Chapter 12:

A Mother's Love

Wolf Bloodline

I didn't care what he was asking, I grabbed him by the throat and lifted him up in the air. squeezing his throat,

"I can't let any more unnecessary blood spill, War is over, tell your men to stop."

"Even if you stop us, the elite soldiers will keep coming, and every time things will get harder. Elite soldiers are people who should not be underestimated, and if you are not lucky, you may even encounter an epic. That's when you are not going to be able to do anything."

After he said that he saw something behind me and grinned in pain,

"And you shouldn't underestimate us neither."

I immediately turned back,

When I turned my head, The other Elite Soldier landed a very strong blow on me. Because of the impact, I flew away and landed on the wall of one of the houses nearby. One of the elite soldiers had a very big wooden stick. It was almost 100Kg. It hurt me so bad I was trembling.

Both of them approached me,

"Humans like you are so annoying. You should know that you should obey us If you want to be alive."

"Shut up, you are the one who doesn't deserve to talk here. You stole people's hope and killed their families. I will never obey monsters like you."

"So that's what you think."

They both started to attack at the same time.

They didn't give me any chance to attack, I was only defending. After a while, one of them got behind me and landed a punch on my waist and the other one punched me in the stomach.

My body was tired, but my anger gave me the energy I needed. I flew into the sky because of the impact of the fist.

As I got higher, Jixus charged his magic attack and pointed it towards me. His attack landed on my stomach. I got much higher and fell so fast. I hit the ground hard. I was injured so bad I could barely open my eyes. As I crawled to them I saw Lezlie.

They also noticed her,

"No, don't come here..... You have to run away....." I could barely breathe.

Jixus grinned again,

"Young lady you know that you shouldn't be here right? Nozu, take care of our lady."


I tried to move to her but I was too slow and I couldn't get up. What am I going to do now?

As they approached her, Pelena appeared.

"Oh, and here is the guest of our show. I was wondering where have you went."

"You can not touch her, leave this business between us."

Pelana slowly created a magical shield around her daughter and created a shield for herself.

"You witches won't give up, don't you?"

Pelana smiled "I guess I have that "useless pride" don't I?",

Jixus got very angry,

"Nozu, alive or dead, it's up to you."

After their words, they started to attack her.

Unlike me, she could easily prevent their blows. She used her spells very carefully and quickly. It was the first time I had seen a witch who had mastered her powers.

She was so elegant at fighting. While she was fighting I tried to get up, I wanted to help her more than anything, but I couldn't.

After a while, they stopped and gasped for air.

"Why don't you give up already? That boy and girl are going to die, this is an order!"

"I don't care about your order! Do you have any idea how many people died because of your orders? I will not allow you to hurt my daughter neither that boy."

"Then you deserve to die, just like the ones who died."

After their words, they started to attack her again.

She again started to defend herself. She was slowly losing her power. She was getting tired. They were attacking her nonstop.

Then she used a very powerful magic and made Nozu flew one of the houses. When she got rid of one of them she turned to Jixus.

"Now, It's your turn."

"You think you can beat me? Don't be stupid."

When he tried to attack her, she quickly created a whip using her power and covered his throat. She quickly sent him to the wall.

"Because of you my people lost their lives, they lost their family, their hopes, their loved ones, but people like you don't understand these kinds of feelings don't they? But you can't do anything about this right. And that's why I'm not expecting a monster to feel the same way as a human."

As she was about to finish him. Nozu landed a very hard blow on her waist. Pelana flew back and landed on the ground.

She was screaming in pain. Both of her legs were broken. She was moving with her arms. At the same time she was trembling, but she still tried to move.

She looked at us with fear,

"Lezlie, you have to get out here."

Jixus smiled and looked down at her,

"I said you will going to pay for your mistakes, Now it is too late for everything."

He used his magic and made a hole in her body.

Lezlie was looking at them with fear, she was crying with a horrified expression, Then she screamed,


Not caring about the elite soldiers, She quickly went to her mother.

"Mother, please, you can't leave me right now!"

She was trying to make her mother hear her voice, but even though Pelena's eyes color was slowly fading.

