed this function as an invasion of privacy and a desecration of the sacred nature of love. 

But hey, I wasn't going to ruin everyone's fun because of my own opinion. Besides, getting to hear her gentle yet firm tone was enough for me to look past it.

"Is that all?"

"Uh, yes."

[Student B seems to be nervous, but we haven't even begun yet. Everyone, I hope you have your popcorn and snacks ready.]

"Well then, I suppose I should give my response. Firstly, though it's nothing much in this school, I will commend you for having the courage to confess."


"But, that's all. I can see that you barely fixed your hair after you got out of bed and that your uniform was sloppily ironed. Your face could also use some nourishment. You might think that it couldn't be helped, but shouldn't you dress your absolute best before you confess your love? Minus 5 points."

[Ah! Already Student B is feeling that damage, but don't give up yet! You can do this!]

"Moving on, I know that with the nature of this academy that attracting an audience can't be prevented, but according to what I saw, you seemed to gain more confidence as people gathered. Am I wrong?"

"Uh, well, that's-"

"If so then that displeases me. Is this confession just a way for you to gain attention? Minus 10 points."

[Oh! That was quite the blow there, will Student B be able to endure?]

"N-n-no, it's not like th-"

"Next, you're slouching and keep breaking eye contact. This is a conversation between the two of us, so why are you looking away? If you're serious about making me yours then shouldn't you at least prove your sincerity by focusing only on me?"

[Damn! Am I the only one feeling it for the poor challenger? Our queen is as ruthless as always.]

"I, but-"

"Furthermore, you keep interrupting me with excuses. Why haven't I heard you starting with an apology yet? Are you saying that everything coming out of my mouth is a swiftly constructed lie? Or am I not worth a simple 'sorry'? Is that it?"

"No, no, ah,hh..."

"Hmph, I guess we're done here."

[A loss by tears, another crying male added to her win streak! Will our queen stay unconquered throughout her first year, or will some lucky bas-, I mean gentleman, sweep her off her feet? Find out next time.]

After her response, Arisugawa left the area with another beauty. While tuning out the pitiful male figure in the corner of my eye, my gaze was stuck on her.

The result was always the same but I still felt relief every time.

"I knew you would be here. Did you enjoy the show?"

As her figure faded away, a familiar guy from my class approached from behind me. 

I would never say it to him, but he had a handsome face that paired well with his bleached hair. If it wasn't for his personality and tastes, he would probably be a huge hit among the girls here.

"It was short but, I guess."

I would never participate in this stupid event but I still found it entertaining to watch. Kind of like challenges on social media.

"True, she didn't even start exposing his past traumas yet. Still, I really don't know how you fell for a girl like that."

Just as this guy, Naoya Kirio, said, I had a crush on Arisugawa. I wouldn't call it love, but I was definitely interested in her.

"Tch, I don't want to hear that from you. Wasn't the last girl you confessed to four-timing?"

"Hey! She was three-timing."

He seemed to be trying to justify it but as I narrowed my eyes he quickly backed down and turned away. 

"Whatever. We have class."

He was a nice guy but for some reason there was always a problem with any girl he confessed to. I kept telling him to be more careful but he always repeated his mistake while saying that his heart couldn't be controlled by logic.

"Yeah, yeah. By the way, about that game you told me about..."