Chapter 19:

On The Plan

Wolf Bloodline

Before we made a move on our plan, we wanted to review the plan once again in the middle of everyone in the city square and share it with people.

Hiroshi put a map and a stone or two on the table, visually telling people about the plan.

"Everybody listen to me because I'll only tell you once. One of the stones you saw will be our distraction group, and the other stone will be the digger group, which means you guys. A full hour or two from now, the sun will rise, so, according to you people, the time when the creatures appear the least is daytime, that's when we will get to work."

"All you're have to do is dig up the place just beyond the big door. In the meantime, The girl will protect you. When you're done, you'll set fire to the flammable liquid we spilled on the ground, and when the fire reaches the Gunpowder we'll put in the nest of the shadow lineage, we'll lock them up here, and it'll give the ground enough power to throw us up."

He then said, "Is there something that is not understood?"

Someone raised his hand,

"What if we don't make it through any of this?"

"Then you burn the flammable liquid, and we find ourselves another way out."

Wise suddenly stood up,

"There is no such thing, we will not leave anyone behind, we will all succeed."

People started to applaud again,

Hiroshi lighted his cigar and said, "Oh, that's lovely."

After Hiroshi's words, everyone dispersed and began to prepare. As the miners prepare their belongings for the excavation. We were doing different things. Lezlie-san was feeding her rabbit. Jack-san was helping people move barrels or other heavy items. Hiroshi-san, on the other hand, went over the plan once again with the Wise.

And I was sitting in the corner thinking about what we were going to do. Soon after, Hiroshi came to me,

"We're good to go, Kid. I hope you are too."

"I'm ready, let's do this."

All the people in the mine gathered at the entrance door, Me and my friends were in front of everyone, and the Wise was in front of us. Wise made a sign with his hand to the doorman.

"Open the door! We're ready to go."

The big door started opening slowly. When the door was fully opened, Babu, Hiroshi, and I slowly made our way into the pitch darkness of the mine, which was the other side of the door.

It was darker and colder than when we first arrived. But we were ready for this situation. I had a torch in my hand, Hiroshi had a torch in his hand, and in the other hand a canister carrying flammable liquid. But Jack had barrels full of gunpowder on both arms. He wanted to carry the gunpowder, saying he had no trouble carrying it himself.

Hiroshi slowly began pouring flammable liquid. We were moving quietly. Then I turned to Hiroshi and quietly said,

"Hiroshi-san, when are we going to use the gunpowders?"

"We may not have enough gunpowder and I have something else in mind."

We kept moving forward, quietly pouring the liquid. Soon after, miners also began to advance. We were pretty far ahead when they started moving forward. According to the plan, the miners wouldn't start digging until we made a sound. It was a very loud process. We knew they wouldn't do anything until we got all the attention.

As we moved forward, Hiroshi suddenly raised his hand in the air and signaled for us to stop. When I looked in front of him, I saw why he stopped us.

In front of us were almost a hundred shadow-descended monsters. Fortunately, they were all asleep. But it was a problem for us because they were all lying on the ground, so they blocked the road in front of us. In order for us to move forward, we had to go through them slowly.

We continued to move forward, slowly pressing on the places they left empty on the ground. As I moved forward, a small sound came behind me, and when I turned around, I saw that Babu almost fell on top of one of them. I got scared and

I kept Babu in the air by jumping quietly, but Babu was pretty heavy because he was carrying the barrels. It wasn't a problem to lift him, but I was having quite a hard time stepping on my toes. And the barrels that he carried made him much heavier. Babu quickly threw the gunpowder at Hiroshi.

Hiroshi easily caught one by jumping and the other by standing still. When Babu's balance came back, we got rid of there and moved on. And we finally got where we wanted to go. Babu and Hiroshi placed the gunpowder on the ground. Hiroshi stood up after placing the gunpowder,

"Now all we have to do is distract these ugly monsters."

"We have to make noise to get their attention."

Hiroshi slowly pulled out his gun and fired once in the air,

"Prepare yourself, we will have to run a lot."

At that moment, I could hear hundreds of footsteps coming here fast. We're all in a position to fight.

When the miners heard gunshots, they started digging. And Lezlie was protecting them so that nothing would happen to them.

And the moment we've been waiting for has come.