Chapter 18:

Liberation Speech

Wolf Bloodline

After we finished talking to Babu, we split into two groups. While Me and Hiroshi went to get the gunpowder, Lezlie and Babu returned to inform the wise. When Hiroshi and I went to buy some gunpowder, Hiroshi looked at me and said,

"Hey kid, are you sure that we can trust him?"

"Are you talking about him being a fluffy panda?"

"No, I've never seen a species like this before. He only has animal qualities, but he can also talk and move like a normal human."

"Pretty interesting, isn't it? But the important thing is that he came here and helped people, and that's a pretty good way of behaving."

He laughed and said, "Yes, quite interesting. I wonder how he fights that belly."

I then laughed too and said, "Actually I don't want to lie I want to see that too."

We then both bursted into laughter.

I said confidently, "Don't worry, Hiroshi-san, The people here are really kind. I'm sure he's as kind as they are."

After a short walk, we arrived at the gunpowder shop. The shop was quite small.

Before I entered the store, Hiroshi-san looked at me. He then looked at the cigar in his mouth he immediately threw his cigar out of his mouth. We then entered the shop,

"Welcome to Teren's Gunpowder shop! How can I help you?"

Hiroshi looked at him and said,

"Give your best shot partner, we are not here to lose time."

The store then said,

"Then follow me and I will show you the best ones."

Teren opened the barrel in front of him with his crowbar,

"This gunpowder is from the second kingdom, It's called the "Red Bomb", you can easily detonate many things, but it is not strong enough against Iron."

Hiroshi took the gunpowder in his hand, examined the Gunpowder, then he turned his head to Teren again,

"What else you got?"

Teren opened another barrel,

"And this from the third kingdom, It's called "Black Death," it can blow up a lot of things, including iron."

"How much damage it can do?"

"in two-pound, it can reach eight or ten meters."

"We can use it to escape, but it's still not enough to shut this place down completely. Give us the heaviest thing you've got."

Teren opened the final barrel,

"Then this is what you are looking for, this Gunpowder is something from the fourth kingdom, it's called "Disaster." Even a kilo can completely blow up this big cave."

"Then we are taking this."

"So, is that all you want?"

"I'm taking it all."


When Ryuu-san and Hiroshi-san went to get the Gunpowder we needed, Babu-san and I arrived at the wise. And everyone living in the cave had gathered in the square for the wise's speech.

Babu-san and I decided to wait until the sage's speech was over. After a short wait, The Wise appeared before his people. People here were respecting the wise a lot, when they saw him, they immediately began to applaud.

As the applause ended, Wise began to speak,

"As you know, three people recently fell here in our cave and said they would help us get out of here. But the important thing is to cooperate with them as much as you can while they help us. If we cooperate with them. We can get out of here."

then someone from the public shouted,

"It's too dangerous out there, and if we get out, the shadow bloodline will kill us first!"

Another person shouted in the middle of the public,

"Yes, he's right, if we leave they will kill us without mercy! just like our brothers who died!"

All of a sudden, everyone started talking about how dangerous it was out there, and running away was a bad idea. Wise made a signal with his hand to his people to be quiet,

"Listen, if we don't do this, we're going to starve here very soon, or the cave could collapse on us at any moment. I know it's dangerous, but we have no choice but to do it.

"Listen, we've been suffering from food shortages for a very long time, and also this cave is on the verge of collapse. I know it's dangerous, but we have no choice but to do it.

A member of the public suddenly came forward,

"Do you promise that if we do this, we will survive, we will succeed, Wise-san?"

Wise was in a very difficult situation. I knew I had to help, I approached him and started talking,

"Will you please listen to me?"

Everyone stopped talking and looked at me,

"I know everyone is worried and scared about something. I can understand how difficult your situation is, but this time give the wise's opinion a chance. Of course, I can't promise you, but if you believe us, it will be very helpful for us. And if you can help as much as you can, that will be enough for us."

Then Babu approached and talked with a very slow and soft tone,

Everyone everyone, calm down. I know it's hard to take it all in. But it is what it is. We have to trust them for this once. They are not untrustable people like you think. They are kind and trustable people. I want all of you to trust me and them. Also, I need all of you to work with us.

At the time, someone from the public came forward,

"Babu saved my son, and if Babu believes in them, I believe in them."

After these words, people came forward one after another, without stopping,

"Babu saved my mother."

"Babu saved my Brother"

"Babu saved my father."

"Babu saved my family."

"If Babu trusts you, so do we!"

People applauded and shouted, the wise looked at me and smiled,

"You solved the problem just like your mother, and I'm sure she'd be proud of you if she was here now."

"Thank you, Wise-san."

"No, thank you, you have given my people hope again."