Chapter 4:

Whatever He Can

Wolf Bloodline

I've had a lot of injuries to my back and arms from training. I had so many wounds at that time. I tried to heal my wounds with herbs I learned from Ronk.Bookmark here

Although a few of my wounds closed, I couldn't stop the tremor in my hand for long, and a few of my scars remained permanent.Bookmark here

When I looked at my reflection in the water, I didn't recognize myself, as if I had changed. Every single wound I gained taught me more than pain. Seemed to strengthen me even more.Bookmark here

As I got used to it over time, I started to like to force myself into training. I wasn't as cold in the morning as I used to be or I wasn't getting tired right away.Bookmark here

In the process, Black Wolf was constantly watching and following us. Of course, sometimes he wanted to be loved or something to eat. Knowing I was improving, Ronk aggravated my training. He increased the number and level of my push-ups, sit-ups, and weights.Bookmark here

Although it was difficult, I still managed it. Ronk approached me after I finished my workout.Bookmark here

"I'll give you a different workout tonight."Bookmark here

I knew he was going to give me a new workout. It got obvious after some time.Bookmark here

"So what is it?"Bookmark here

"It's called light in the dark."Bookmark here

"What am I going to do in this training?"Bookmark here

"First of all, you should know that this training is different than the others,it is a training of no return, if you fail, you will die."Bookmark here

Training of no return? And dying? I mean isn't it kinda early for a training like this?Bookmark here

"Ronk, are you sure that I have to through this training. Isn't it kinda early."Bookmark here

"Yes, I am sure."Bookmark here

"I'm not going to help you this time, You're on your own. You understand me?"Bookmark here

"I get it. But I want to know more about what this training is like."Bookmark here

If I was going to enter a training that had no return at least I could learn something.Bookmark here

"Light in the Dark will be a training that works your senses. In the Wolf bloodline, the senses are very important. For each lineage, there is a different significance, but the important substance of this lineage is the senses and intuition. If you control them, you can become as strong as Alpha."Bookmark here

"It's quite intriguing, but how shall I put it?.... It's a little scary."Bookmark here

"What I want you to do is put on the mask, and then complete the forest with that mask and come back here, Home. The mask will prevent you from hearing and seeing, so it will force you to use your body's senses.Bookmark here

"There are all kinds of creatures in the forest, and you know I almost died the other day."Bookmark here

"The choice this time is up to you, but remember that the Wolf bloodline does not lose themselves to fears, fears feed them. So if you're afraid of death or injury, if you're afraid of sacrificing something, what we're doing here means nothing. You came here to be fearless. Not to try."Bookmark here

"Couldn't I have improved a little for this training?"Bookmark here

"No, this practice is not done by working, you do it by believing in yourself. It's also pretty good for your body,it works your senses in a difficult situation."Bookmark here

I guess there's no way out of this. After a brief glance at the forest, I turned my head,Bookmark here

I took a deep breath,Bookmark here

"When I came here, I made a promise to myself no matter what, no matter how hard it was. I'll do it, be like my father, and prove myself to everyone. Ronk-san I am ready."Bookmark here

"Let's go then."Bookmark here

Ronk and I were once again in an unknown part of the forest. The place we reached this time was quite dark, the sun was hardly visible. It was pretty quiet around here. It was pretty quiet around here. And It was almost night when we got here. The path we came from was a very complicated path.Bookmark here

I couldn't remember the way back, and because of the tension, the way was pretty much erased from my mind. Ronk looked around, stoppingBookmark here

"Here we are, your training here will show if you really deserve the blood that goes through your veins."Bookmark here

Ronk pulled the mask out of his pocket and gave it to me and told me to put it on.Bookmark here

The mask kept me from seeing and hearing. Even though I couldn't see or hear,I knew Ronk was gone. Because Ronk has always been tough and serious about everything.Bookmark here

After a couple of seconds, I realized. What was holding the mask? I tried to pull it out, but it was stuck. It didn't move an inch. At last, I gave up and began my training.Bookmark here

I thought I can do it, but then I knew I was lost.Bookmark here

I couldn't see or hear anything, and the mask was starting to smell pretty bad.Bookmark here

I walked for about two hours until I hit something. I decided to examine what I hit with my hand.Bookmark here

I was about to lean forward, but I felt a huge breeze in front of me. Like a very big monster in front of me roared in my direction. I knew It was a bear or something more dangerous, so I ran away.Bookmark here

I felt so many dangerous creatures around me, but luckily I managed to escape from all of them.Bookmark here

