Chapter 1:

Riddle #1

Riddle Night

"Narrator, I'd like to kill off Julie, please!" I said proudly. "Well, do you guys agree with me?"
All of them nodded.
"Wait, what?! That's not fair! I didn't even get the chance to play! And how do you keep guessing it right? This is your fifth time in a row already!" Julie said in frustration.
"I mean, it was obvious that you were the mafia. Right guys?" 
 "Katie, the only reason why they agree with you is because you're good at this game!"
 "I mean, what do you expect? We are only four players so that makes the game easier." I said 

Mafia is a game where the innocents have to vote out the mafias. Since we were only four players, the roles were a mafia, a doctor, a detective, and a bystander. The game also needs a fifth player who would be the narrator. We have played this game five times already, and I was the bystander every time. Julie thinks I'm good at the game, but the truth is, it was just too simple. Having only four players makes you have fewer options to choose from. You just have to see everyone's reactions and choose the suspicious one out of them.  The people I played mafia with were people I barely know. The only person I knew well was Julie, I consider her my friend although I just met her a few months ago.

I was getting tired of the game; it felt like we've been playing for decades. We have a free period now, and that's why Julie suggested the game. And Julie was the one who brought us the players.
Julie is very outgoing; she basically knows everyone at school. Sometimes when we walk down the hallway, she calls out names that I've never heard of. It's pretty shocking.  Julie is one of the prettiest girls I've seen; she has reddish-brown hair and she usually ties it in a ponytail. Her eyes are brown, and she has a small mole near the end of her eyebrow.

"Mind if I join you guys?" I glanced over and saw Kai.
I got up from my seat, "Actually, I think I'm done playing. If you wanna play with them, then play." I said in a cold voice. I left the classroom to go to the washroom. 

Me and Kai are neighbors but I don't get along with him very well, he just seems like the playboy type. I know I just moved and I shouldn't judge him this soon, but just the way he talks makes me feel uncomfortable. I don't know if it's because of his cheesy lines or if it's his body language. I am just not relaxed around him. He usually comes over to me and starts talking but, I back off. I don't know if I was mean back then but, I hope I didn't hurt his feelings.  

Kai has dark brown hair and honey-green eyes. People in my class think he's good-looking but he seems fine to me. It seems like he has a friend group but, I'm not too sure. One minute I see him hang out with lots of people, and the next minute, he's alone. I don't really understand him.    

My hair, however, is blonde (darker than most blondes). It's also curly but I just put them into two braids. I always have curly strands of hair sticking out near my eyes. I just moved here recently, but I don't know why. When I asked my mom about it she said so I can have more opportunities but, I don't understand what she means. 

I came back to class, and Julie gave me a weird look.
"What?" I asked.
"Do you hate Kai this much?" 
"Is it that obvious?" 
Julie nodded.
"I don't really hate him, He just..."  
"He seemed upset,  you should go talk to him." 
"I hope I didn't hurt his feelings." 
"Well, you probably did." 

The bell rang.
"Finally, it's the next class!" Julie said and stretched.  "Let's see, what do we have next?!" Julie looked at her schedule and her eyes froze.
 "Katie we have English class!" she screamed.
I gazed at her and asked, "And what's wrong with English class?"
 "The teacher gives me creepy vibes." she severed.
I laughed, "Really? He seems pretty normal to me!" 
"No, something is seriously wrong with him." 
The English Teacher came rushing through the door, " Sorry, class, for being late." he said. It looked like he was out of breath.
"See, creepy. Who comes rushing to class and says they're late when it's only been three minutes?" 

I looked at her with a questionable face. Is that what you mean by creepy vibes?!

"Well, I will be taking your assignments after class, so make sure you're ready." 
OH, GOD!! I forgot to do my assignment! How could I forget? I grabbed the sheet of paper from my bag. I had to write an assignment about my dream job. I started writing it during class while making sure the teacher doesn't notice. I saw Julie glance over at me.
"What?! You didn't do the assignment-"
"Shhh!!" I told Julie. "Sorry, I can't risk him hearing you. Can you help me make sure he doesn't notice me?"  
"Sure." she whispered. 
"Thank you!" 

Whenever the teacher would glance in my direction, Julie would give me a sign, and I would stop writing until he turns around. I kept it up until I was finally done. I let a sigh out of relief, and I glanced over at Julie and gave her a thumbs up.

"Oh it seems that our class is over." said the teacher. "Katie, collect the assignments from the students please."
"Y-yes, sir!" I stood up and as I was collecting the papers, I came across Julie's paper. A fashionista?  I never knew Julie wanted to be a fashionista. I handed over the paper to the teacher, "Thank you, Katie, class dismissed."

I wanted to talk to Julie about her assignment but I never had the chance to, and before I knew it, classes were over. I left the building letting out a sigh and on my way home, I encountered a ginger cat. The ginger cat was hanging around garbage bins, and it really smelled bad. Does this cat have an owner, or is it a stray cat?  The cat looked at me and started meowing. Is it hungry? I crouched down and gave it an extra bun I had on me. This cat is really cute! Oh! I got to get home fast. 

"I'm home."
 "Welcome home sweetie, how was school?"
"It was good, mom."
"That's great to hear! Dinner will be ready in a bit."
After I ate dinner, I went to my room to do my homework. And after I was done, I went to sleep.

Ring, ring, ring. I reached my clock to look at the time. It's 12 am, who could be calling at 12 am?! I answered my phone unable to open an eye. "H-hello." I heard an odd robotic voice.
 "I'm good medicine, and I'm also good with food. You can use me to describe the hair color of a dude. If you don't solve this riddle, you're screwed. So I'll split this riddle into two. Here is the second riddle, so listen carefully. I will be squashed by something heavy. Something that takes what you don't want. And this sentence will end with a dot."


-End of Chapter-



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