Chapter 15:

Aogashima: Taki vs Nii

Volcano Man

"Why can't those two losers wait, I'm training" Lucy was hundreds of miles underwater the place where she can perfect her Ice Breath and Ideal Yuki

Ando's voice suddenly rang in her ears, his voice still shocked about what just happened "Lucy!!! Hey, I need you to meet up quickly something is happening. "

That pop Lucy air bubble and she started drowning. She didn't even get a chance to fight back and it instantly got her the pressure from the sea. Her clothes went back to normal and the Darkness took over her eyesight.

Just as she lost all of her senses a voice spoke out to her. "I've been watching over you for a bit now, Lucy Nishimura Wallace Tanaka" The next thing Lucy knew was she was lying on the beach. With the sound of the waves washing up next to her.

The last bit of sunlight was in her eyes and reached to block the sunlight and saw that she was wearing a thin pair of gloves. "What!! Where did these come from!? "

"Those are to stop you from killing Taki or anyone else you decide to turn ice." The voice from before said.

"Okay show yourself, coward!! I got a good fight in me." Lucy got in a fighting stance. Looking at the surroundings to see where the voice is coming from.

"Yo, Girl chill I'm here, look to your right shoulder." A little blue and white angel was sitting on her shoulder. "I'm the Goddess Spirit of Tranquility: Aquarius von Atlantis."

Lucy's face was blank. "Too complicated of a name, I'll just call you Aqua."

Aqua smiled up at Lucy. "That not the first time I've been given that nickname so it's fine."

A blast could be heard in the distance and flames lit up the now a darkened island in flames. Rina ran over to Lucy. "Your buddy has attracted trouble now we got to get over there and back up Ghoto-sensei. I just called Mr. Shun'en we got to meet up with them."

Aqua said before Lucy got confused "Only you can see and hear me at least for the moment."

-------- Meanwhile the fight with Taki -------

Taki created a molten katana that he has full control over. The sword was made to counter the situation at hand, much better than the metal one he had been using before. The newly formed sword moved with barely any input from Taki.

What was about to happen was something that confused Taki.

"That toy won't do anything little brother but go-ahead try. Entertain me, oh wait you can't." She said mocking him.

"I have enough people mocking me; I don't need more from you, Nii." At this point, Taki was more worried on the safety of everyone. If a few words slipped, who cares that not what's important. His worst nightmare was there she twisted his whole family is.

He takes the sword wings it to her neck. It went right through her neck with easy like nothing was there.

Her voice was like a haunting ghost "What did you expect?

Taki's spirit power "Magma" is what known as a mutation where there is no trace of the power in the family before. Mutations are rare since it's only been about five generations since the first sighting of a power similar to what we know as spirit power. So scientists aren't able to put an exact figure on it yet. Some say it's close 0.001% - 0.003% of the world's population. But there have been documents saying it could be a bit lower.

"We have been keeping an eye on you, little brother don't think running away like you did means you can escape us."

Her body turns reds turn into Jell-O-like bounces before returning to the ground.

[ New Character Information ]

Name: Nii Yoshimasa

Spirit Power: Cheri (Jell-O Based)

Age: 26

"I'll be back with rest don't you worry" Those poisonous words as Nii vanished into the ground.

Taki lost it and erupted losing control of himself. Destroying the area around him. A portal appeared on a nearby tree with a sound of a snap. A freezing cold intensity changed the mood of the area as Lucy popped out of the portal with an Iced leg and slammed it on Taki's head. Knocking him out and he turned back to normal as he hit the ground.

"Calm down you idiot, what are trying to do destroy this place? How stupid!!" Lucy let out a sigh picking up Taki "Wow He is so light now"

She looks at her gloves and thought to herself. "Maybe making things lighter is another feature neat."

She looks around and Nura Hideaki must have a runoff. "That creeps always running off somewhere."

It wouldn't be until morning when Taki wakes up.