The only disgusting part of my training was whenever I touched somewhere I was touching random bugs and it was making me so uneasy.Bookmark here

As I ran, I was pushed very hard by something. When I was pushed, I rolled down a hill and made a hard landing on the ground. It was like my bones were broken. After a while, my eyes closed.Bookmark here

When I woke up, I knew it had been a long time since I passed out.Bookmark here

After a brief blackout, I got up and kept walking.Bookmark here

I was getting tired, scared, but I still didn't want to stop. After another half an hour of walking, I stopped, sat somewhere, and rested for a short time. As I rested calmly, my feet suddenly began to shake, as if there was an earthquake. When I put my hand on the floor, I felt the ground shake.Bookmark here

It was most likely a large creature approaching.Bookmark here

I didn't know where to hide, but I wasn't sure I could fight in this situation. I tried to bend over slowly and get away from there, but it didn't work. The creature noticed me, I could feel it roaring towards me, I was in fear. Before I knew it, It hit me so hard, I was floating in the air.Bookmark here

I broke two trees and bounced quite backwards. I suddenly had a lot of blood coming out of my mouth. I was having trouble with breathing.Bookmark here

I barely got up, and again I felt a tremor on the ground, I realized that the creature was following me. It was as big a creature as the one Ronk fought last time, maybe even the same kind of creature.Bookmark here

I took deep breaths and tried to use my senses to see things around me, but I couldn't.Bookmark here

My body was in incredible pain, I was unable to feel something.Bookmark here

I was sure that if the creature hit me one or two more times, my death would be guaranteed.Bookmark here

As I tried to walk I felt a huge thing coming towards me. It was the giant's fist. I was able to run away from the first attack but then It hit me again.Bookmark here

It was a very hard blow. I hit a big rock and broke it. My foot was badly injured. Blood kept coming out of my mouth. I was lying on the floor, exhausted, I was sure that I was going to die. I was desperate at that moment.Bookmark here

But I was so sure of myself. My fear grew more and more every second. I held my breath in the hope that something or someone would save me. And at that moment,I saw a vision. A vision of someone like me, but he was older, and he was smiling. Looking at me with pride he said,Bookmark here

"Show them who you are and what you can do. Ryuu, Get up!"Bookmark here

I lifted myself with my remaining strength. I took a deep breath and stood up again. It was like, a different energy was forming inside me. I felt like the energy was giving me power. When the creature attacked me again, I saw the attack coming.Bookmark here

"This time It won't be the same."Bookmark here

By dodging the creature's first blow, I landed a blow on the creature. I was able to sense the creature, But more than that with my sense I was able to see the monster. I was landing punches and kicks nonstop. This time I was the one who fed by fear.Bookmark here

"It's time to finish this, Monster!"Bookmark here

When it attacked me again, I landed the final punch. It broke 10 or 20 trees and stopped moving.Bookmark here

I felt my body was getting better. This was probably the power that Ronk told me about.Bookmark here

I knew I had to go back to the House. So I started walking again.Bookmark here

After three hours, I managed to get home. I managed to get home with bruises all over me again, like every training session. I fainted from exhaustion when Ronk took off my mask, and it was almost noon when I saw the people. Ronk seemed to let me sleep until noon this time.Bookmark here

I was so glad it was over, I excitedly went to Ronk and wanted to tell him what was going on, but I was surprised to see Ronk's arm. Because Ronk had a bad wound to his arm, and he covered it with a bandage. It was obvious that the wound was new.Bookmark here

I wasn't sure about asking him but I did anyways,Bookmark here

"Ronk-san, Where did you get that wound?"Bookmark here

"It happened on the way back yesterday, but it doesn't matter."Bookmark here

"It was you who pushed me there, wasn't it? I know you did it to save me from the creature. You said You wouldn't help, why did you do it, Ronk-san?"Bookmark here

"There was no reason I saved you, I just didn't want to regret it in the future, that's all.Bookmark here

I knew it was Ronk-san that saved me that day, but I really don't know why he did that. I think right now, I should leave him with that.Bookmark here

"And Ronk-san, I want to talk about what happened yesterday."Bookmark here

"I'm listening."Bookmark here

"I felt a strange energy burst inside me, and then I started to see around me in the mask. Could it be because of the power you're talking about?"Bookmark here

"It looks like you've completed all the trainings I gave you."Bookmark here

For the very first time, Ronk smilingly approached me,Bookmark here

"Congratulations kid, you have proved your power."Bookmark here

Ace Axel
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