Chapter 17:

Vulkan: As per the King's request

Volcano Man

Running can be heard but why? Our location is the castle of the holy land. The door to the king's throne busts open. A henchman of the king wearing all red. Wearing an armband on his right shoulder that was tan in color. Even his hair was dyed red. He was out of breath but once he finally was able to speak "My Lord sorry for the intrusion, The Humans from above are on their way down the passage!!!"

The King smiled and started to laugh, he was also wearing a bright gold armband. "Damn you, Felix I thought you said you were going to destroy that key. Anyways Fukase takes those visitor armbands to them. Be their tour guide around the forest and once everyone is satisfied. Bring them here. Even the Zodiac unit member should be with them."

Fukase bowed "As you wish my lord." Before standing up straight and left the room with the green armbands.

Let's pick up where we left off with Taki and the rest of them shall we?

At the bottom glowing staircase a void of darkness on either side.

"I had no idea of this entrance." A new voice added to break the silence.

Taki adds "Yeah there seems to be a door randomly here let's go through there no turning back now."

Once they walked through all 4 of them turn back of them back at the voice talking to them.

"Who the heck are you!?" Taki yelled and his voice echoed within the surrounding area.

The new woman sports an Aquarius astrological sign on her shoulder added "No need to yell Taki. I've watched over you and your sensei for a long time. What you have walked into is The Spirt World. Where all for the Spirt Powers originates. "

"You're telling me it's not biological?" Suwa questions

A lightbulb went off in Lucy's mind and realizes "Your Aqua!!!"

"Took you that long. And I took you to be the smart one of the group" Aqua replies laughing it off.

Lucy rolled down her sleeve and went in and punched went to Aqua but was stopped by one finger

"All of you don't have powers here so I would be careful of what you do anything you do," Aqua responded.

Another voice added "She is correct. Even gravity is different here" A man wearing all red even his hair was red. The only not red about him was his tan armband.

Aqua noted, "About time you showed hench boy, anyways I'm out of here talk you all later." as she walked off.

The man in all red said to Aqua "Make to report to the unit about the unit about your finding."

Aqua yells back "Yeah whatever" as she walks off into who knows where.

The man in red bows in front of Taki and the rest of them, "My name Fukase and on behave of the King of the kingdom of Vulkan. I'll be your tour guide."

Suwa was the first to speak up. "Nice to meet you, I'm Suwa Shu'en. Fukase was it? your name sounds like come from where we are from."

"No no, I have never been up to where you are from, I was born and raised in the Dragon District. I don't have the ability to travel freely to your world like our soldiers in the Zodiac unit ... Oh before I forget I have a gift from the king himself." Fukase said reaching into his bag.