Lezlie's tears dropped on her mothers face,


An unstoppable rage covered my body fastly. I knew what I had to do. They didn't deserve to live after this moment. I caught Ork's deficit and threw him a punch that he had never eaten before. We flew towards to forest, breaking dozens of trees. I continued to punch him, my anger made me lose my mind. There was no way I could stop.

It didn't look like the power that Ronk told me, it was an anger that came out of me. My hands were covered in blood, but I still kept punching. I never felt this angry before.

When I stopped throwing punches, I realized that everyone, everyone in the war, was looking at me with fearful eyes. I knew why they looked at me like that, and when I looked at the elite soldier, His face was covered in blood and he wasn't moving.

My hands were shaking involuntarily. I had lost control for a moment. When I got off him, I saw Jixus and attacked him too.

I threw much harder punches at him, I broke 2 houses with him. He was gasping for air in pain. I was going to kill him too but he then stopped and said something.

Jixus looked at me with hatred,

"It's not over here, next time we meet, I'll destroy you and everyone here. And thats a promise."

After his words, Jixus teleported his remaining men and himself using a spell. And after they left,I remembered about Pelena and Lezlie and searched for them.

Lezlie looked at her mother's eyes and cried,

"Mother, I regret my decisions, If I had done what you have said, none of this would have happened. It's all my fault...."

Pelena gently touched her daughter's cheek and smiled,

"Lezlie, it wasn't your fault, a person can't escape its fate and everyone dies someday, death would come in any way."

Pelena then slowly turned to me,

"Ryuu, can I ask you a favor?"


"Take Lezlie with you. She'll be safer with you."

I didn't say anything,

"We witches can see someone's future and in exchange for that, we pay a price. I saw my daughter's future. Please, Ryuu, promise me."

"Pelena-san, don't worry I will protect her."

She then turned to her daughter again,

"Why are you crying? You know you don't have to be sad, come on smile."

"Then I know what will make you smile."

After her words, she started to mumble a song.

Her voice was soft, relaxing, It was beautiful but so painful.

A tear came out of Pelena's eye, and then after closing her eyes. she died on her daughter's knee.

Everyone in the village has gathered around us. The chief raised one hand as he was wounded, shouting,

"She was an honorable witch."

Someone else raised his hand in the same way and yelled,

"An honorable friend."

Everyone in the village raised their hands and shouted one by one,

"An honorable woman."

"An honorable comrade."

Finally, Lezlie slowly raised her hand,

"An honorable mother."

After their words, the whole town fell silent.

1 Week Later

I got out of bed with a nightmare, as usual. But this time it wasn't the same nightmare, I saw the elite soldier I killed.

We've been in a witch's village for almost a week.

We stayed here for a week for Hiroshi's wounds to heal and for Lezlie to recover. But we had to move very soon because our location had been compromised.

After I got out of bed, I went to the chief to talk. I walked into the chief's tent, and it was just me and him. I went straight to the chase.

"Chief, we're leaving the town today, and I wanted to thank you for everything before we leave."

"I understand, my child. And what are you going to do with Lezlie?" I wish we'd never met like this.

"It would be better for her to make this choice instead of me. I can't force her at such a difficult time like this."

"Now listen carefully, I want to tell you something. Pelena was no ordinary witch like us, and so was her daughter. There's a curse on them from their ancestors. This curse shows them the future, but when it is used, your death is inevitable. I don't know if Pelena died because of the curse or because of her wounds. But if there's one thing I know, that it is dangerous. This curse can even bring death that people close to it."

"I understand, but is there any way we can break the curse?"

"No, it can't be broken, they are doomed to this curse because of the mistake their ancestors made. Finally, let me warn you."

"About what?"

"About your lineage, you involuntarily got into a rage in combat, that's because your lineage is a wolf lineage. Your bloodline is not a merciful lineage like any other bloodline, Ryuu, if you can't control your powers. You will kill without distinguishing between good and evil."

"Don't add your feelings to the war, if you add it, you can't control it. If you get as strong as you can, you can control it easily."

Elena Parker