Chapter 5:

Expected Journey

Wolf Bloodline

Two Months Later...

It's been two months since I've been here. And I had completely changed. Now I was faster, stronger. I could easily lift the rock that I couldn't lift for a long time. After a while, I managed to easily defeat many of the creatures here. I even developed a strategy against them.

I didn't get tired as easily as I used to. I was stronger now than before. On the way to awakening my strength, I continued to work nonstop, day by day. I got here because of all the painful exercises Ronk put me through. He told me never to lose faith in myself. Thanks to his help, I became so strong.

I went to Ronk as I did every day, but today I was even happier than other days,

"Thank you for everything, Ronk-san. What you've done for me so far has been invaluable."

"I didn't do anything, I just showed you what to do. You did all this on your own."

"At least as a thank you, I'll take care of the food and the fire today."

Immediately after those words, I hunted some animals. And after I got home, I started preparing the food by lighting the fire.

There was no sound, just the crunch of the fire. But after a while, Ronk started talking,

"Kid. You've gained your strength, what are you going to do now?"

"It's obvious, I'm going to help people by stopping people like Miron and of course Miron. Just like my father, and of course, I'll find my Uncle."

"You're unlikely to be able to do such a thing. But now I can't stop you. Use your powers for your own purposes. But don't make choices you'll regret."

"You taught me here that the word impossible is not true. By training me, by empowering me. And even if I make a choice that I'll regret, I'm not as weak as I used to be, I can handle it. I can do it."

"But that's a different matter. We call Miron and people like him "Elite Warrior". People who are Takeo work for people who are "Epic".

"And how powerful are they?"

"The epics are people who have almost as much power as a king, but they are very different from Kings. These people are better known as The Evil Kings of The Continents. And each of the rules one of the kingdoms. Elite soldiers are the people who works for them."

"Why don't the Kings do something about them?"

"They can't because they're quite dangerous. Kings don't want their people to get hurt."


"Anyway, as I said, five Elite soldiers serve each Epic. That makes them untouchable. Even if the elite soldiers are not with them, they are still strong enough. Each of the epics is stronger and more deadly than the other, but the epics in the fourth Kingdom and the fifth Kingdom have an unstoppable power. Especially epic in the fifth Kingdom, he's a descendant of destruction, no one wants to mess with him. He's almost as strong as your father."

"So that's why they don't counterattack because they're afraid of them."


"Which one does Miron serve?"

"To none of them, the Epic in the fourth kingdom wanted to make Miron an Elite soldier, but Miron refused because he doesn't like to take orders from anyone. After that, he had a reputation as a contract killer. Some epic people don't like him very much, As if they're scared of him so badly."

"There are too many of them, do you think you can beat them all? You know It's not possible to do this alone."

"That's why I'm looking for people who will fight beside me without fear. I'll look for people who have hope, who don't give up."

"And how do you plan to find them?"

"I don't know, I could have used the map my uncle gave me, but the map doesn't show anything."


I pulled the map my uncle gave me out of my bag and showed it to Ronk,

"This is no ordinary map. It's a magical map."

"What do you know about this, Ronk-san?"

"Nothing much, but I know what purpose it's used for. This map is a very rare item. They say the map shows you where you want to go."

"Places I want to go?"

"Yes, it shows you where you want to go. But if you let it fall into bad hands, you can get in a lot of trouble, don't forget that."

"Whether it's a place or a person, it shows you what you're looking for or what you want to see."

"Then I can find people who will be with me thanks to this map, can't I?

"It's not that easy, its seal hasn't been opened yet. You need a wizard to open its seal, only they can open it."

"Maybe Pelena can help me."

"Her village is a week away from here, and you will arrive in a city before you get there. If you ask about the village there, they'll tell you."

"Now I know what to do, Ronk-san, thank you."

"You sound just like your father. But don't forget that your father died fighting."

Ronk put out the fire and went to bed.

Hours after our conversation, when night fell, I started looking at the stars and thinking about what Ronk said. But I still wanted to be like My Father. I wanted people to see me as a hero.

In the morning, I packed my things.I put my stuff in a bag that I made out of animal skin. And Ronk, even though he knew I was going, kept breaking trees without caring about it. And also Max was following me.

"I'm leaving, thank you again for everything, I hope we meet again."

"It won't happen, we don't have to owe each other anything, anymore, I paid my debt to your father by training you."

"Ronk-san, I've been a burden to you so far, and I know I can't thank you enough. And also I want one last favor. Take care of Max."

"The Wolf can stay here, but that's all."

"Thank you very much, Ronk-San."

Stroking Max's head I said,

"Max, take care and stay out of trouble."

I could tell Max was upset, but I couldn't take him. Max said goodbye by licking my face.

Ronk didn't react much. He's always been a tough guy since I've known him. But I was sure he had a soft heart in him. After I left, I was very excited because I had never been anywhere but my village before. Even on the road, I kept thinking. After spending all these months with Ronk-san, there was a void in me, but I had to move on.

One Day Later

I arrived in the city of Nemov, which Ronk was talking about with me. I was very surprised when I saw the city because it was quite crowded. And also there was a lot of different type of houses. People in here were in a big hurry. They were hardworking, nonstop. It was full of life.

After a short walk through the city, I saw a horse-drawn carriage approach very quickly and carelessly. The driver was driving without caring about the people around him. At that moment, a lady with a baby in her hand entered the range of the carriage. But the carriage did not intend to stop.

At that moment, the lady panicked so much that she couldn't escape, and those around her were just watching.

I used all my speed to save the lady and the baby from the front of the carriage. But the people in the car continued without caring about it.

I wanted to stop them from hurting others, but someone acted before me. The man fired a single shot with the gun in his hand, smashing the wheel of the car. The car suddenly started rolling and careless people in it were thrown to the ground.

The man's movements were quite flawless and fast, he seemed confident in what he was doing. He looked like a cowboy with a hat on his head and a cigar in his mouth.

At that moment, I wanted to talk to him, but by the time I left the lady, he had already disappeared.

I immediately started asking people around where I could find him, who he was. According to people here, he was making weapons to make money. And he always had that cowboy style.

People nicknamed him" Hiroshi, the eye of the West". After I found out where the store he ran, I went there in no time.

Renain Sora