Chapter 3:

An Unexpected Friend

Wolf Bloodline

And today we came to the end of another workout. I was incredibly sore all over, but as the day went on, my body became more and more used to every situation. Ronk put me through all kinds of training without pity. But I had no intention of giving up either.

Tomorrow, we went to a big waterfall for practice. Ronk showed the waterfall with his hand,

"Today you will train here."

"What are we going to do in this training?"

"Take off your clothes, and go under the waterfall."

The idea of standing under a very cold waterfall was not such a good idea, but there was nothing I could do.

"So why do I have to do this?"

"We'll measure your patience and resistance. You'll be waiting with your eyes closed."

"Well, what's that for?"

"It will make you learn by hearing, not by seeing."

I took off my clothes and went under the waterfall.

It was very cold as the water came from a high plain. I was almost in icy water. And when I got under the waterfall, I couldn't stop shaking. As Ronk said, I closed my eyes and sat on the stone under the waterfall.

"Good, now wait patiently. And don't come out until I say so."

I really didn't want to die without exploring the real world, to be honest. Even though, I have to do this.

"Don't think about anything, leave your mind empty, and focus on the sounds."

I tried, but I was still very cold and shaking. As I opened my eyes slightly, I saw Ronk throwing a big piece of rock at me.

"Trust your ears, you'll stay there until you block the stone I threw."

He threw a piece of rock at me without telling me, and I was scared to death. But I think that's the purpose of the training.

It sounds easy, but it's not, because the stones Ronk threw were almost like bullets, and he threw them at a moment I never expected. I couldn't do anything for an hour.

My body had turned white from the cold.

I wanted to keep saying I couldn't do it, but I didn't.

Because I don't want to waste my uncle's work. I want to carry my father's name. I want to fight like them.

At that moment, I managed to block the stone he threw. I blocked another stone that followed, and I did it again and again for a while.

"Enough for today, Ryuu, come on."

I immediately got out of the water, put on my clothes. I was surprised I made it, but I was also happy.

"Not bad, but next time we come, your training will be difficult."

"Is there a continuation of this?"

By the time we left the waterfall, it was getting dark. When we heard strange creature noises, Ronk looked around,

"Stay close behind me, and be careful."

We were both nervous, I asked scared

"What did you hear?"

"Don't ask questions and stay with me."

I had a bad feeling. Ronk pulled out his magic ax, which he never used and always carried on his back.

The ax glowed and flames began to rise around it.

It was the first time I've seen an ax like that. It was probably one of the Magic Weapons my uncle was talking about.

Before I could ask why he pulled out the ax, a big creature appeared through the trees. The creature was a very aggressive kind of creature, a mixture of an orc and a giant. It was as tall as a tree. The species name of this creature was Colon. My uncle told me about these creatures before. These creatures carried a stick half their own size as a weapon. But the trouble didn't end here, there were 4 aggressive wolves next to Colon.

The Wolves were here to get the bones from our bodies in case we died. Three were gray, one was black. And also my uncle told me that, Black Wolves was always the Wolf who led the group.

When we were thinking about what to do, Ronk looked at me,

"When I distract them, get out of here, you understand me."

I nodded. Ronk grabbed his ax and swung it at Colon and the Wolves. Great fire spread towards them from the ax. I didn't lose time and ran away from there. As much as I wanted to help Ronk, I would be in his way.

Two of the Wolves managed to get through the fire, but Ronk threw them back, holding them by their tails, and just then colon attacked Ronk. While Ronk was dealing with him, the other two wolves targeted me and started coming after me. The Wolves were so fast.

I couldn't speed up enough because of the training. I was so tired. They were getting closer, and I realized I couldn't escape, so I stopped and climbed the tree next to me. When I climbed the tree, I gasped.

"Seriously -" *breath* " they're so fast." *breath*

The Wolves stopped and started looking around for me.

I was trying to be as quiet as possible. But because of my weight, a small piece of tree branch broke and fell on Wolf's head.

