Chapter 13:

A Cowboy's Past

Wolf Bloodline

After I talked to the chief, I got out of his tent and made my way to Hiroshi-san. Hiroshi-san wasn't in his room when I got there. I asked around about him.Bookmark here

They said that in the early hours, he went to the forest in the village. When I went to the place they said, I easily found Hiroshi-san. Hiroshi-san was practicing half-naked with bandages on his shoulder, although his wound had not yet healed.Bookmark here

When he finished his practice, I approached him,Bookmark here

"You must not strain yourself too much, Hiroshi-san. They said that if you tire your body any more, your wounds can be reopened."Bookmark here

"I'm fine Kid, I've been injured many times before. Did you talk to the chief?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, I said we'd be back on the road today."Bookmark here

"Do you know what will happen to their village?"Bookmark here

"The chief told me that they would move the village shortly after the village was revealed. They said they would move into the territory of the other witches in the third Kingdom. They say the village there is like a castle."Bookmark here

"What about the girl, are you planning on taking her with us?"Bookmark here

"I made a promise to Pelena-San, but at such a difficult time, I cannot convince her of such a thing. I don't know what we'll do."Bookmark here

"I'll talk to her. I'll meet you at the entrance to the village at noon, and don't be late kid."Bookmark here

Hiroshi-san slowly walked towards the village.Bookmark here

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bookmark here

After I talked to Kid, I retreated to my room and put on my clothes. I've packed my things for the trip. After looking at myself briefly in the mirror, I put my hat on my head and went to the girl. I knocked on her door,Bookmark here

"Lezlie are you in there?"Bookmark here

She opened the door slowly, she looked sad. She looked like she was crying for hours.Bookmark here

"Yes, please come in."Bookmark here

We sat on a chair. The girl didn't talked, she was thinking all the time. This is probably hard for her.Bookmark here

"Hey kid, are you alright?"Bookmark here

She jumped out of her thoughts and looked at me,Bookmark here

"Yes. I.... I am alright."Bookmark here

*sigh* "Look kid, you don't have to pretend you're fine, we all have lost someone in this world."Bookmark here

She turned her head to her left.Bookmark here

She started to sob. I could hear her crying.Bookmark here

"I wanted to say her how much I love her. I wanted to talk to her a little more...."Bookmark here

I bowed my head,Bookmark here

"I wanted to talk to him a little more too..."Bookmark here

She looked at me confused,Bookmark here

I looked at her and said with a soft tone "Lezlie, can I tell you a story?",Bookmark here

12 Years AgoBookmark here

WestLight TownBookmark here

It was an ordinary day. As usual, I was taking care of the horses, I was trying to buy good weapons. By late evening, when I would come out of the barn and I would work with the weapons I had bought to improve my marksmanship. When I came home late and spent my money on guns, I always get scolded by my father.Bookmark here

But he was still very interested in me, teaching me a lot of information, including weapons. My mother was as soft-hearted as my father. He always made me good food and took care of me. and I had a brother. My brother was colder than my father and mother. He barely spoke, he had no friends. But he was very well known for his actions and what he did.Bookmark here

He caught wanted people. As the days passed, he began to catch more powerful men. People got to know him well and began to admire him. But Jesse was the one I admired. He was known as the claw of the West. He was born in our village, famous for every kingdom. He was the fastest in the West. Because he had things to do, I could only see him every two months.Bookmark here

We had a pretty strong bond. He always told me his stories. I heard he was back in town one afternoon. I waited until he retreated to his house in the evening, as people gathered around him. Because he wouldn't let anyone in his house but me. He knew it was me when I knocked on his door. He let me in. He closed the door and we started talking.Bookmark here

"Look how much you've grown up. You're old enough to hold a gun."Bookmark here

"And I started using guns better than you."Bookmark here

Jesse laughed,Bookmark here

"I'm sure it is. Ahhahaahh ...Ahahhahahah..... I missed you, Kid."Bookmark here

"Jesse-san, please tell me about your experiences, your adventures, your fights, all of them. Did you fight elite soldiers or epics or a person from a lineage?"Bookmark here

