Chapter 11:

Painful Memories Epilogue: Time to say goodbye, but not forever

Volcano Man

Ando and Lucy soon after walk in read Akira's letter. They had the same reaction as Taki. Once they calmed down. They explained what happen happen after Taki passed out

Suwa started off the explanation "Rei and myself busted through the wall with the help of the scream you did it help us locate you easily. Which once we got inside the room taki you were already passed out. We only got a glimpse who were up against was our teacher's dead body possessed by one of Satan's kids."

Taki curled up into a ball as the memories of coming face to face to "That thing" come floating back into his mind. He was shaking non stop. "S....Stop talk!!!!!!"

It took a minute before Taki looked up at everyone "Where did Rei go...?" Taki want to see the Sakura Trio trio together after that they just went thru,

"On his way to Kyoto Station. He heading back to where he has been living for the past many years on Shikoku island." Suwa said looking into Taki's eyes.

Lucy looks up the clock "It's 10:10 am I remember Rei saying his train doesn't leave until noon we got time to catch up to him."

Once Taki heard that he bolted out of the hospital almost micicing the speed from Rei's lighting Spirit Power.

It was not long before Kyoto Tower and Kyoto station came into view for Taki when he was tapped on the shoulder. And heard a voice he was wanting to hear.

"Going over the speed limit there a bit aren't you Taki." Rei said with a smile but there were layers to smile no one else can tell.

'Like your one to talk Rei." Taki said as he hugged Rei and teared up some.

It was like both of them were thinking on the same wavelength as they said with determination "I will get stronger to get revenge for Escade sensei and demolish all the kin of Satan!!!" the instances of their statement could be felt all over. Especially to Suwa, Lucy, and Ando that just showed up.

"That's what I like to hear if we are going to do that. Taki come train with me on Aogashima. There a volcano that hasn't erupted in a long time in its center I believe we can find out what your Spirit Evolve State is if you train."

"I would love to but I can't abandon these too," Taki said walking over hugging both Ando and Lucy.

Both Lucy and Ando hugged Taki back.

"They can come, there are plenty of places they can train and retain their skills," Suwa said with a reassuring face.

"Since Ando and Lucy are being added to our squad how we come up with a new name. I got a name how about "Epic Exorcists"

"Nope too bland," Rei said.

It took a minute before Taki thought of the perfect name, "Heroic Dawn"

The rest of them nods and fist bumps.

The newly formed Heroic Dawn heads into Kyoto station. The group looked back at kyoto one last time. All of them having different memories. Taki, Ando, Lucy living here basically all of their lives, so saying goodbye to home isn't the easiest thing to do.

"Do you see that sister,? Lucy is getting emotional can I get like that." A voice speaks from behind them.

"No Sister. We can't, we lack emotions." another voice said as they passed by heading to the train platform.

Lucy turned her head around quickly but no one was there.

"You okay Lucy?" Ando asked with his head tilted.

"Yeah, I thought I heard someone that all," Lucy said with a smile.

"Alright, Heroic Dawn the last one to the ekiben has to pay!!" Taki back to his energetic self for now at least.

The group with their ticket in hand races through ticket stations finally the first person arrives at ekiben shop it was Taki followed by Lucy, Suwa, Ando, then the last person walking to the shop was Rei pulling out his wallet.

This was of course the least Rei could do for them since it will be the last time he would see them for a couple of years at least.

Once the ekibens were paid for they headed up for the train platform.

"I can't wait to eat this," Taki said with a smile.

"You enjoy that now." Rei said with a chuckle,

Time flies as the group talked about whatever as both of their shinkansens pulled into the station heading towards each other on opposite sides.

Rei reaches out and shakes both Taki and Suwa's hands "Thank you. For being there now and always now the Heroic Dawn may be apart but our goal is the same."

"Yeah! You got that right." Taki said giving Rei a thumbs up.

Taki,Lucy, Ando, and Suwa got and their shinkansen the same time Rei got on his on the other side. Once in their seats, they waved a temporary farewell to Rei there trains to speed off at 140 miles per hour in different directions out of Kyoto into a new a newer horizon.

As the landscape speed by it bleed into what would happen the next day.

The four of them bored a helicopter and head to the island of Aogashima. The ocean rushes past them. Then they spot the jungle-like with a huge mountain with a crater-like hole in the center.

Suwa points at the island" Welcome to Aogashima, your new home."