Chapter 70:

Volume 3: Chapter 1: Preparation - Part 6


Alicia and Yūgure were kneeling on the ground in front of Matilda, not even daring to look up at the stern woman, who had crossed her arms as she stared them down with a calm expression. Meanwhile, I was lying on the couch.Bookmark here

My body felt like it had been squashed by a bulldozer. Everything ached. My head, my chest, my arms and legs, everything. Because of my injuries, I couldn’t move, but I was in too much pain to pass out. It was vexing.Bookmark here

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what had happened, exactly. I remembered hearing noises outside my door, walking outside to find Alicia and Yūgure, and then everything went blank. The next thing I knew, I was lying on this couch, staring at the ceiling, and the two girls were getting lectured by an irate Matilda.Bookmark here

“I cannot believe you two,” Matilda said at last. “Alicia, you are the daughter of King Bael. This sort of conduct is unbecoming of the heiress to such an esteemed person.”Bookmark here

“I’m sorry…” Alicia mumbled.Bookmark here

It was unusual see Alicia cowed like this, but I guess that was because I’d never seen Matilda scold her. Judging by the easy manner in which the scolding happened, I could only assume this was something that had happened quite often, which surprised me. Alicia had always struck me as the type of person who acted in calm and dignified manner.Bookmark here

… Most of the time.Bookmark here

“And you, Yūgure,” Matilda turned on her, “picking fights with your mistress is not only disgraceful as a maid, but it gives you a bad image. If you wish to become Lord Jacob’s personal maid, then you will need to learn proper subservience.”Bookmark here

I had no idea what Matilda meant by “personal maid,” but I didn’t really care either. My head hurt way too much to even consider thinking about the implication of those words. I didn’t even want to contemplate it.Bookmark here

Matilda sighed. “Now then, you two are going to head back upstairs, go to your rooms, and go back to sleep. If either of you leave your room for any reason until it’s time to get up, I will inform your homeroom teacher that you shall not be going on the field trip to Okinawa.”Bookmark here

The way Alicia’s and Yūgure’s faces paled was impressive. I don’t think I’d ever seen someone become so white. It was more impressive on Yūgure, whose dark skin contrasted starkly with her now sheet-white face.Bookmark here

“Well? What are you two waiting for? Back to your rooms!”Bookmark here

Alicia and Yūgure scrambled to their feet and hauled butt upstairs. I watched them go from my place on the couch, and then turned my head toward the ceiling. Huh, was that a new crack, or had I just never noticed it before.Bookmark here

“Lord Jacob.” Matilda walked up to me. “Can you move?”Bookmark here

I tried to lift an arm, but it was like trying to lift a 400 pound weight with one arm after said arm had been broken.Bookmark here

“No,” I said. “I can barely even move my fingers.”Bookmark here

“I understand.” Matilda pressed a hand to her forehead and sighed. “I guess there’s no help for it. I shall carry you.”Bookmark here

“Wait. What?”Bookmark here

Matilda didn’t answer me with words. Before I really knew what was happening, she had scooped me into her arms and was carrying me out of the living room. I felt like a princess or a newlywed bride.Bookmark here

It was all kinds of humiliating.Bookmark here

“Th-there is no need to do this,” I stuttered.Bookmark here

“On the contrary, I do need to do this. You cannot walk, you cannot move, and I cannot heal you in the living room,” Matilda’s rebuttal came in the form of a calm rebuke that left me speechless. “I understand that this must be embarrassing for you, Lord Jacob, but please bear with it.”Bookmark here

Her words were sort of comforting, but it wasn’t like I had much choice other than to heed them. I couldn’t even move.Bookmark here

I soon discovered that we were not heading for my bedroom when Matilda entered the hallway but didn’t go upstairs. Her footsteps echoed across the wooden floor. She soon stopped in front of a door, opened it, and walked in.Bookmark here

The room was dark, but my eyes soon adjusted to the low lightning. It was a fairly plain bedroom. Decently sized, with a desk sitting against the wall next to a window that overlooked the yard, a dresser and a sliding door that probably lead to a walk-in closet. Nothing immediately stood out at first.Bookmark here

Until I saw the bed.Bookmark here

Everything in the room looked normal except for that bed. Large. Dark red satin sheets. Shaped like a heart. The bed made me think of the pornographic material that the other boys sometimes smuggled into class. Seeing that bed in a room like this made my brain pop. I could actually hear it fizzling.Bookmark here

