Chapter 6:

Painful Memories Arc: Unraveling the Mysteries

Volcano Man

Being alone is the worst feeling ever especially when you know your not powerful enough to get out of the situation you found yourself in. Lucy thought all these things as she's handcuffed to the wall. She may not be strong like Taki but, she has to make herself strong. She calmed her mind and closed her eyes.

Meanwhile at Fushimi-Inari Shrine, Ando got off Akira back. Ando looked up at the two fox statues at the gate. "This has to be the place" Ando closes his eyes and gets a map of the area in his head. At the far end of the shine there seem to be a spirit energy looking down at them, along with a person next to it.

"We are not alone, let's get to the top." With that said both Ando and Akira started their journey up the pathway through the thousands of bright red Torii Gates all up hill for a good two miles.

Once on top the sunlight beats down on the both of them. A woman with green hair, wearing a blue outfit, she walked up and spoke to Ando "You must be friends with Escade's Student. My Foxes has told me of your arrival. I'm Julia Kiya. The tides of the spirit world are crashing here at Neo Kyoto could you answer that question wise young man? After all, all of Escade's students should have had their heart-felt reunion by now."

Just like it was stated by the woman with some connection with Taki and Suwa lets see how they are doing with since they meet with their old friend Rei.

After the Reunion the Sakura Trio get a room at the Kyoto International Manga Museum so they can talk about the situation.The Kyoto International Manga Museum used to three story tall Elementary school. The name basically told what it was it was filled with Manga like library. On the first floor there manga in various languages English, French, Spanish. While the second and third floors were pure Japanese Manga.

On the 3rd floor in one of the empty classrooms The Sakura Trio had a bit of a trip down memory lane.

Taki laughing at Suwa " Remember when I took your strawberry juice during Lunch that time"

Suwa got mad "Oh boy I know did every couple days and I had to chase you all over the courtyard to get it back"

"I didn't even keep track of how many times I did that" Taki that with a slight smile.

"72, its 72 times you took Suwa's Juice that many times" Rei went to adjust to glasses just like he did as a kid.

All of them busts out into laughter.

Rei gets serious and shakes his head to calm down. "Since I was Undercover I know a lot of things were shocking, even for me. For first things, the company is a assassin for hire agency. This job comes from an Elderly Couple from Gin"

Just that information sent both Taki and Suwa into a state of shock both of their jaws were basically on the ground.

"What does Old Man Takahashi possibly want with us," Taki said trying to process the fact that Lucy kidnapping was for a reason. It was because of Taki's ties to Escade and the events that played out that night.


Many years ago, A storm rolls over the village of Gin. It's been a couple of months since the accident in the woods which left Escade without her right leg. While she was knocked out she had a long conversation with the two spirits Aqua and Merlin. When she woke up, she was still tired and there was more influence of Merlin, the Spirit of Self-doubt over her.

"Oh Escade your wake, thank god," Said a boy around Escade age. Before he started to tear up a bit in joy.

"R..yan... thank you" That all the words Escade could muster at the moment.

Ryan gets on his cell phone and texts their friends "I'm telling Julia you are wake"

It wasn't too long before footsteps were heard running the hallway and the door opened up. Once the girl was already teary-eyed before falling on her knees.

"Sorry I made you two worry so much Jules, Ryan" Escade turned her head to the vast amount of flowers by her bed and noticed the card with names of Taki, Suwa, and Rei.

It would take a good year before Escade got used to the fake leg. During one night she learned of the fate of the so-called Sakura Trio the ones responsible in her parents mind.

"Oh what does that matter about anything. Since we are team now I'll make you stronger you didn't need that leg. " Melin Said in Escade head. A Lot of Melin self-doubt was affecting her in many ways. She wants to meet her students again even if that would mean the end of her.

The journey was to track her three students lead her out of Gin and into the mountain region of Kyoto.

"You are wasting your time the squirts are dead somewhere." Melin's words kept echoing in her head. As Escade passed over the hill overlooking the city of Kyoto She was devastated at what she saw. The whole city was lit up like a forest fire, there looked like a creature at the center of it.

When Escade got into the city everything was burning the building and the people. The creature looked like a fire Spirit straight from Hell. Out the corner of her eye She see a Magma protecting many people.

She knows they can't see her but she know it them and lets out the first true since she woke up. "Alright Melin.....Aqua..... Lets Evolve!!!!"


"Enough of me just waiting around for someone to break me out. If you want something you have to do it yourself. You bet I'll beat their asses later." Lucy said as took a deep breath focusing all the spirit energy throughout her body. The temperature in the cell quickly drops.

"Evolve: Ideal Yuki" Her clothes turn into an ice dress fit for a badass warrior.. The cell door starts to crack and fully crumbles dure the low temperature.

Lucy giggles a bit "I could get used to this." She said as she walked through the wall freezing everything. With one huge jump was able to get to a place she at least knew.

"Kyoto Station?, Cool .. literally" Just then her clothes to normal. "Oh Darn.. that jump took a lot of Spirit energy. At least i'm free now." She Quickly made passed the bird that are inside the station outside the station, face to face with the Kyoto tower. "That things huge"

She ran down the Karasuma Dori until she heard a voice coming out of building that looking like a school.

"HEY!!!!!! LUCY!!!!!!" Taki yells as he jumps through the window on the 3rd floor and land on the bushes and runs over to her. As he got to her, she slapped him as hard as he could.

"Taki... you idiot." She said as she slapped Taki on the cheek. The mark left behind was definitely red in the shape of her hand.

"Ouch, I'm just glad you are okay." Taki said with a smile.

A slight blush appeared on Lucy face and got flustered "It not like i needed your help or anything."

Suwa and Rei both walk out "Glad to see your friend is safe." Suwa said

Taki turn a bit "Lucy I would like to introduce you to Suwa Shun'en and Rei Wakabayashi. These two are friends of mine from way back."

Just then both Lucy and Taki were tackled hug by a certain redhead. "The team is finally back together." Ando said with a big smile on his face.

A very evil laugh comes from the top of the school. "What a touching Reunion, how... sickening." A Woman wearing a black cloak and black mask covering her face looking down at them.

Two more people walk up. One on each side of her. "You said that perfectly Mistress M" said Nagi Sayo.

"Truer words couldn't be said" said Isobe Sayo glaring at Lucy.

Mistress M Laughed a bit she said "Looks like the rat escaped but it lead us to our real Target, Taki Yamamoto."