The Wolves realized I was up in the tree, but I was up there thinking about what they could do.

The tree started shaking. I looked down and saw The Black Wolf hitting the tree with its paw, but with incredible power. I held on to the branch tightly, struggling not to fall.

After the Wolf threw four or five blows to the tree, he hit it as hard as he could one last time, and the tree fell. As soon as the tree fell, I fell to the ground.

A branch of the tree fell on my leg, It didn't hurt me, but I wasn't able to move, I was stuck.

The Wolves were slowly approaching me, and at that moment I was sure I was going to die.

As the Black Wolf attacked, I put my hand forward and closed my eyes.

The black wolf suddenly stopped, the terrifying looks in Its eyes were gone.

He started licking my face like a good dog.

I had no idea what was going on. The wolf in the back still wanted to eat me.

As the wolf was about to attack, The Black Wolf growled hard at the other one.

The Wolf got scared and ran away. Still, I didn't understand what happened.

The Wild Wolf was helping me.

I heard yelling from somewhere.

"Ryuu! Where are you?"

I shouted

"Ronk, I'm here, I'm stuck!"

Ronk was covered in blood, but it wasn't his blood.

When he saw the Black Wolf next to me, he took his ax in his hand.

"Huh? Ronk, stop, that wolf didn't do anything, calm down!"

Even though I tried to stop Ronk, he was still approaching, angrily.

"Ronk, listen to me, this wolf saved my life, you don't have to kill him."

"If that's true, There's only one way to know."

Ronk approached me and pointed his ax at my throat. I was so scared.

"Ronk, what are you doing?"

"We'll now understand If this wolf is loyal to you."

The Black Wolf began to bark and growl furiously.

He looked at Ronk like he was an enemy like he was protecting me.

Ronk cut off the branch I stuck with his ax, putting his ax back in place,

"Congratulations on activating one of the Wolf powers."

With great surprise I said,

"One of my wolf powers?"

"Yes, your power is called Wolf control. It works for the leaders of wolves."

It was very surprising that one of my wolf powers was already activated. I asked him with my curiosity at the time,

"So how many forces are there in total?"

"There are three main forces, but we'll talk about them at home follow me."

Ronk and I got home after an hour of walking. The problem was that the Wolf followed us home.

Because I couldn't control my power well, I couldn't order the Wolf. I did the most logical thing to do, and I named him, Max.

The wolf was happy when I called him with that name. So I kept calling him Max.

Ronk wasn't happy about it, but he said he wouldn't say anything until I could control my power.

When we got home, we lit the fire and ate, as usual. I threw two pieces of bone in front of Max, Max looked at the bones and became very happy.

"Ronk, the powers you're talking about today, what are the three main powers?"

"Three main forces. It consists of wolf control, the claw of brutality, and endless howling. Wolf control. It'll help you control the Wolves. Normal Wolves only take orders from alpha wolves, alpha wolves take orders from lineage people. But if you can control your power like your father, you can control them all.

The claw of brutality. It's a power that can get you out of control when you lose so much blood. It only happens in extreme blood loss. It's a very dangerous power. If you can't control it, you won't notice good or bad, you'll attack the person in front of you.

And finally, the endless howl with this power, a man can be almost immortal. The endless howl grants you three hearts."

"Three hearts?"

"Three hearts, even if one disappears, the other one is what will keep you alive."

"Do other lineages have the same powers?"

"No, they're all different."

"So how many lineages are there in total?"

"There are seventeen lineages in total. But I only remember a few names. Wolf bloodline, Destruction bloodline, Death bloodline, Assassin bloodline, Knight bloodline, Demon bloodline, Angel bloodline, and finally Dragon bloodline. These are just a few of them."

"They are more dangerous than the others, but the Wolf, destruction, and Dragon are the three most powerful lineages among them."

There were many lineages and they've probably awakened their power. If they awakened their power I have to do something too. I had a lot of powers to wake up, I had to continue my training.

"Ronk, I will awaken all my powers, no matter what."

"We'll see about that."

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