Chapter 0:


Metal emotion

This story starts in the middle of war against Humans and robots, these robots known as Metox, their are 3 types of Metox, 3rd ilex, 2nd botx and 1st warx, these are ranks of these Metox (robots). 3rd lvl Metox are not so powerful they are mostly use as divergence and fighting, 2nd lvl Metox are so powerful and have good thinking ability they are mostly like humans. 1st lvl Metox are very dangerous and powerful Metox they are like leaders of the whole army of Metox, mostly 1st lvl Metox (warx) look like demons. 

All Metox look like humans except some warx (1lvl metox). 

And the leader of these metox are a human his name is okato, he is not a full human. He had a chip known as necrolux 264, in his head and he can give order to any metox only using his mind because all metox has a chip known as Mo69p which connect it from the leader. And this leader also had a prosthetic arm and leg.

Whole humanity is fighting to these metox, every countrys military trying to fight these metox but they are even close to kill even a single botx Or warx, but their is an unofficial organisation known as (AI Hawks) which is fighting to these metox and they are very effective too. They are very effective against metox because in AI Hawks consists two previous Metox robots who left Metox 1 year ago, one is male and other is female male one name is zen and female one name is yuri,these 2 ex Metox are good because they both are defective pieces and their chip also doesn't work so Metox army sent them to desmental house where they were going to broken pieces and these pieses used to make a new Metox but zen was  conscious so he took yuri and ran away from them and joined AI Hawks who was already working, after yuri and zen AI Hawks got so powerful. The leader of AI Hawks are old man whose real name is a secret nobody knows his real name but everybody call him (master i) he killed so many Metox even 1 warx, before yuri and zen this organization was know as just Hawks but after them this organization called AI Hawks, yuri and zen specially developed a tool which hmis really very effective to kill Metox, yuri and zen are working to make more robots like them to help fighting Metox army. Their are 3 ranks to which gets powerful with their rank. 3rd are Birds they are rookies but powerful. 2nd are Serpent, they are amazingly powerful they can kill botx and other very easily and they are smart too. 1st are Dragons they are very intelligent and they have brute strength to they lead 2nd and 3rd Hawks. 

(Our main character Aria mikazawa, he's a 3rd rank (bird) Hawk, he's a rookie he's learning how to fight and he's funny to he's to kind to everyone. I am going to tell his past story in next chapter.)