“You are curious about the bed,” Matilda said. It was not a question. “You know that I am a succubus. While I have not slept with a person in exchange for power since becoming a member of King Bael’s peerage, I am still a succubus. Sleeping on a bed like this is more comfortable for me than sleeping on an ordinary bed.”Bookmark here

“Uh-huh…”Bookmark here

I had no response to that.Bookmark here

“I also have some toys that I occasionally use when I want to pleasure myself.”Bookmark here

“I… didn’t need to know that.”Bookmark here

“Now, let us begin.”Bookmark here

The words made my brain restart, and as she walked toward the bed, I felt shivers crawl down my spine.Bookmark here

“H-hold on a moment. What do you mean by ‘let’s begin?’”Bookmark here

Matilda set me down on the bed. She was gentle. I barely even felt the shift, but that didn’t quell that butterflies that had suddenly welled up in my stomach. If I were capable of moving, this would have been the moment where I ran away.Bookmark here

It probably didn’t need to be said, but I was already on edge. However, when Matilda also got onto the bed and began stripping off my clothes, I really started to panic.Bookmark here

“H-hey! H-hold on! Stop! What are you doing?!” I squeaked, my voice several octaves higher than usual.Bookmark here

Matilda did stop, but only to explain herself. “I’m getting ready to heal you. While succubus are best known for seducing men, we also have powerful healing magic. However, it requires skin on skin contact. The more contact we have, the easier it is for me to heal you.”Bookmark here

“W-w-w-w-wait! Wait just a minute!” I screeched as, after removing my shirt, she went for my boxers. “At least leave my boxers on!”Bookmark here

There was a short pause, and I could almost see the debate going on behind Matilda’s eyes. I don’t know what scared me more: the way she was actually debating whether or not to leave my boxers on, or how her expressionless face had not changed at all this entire time.Bookmark here

“Very well,” she said at last. “I shall leave your boxers on, though this means it will take more time to heal you.”Bookmark here

“I appreciate that,” I said, breathing a sigh of relief.Bookmark here

That relief was short-lived when Matilda stood back up and, without ceremony, reached for the hem of her black shirt and pulled it up.Bookmark here

Inch after inch of dark skin was exposed, barely visible as it glistened in the moonlight, but that just made it all the more tantalizing. Her stomach was revealed in slow increments. She had abs. As more of her stomach was exposed to my eyes, I realized that Matilda had a six-pack.Bookmark here

I held my breath as she pulled the shirt above her breasts, which sprang free from their confines with a bounce. Matilda wasn’t wearing a bra. Dark pink nipples were surrounded by even darker skin. They weren’t as large as Alicia’s, which were massive to the point of being incomprehensible, but they had an amazing shape and were well-defined. What’s more, they presented an erotic contrast to her abs.Bookmark here

It wasn’t just her chest and stomach that was impressive. Her legs were muscular but still retained a softness that made me think of a woman.Bookmark here

It was mesmerizing. I didn’t know if this was due to her being a succubus, or maybe if it was because she was a mature older woman, but she just seemed so much more erotic than anyone else I knew.Bookmark here

For some reason, that made me feel guilty.Bookmark here

I was snapped out of my thoughts when Matilda slid her fingers inside of her black thong and began sliding it down her legs.Bookmark here

“You’re not seriously taking those off, are you?”Bookmark here

“Of course I am.” Matilda raised her left foot, slid the thong off, and then raised her right foot and did the same. She stood back up and dropped the thong. “Didn’t I tell you? Skin contact is necessary. I have to circulate the power in my body, essentially bringing that power out of my body to cover my skin like a layer of film. Clothing disrupts that.”Bookmark here

“That all sounds very logical, but it doesn’t change the fact that you’re naked!” I snapped.Bookmark here

“Do not worry,” Matilda assured me as she crawled underneath the covers. “I’m not interested in your sexually. You aren’t my type.”Bookmark here

“That doesn’t make me feel any better!”Bookmark here

Despite my protests, it wasn’t long before Matilda was holding me against her, arms entwined around me, legs intermingling with my own. This was hell. Or was it heaven? I’m pretty sure it was a heavenly hell. Matilda was rubbing her body against me, and it was both amazing and frightening at the same time. I was as terrified as I was aroused.Bookmark here

On a side note, I discovered that at least one part of my body was working correctly.Bookmark here

I didn’t think I would ever be able to fall asleep like this. However, even as my panic, aroused mind tried to disassociate what was happening from reality, a lulling warmth spread through my body. Almost against my will, my eyelids began drooping. What was this? I was so tired all of a sudden. What… what was… going… on…?Bookmark here

********************************************************************Bookmark here

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