Chapter 16:

Aogashima: Tanabata

Volcano Man

It's white, nothingness and silence. Taki didn't know what was going on where was or what was going on.

"Hello is anyone there?"


No response as his voice echoed.

Out of nowhere started to appear and took a form of a person, someone that Taki didn't recognize but felt familiar. The Misty figure only stated "I made the right choice" before vanishing.

Taki reached out his hand "Wait!!" but it was too late he grabbed nothing as the world returned to normal around him.

"You lost it out there bud, be more careful" Suwa said walking into the room. "Oh by the way today is Tanabata" (Star Festival)

Taki jumps out of bed. "Let's call Rei. Lets see if he found any leads." Taki said with a big smile on his face.

"Alright ill video him in the living room lets go."


Meanwhile on Shikoku Island in Kōchi Prefecture, a small house that is owned by Rei Wakabayashi. The inside is a mess of books everywhere. Then a ring from a phone atop of the pile of books. A hand appears grabbing the phone and answers it.

" Kyushu.... Sakurajima!!! "


To say Taki and the group were confused.

"Why would books be talking?" Taki questioned looking at the big monitor that showed nothing but room messy books.

Lucy hit Taki on the head. "Why would books talk... That a stupid question!!"

"Ouch" Taki exclaimed a red bump formed where Lucy hit.

"Rei, the camera is on so dig yourself out of all of that research and explain. " Suwa said drinking some coffee even though it was noon.

Soon on what could be described as an aged Rei showed on the monitor. It's only been 2 years since they were all together but he looks a lot older. Really long white hair. Crows feet marks on his eyes. It looks like he hasn't slept once in the past two years.

"You okay buddy!!" Both Taki and Suwa said at the same time shocked at their friends appearance.

Rei started laughing something he wouldn't normally do " Yeah of course, just haven't gotten sleep in a few weeks. So... when are we going to meet up in Kyushu?"

"We got a lead on some intel here, you get some sleep Rei dont rush into things okay." Suwa said.

Rei nods before the video feed was cut off.

Taki looks at Suwa "What Intel? Keep me filled in, will ya?"

Just then Ando walks in handing something to Suwa.

"About time you show up time you show up Ando." Taki said with his snarky tone.

"Oh I was getting what you dropped in that battle last night" Ando replied

Taki reached in his pocket and it wasn't there the key the elder gave him. "I didn't even know i lost the damn thing"

Suwa butted in on the convo " All of you go wash up we leave to see what this unlocks in two hours "

Two Hours Later

All of them took a shower and got a fresh change of clothes. and walked outside. Suwa turns to explain the situation "Ryan Ghoto and his students won't be joining us for this. They are investigating the other islands in the archipelago. They have a feeling that where that attacker base is." He looks at Taki "You can tell us more about them later. I got many questions but that can wait, Taki uses your Icaras mode and take hold of Ando."

"Icarus? like the Greek myth" Lucy questioned.

Taki smiled "Yes.. in a way i guess"

A red pair of wings grew out of Taki's back made out of flames. (Volcanic: Zone Icarus)

"Taki wanted to be able to fly so we found a way for him too. Meanwhile, I'm still stuck to the Jetpack to keep me airborne." Suwa said revealing his steel-wing putting on the jetpack. "Lucy if you would please take a hold of my hand"

Lucy took a hold of Suwa's hand "Sure...."

Suwa's wing flapped and the Jetpack turned on. Suwa took off with Lucy. "Taki follow me, we are heading to the remains of the first village of the island."

Ando spoke up. "Hurry up Taki, they are going to be out of sight soon."

Taki grabs Ando's shoulder and they shot up like a rocket. Following behind Suwa and Lucy until they land at the tallest point of the island.

Taki let go of Ando and said "I don't see any villages just a bunch of trees." He deactivated Icarus and the wings disappeared.

Ando thought back "Didn't Suwa say remains.. so what happened here?"

"Yes I did This is on top of the mountain here is the Volcano meaning it once Erupted making the rest of the island with it." Suwa took out the key. and pointed over mess of rocks "That mess of rocks over there those were once homes to people like you and me."

Suwa walked over to the rocks "i got a hunch on this but this key is connected to here in some way." Suwa found a keyhole "Bingo" he put the key in the hole and turned the lock and the door opened on a nearby tree.

"What the??" Taki looked in confusion

"I'll take a look" Ando tries to uses to use his spirit power but something is blocking him. "I can see all the way but it a staircase going down"

"Alright then let go," Suwa said motioning them to all go down.

As they walked down the never-ending staircase one thing was for certain the temperature was dropping. Pitch Black the farther they went down

" Are we nearing a cave or something?" Taki said.

Then suddenly the stairs started glowing showing the way down straight to a door at the very end.