Chapter 21:

Farewell, Mine Lineage

Wolf Bloodline

As I ran away, monsters jumped on me. I didn't have much time left, and the flame was getting closer. And if I kept fighting, the cave could collapse.

Hiroshi shouted,

"Hey, kid! Stay where you are, I'll take care of those monsters!"

"Hiroshi-san, do not come back! It is too dangerous for you to come back here!"

"Who said I was going to jump down there Kid?"

At that moment, Hiroshi threw the canister that was carrying the flammable liquid around his waist onto the monsters and fired into the canister twice. It was enough to make it blow up.

The liquid that got all over them made them burned and helped me escape. I immediately jumped towards them and saved myself.

I threw myself at the right time. After I jumped towards them, the gunpowder made its move and exploded. We flew towards the sky and landed on the surface.

We were out again. We saw Lezlie and the people of Mine Lineage. When we got out they shouted with happiness and ran towards us.

"They're here! Our heroes!

They were in joy and happiness. They were trying to show how grateful they were.

I was happy too. I was so happy to help them. I understood how my father felt about this situation. It was relaxing and exciting at the same time.

The wise approached us with a serious expression, Then he smiled and said,

"I ... I don't really know what to say. I really appreciate all of you for saving us from there. We will never forget your help."

"No, it was definitely something that needed to be done. We couldn't just leave people in need of help."

I turned to Babu and said,

"Babu-san, how far is your village from here?"

"If you start here, it will take two days."

Hiroshi said,

"Then there's no point in wasting our time. Let's hit the road."

While we were talking The Wise approached us and said,

"If you want, you can come with us to our Kingdom, it is quite close to here."

Lezlie said,

"We really appreciate your offer. But we have to get going now. Thank you again for your kind offer."

"Well, then, good luck on your journey."

I walked away from there with happiness on my heart and a smile on my face.

After a while, while we were on the road I asked Babu,

"Babu-san, your fighting style is really quite extraordinary. How can you fight like that, despite your size?"

"I learned all my moves from my master, of course!"

"The move you made with your hat was really great."

"Oh! you know, I discovered that move!"


"Yeah, It was hard at first but with practice, everything got better."

"If your master trained you like this, he must be very strong."

"Yes, it is. He used to be an elite soldier."

"An elite soldier?"

"It was before, before he even met me. From what I've heard, he was the most powerful elite soldier among the elite soldiers in the Third Kingdom, and he was also strong enough to fight the epic in the first Kingdom. But then, when he realized that what he had done was wrong, he left the third Kingdom and settled here in the first Kingdom and vowed not to kill people.

"Does he come from a lineage?"

"He is a descendant of Fi-sorfeice."

My uncle usually told me about the lineages but I never heard that lineage before.

While we were talking Hiroshi turned his head to us and said,

"I know that lineage, it's a pretty strong lineage in close combat. Using their energy in their bodies, they exhibit a nonstop fight. They will not forgive you when you engage in close combat with them, and they are also a lineage that is very experienced in healing."

"And that is correct. I'm surprised that you already know so much about sorfeice."

"There used to be a few people who were descended from sorfeice near our village, they were really interesting people."

I was getting more and more excited to meet them.

And then Babu said with smiling,

"Yeah, they're pretty good people. Besides, they're the best at cooking, I haven't eaten the master's food in a long time. I hope it's still delicious."

"Hey Babu-san, does your master lives alone?"

"No, he lives with a small group of his descendants."

He then said,

"Oh! I forgot! I saw you fighting very well back in the mines. Do you also come from a lineage?"

"I'm a witch. I lived with my mother for a long time among the witches. I only know explosion and shield spells for now, but in the future, I may learn some good spells."

"Interesting! What about you Hiroshi-san?"

"I'm a Ruiet. I'm a normal human."

"You're pretty strong for an ordinary person, and you never missed your shots, even under pressure."

"The same goes for you, we saw a ton of monsters there, but you still fought in cold blood."

"But It was hard, to be honest."

He turned to me and said,

"So what about you, Ryuu-kun?"

"I come from the Wolf Descendant. My uncle and the person who trained me, Ronk, told me this not a long time ago."

"Oh! Alpha Prime was also a wolf descendant! I heard that lineage was legendary. And I also heard that there was no one left from that lineage."

"But that's impossible. Even if there are survivors, Miron goes after them and hunts them all down. He's already killed half the bloodline."

"That's why I started going out on this Journey. I didn't think I could find people this quickly, but I did. Life is full of miracles and I want to show others this too. And even Miron finds us, I'm not going to give up on my goal. No matter what happens."

"I see. I truly understand everything you say. But you have to keep in mind, this isn't an easy road. You are going to get through so many difficulties. You are going to run, fight, hide, sacrifice, and many more things while you succeed in this. And also if something bad happens and Miron finds you, he will never feel sorry for you."