"Calm down, calm down, I'll tell you everything."Bookmark here

I couldn't wait to hear his stories and Jesse couldn't wait to tell me. because every time he told it, he was excited about it as if he were going through it again. I noticed he didn't tell anyone his stories with such enthusiasm. We were like grandfather and grandson. He was the best grandfather I had.Bookmark here

"This time Kid, I fought a man named Xuyoruz, the legendary elite soldier in the fourth kingdom. He was almost unbeatable. His eyes were blood red, and every time he got stronger, the redness in his eyes increased. I've never faced an opponent like this before. It was almost as strong as a Epic. There are rumors that he alone defeated an entire army. But I stood up to him anyway."Bookmark here

"Well, who won?" I asked excitedly.Bookmark here

"I attacked him with my best shots. I kept attacking, but I couldn't win, I lost by a big margin."Bookmark here

"How can this happen? You're the fastest in the West!"Bookmark here

He smiled, "Being fast is a relative concept, Hiroshi. We can't always win, sometimes we lose, but it doesn't make us look weak, you can win as long as you have perseverance."Bookmark here

"If you lost, How did you escape, I mean, my father always said that elite soldiers killed everyone without mercy."Bookmark here

"It's late, we'll talk about it tomorrow, Okay?"Bookmark here

"All right, Jesse-san, See you tomorrow!" I waved my hand while leaving.Bookmark here

After our conversation, I made my way home in no time. I was sure my father would scold me, but when I got home, I didn't see anyone at home, it was quiet, I thought they were preparing for the storm in the village, just like the previous days, I laid down on my bed before they arrived and went to sleep immediately.Bookmark here

At night, I heard strange screams that I had never heard before.Bookmark here

I immediately got up and went out. I couldn't believe what I saw that day, my town was on fire. Screams could be heard everywhere. I didn't know what I would do. At that moment, I was so scared, All my thoughts about being like Jesse was gone. While I was looking at the town terrified, my brother came out from the shadows behind me,Bookmark here

"You shouldn't be here, it's not safe here," he said with a scared tone.Bookmark here

"Brother, where is mom and dad?"Bookmark here

"I don't know, just follow me for now, I'll take you somewhere safe."Bookmark here

He took me to our pantry and locked the door,Bookmark here

"Stay here until I get back, brother. He is coming to pick you up when it is safe."Bookmark here

Because I was a little boy at the time, I couldn't wait because of my curiosity. Yes, I was afraid, but I wanted to find my family and find out what happened to my village. Therefore I looked for a way. I got out of there using the narrow window behind the pantry. As I got out made my way to the town square.Bookmark here

Jesse and a guy were fighting incredibly in the middle of town. I could tell by looking him in the eye that he was the man Jesse was talking about. As he mentioned, his eyes were red. Jesse was having a hard time. Just as he was about to get hit hard, my brother jumped in front of Jesse and saved him.Bookmark here

All of a sudden, my brother and Jesse teamed up. They were attacking perfectly as a team, their attacks were very cohesive. But the man in front of them easily prevented every blow and responded. It was an impossible fight, even for my brother and Jesse. After watching them for a while I completely focused on them and I didn't notice the men behind me.Bookmark here

Jesse saw me and the guys behind me. He tried to save me, and he did, he took down every enemy one by one, but because of me, he got hurt. He drove me away with all his remaining strength, hid me in a place where no one could find me.Bookmark here

He left me with his hat. And slowly walked out of there.Bookmark here

I waited until morning, and when morning came, I came out of hiding. The sight I saw broke every piece of my heart. Everyone in my town was dead except me, my family, the man I admired, everyone. I was the only person alive. I couldn't find my brother's body. The only person I couldn't find its body was my brother. I searched for him everywhere but I couldn't find him. All I have left of them was a gun and a hat.Bookmark here

"Jesse said I wasn't the one who was guilty, but I always blamed myself. But I realized something. If we gave up, the people who died for us would have died in vain, and I couldn't stand it, so I stood up and kept walking. I kept going, even though it was hard. Because people like Ryuu, people who still believe that hope exists, need our help."Bookmark here

I slowly lighted my cigar,Bookmark here

"You can still live your life, and find your hope again like your mother said. So what do you say kid? Are you going to come with us?"Bookmark here

She wiped her tears and looked at me, she smiled and said,Bookmark here

"Hiroshi-san, Thank you."Bookmark here

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