Chapter 22:

Master Yix

Wolf Bloodline

After two days on the road, we got where we wanted to go. We arrived where Babu's master lived. It was the village of Guyot. This village was small and there were not many houses around. It was a calm and quiet village. We looked around for a short time, but there was no one around.

The village was empty. Babu was looking around and trying to figure out what was going on.

After that, we decided to split up and look around to find someone from the village. But even after searching for some time, we haven't found anyone. When we got back together, I realized that Lezlie wasn't around. I looked at Hiroshi and said,

"Hiroshi-san, Where's Lezlie?"

"I don't know, I haven't seen her anywhere."

We didn't know where she was. I was trying to remember where she went when we last saw her. At that moment, a little further down the village, we heard her screaming. We quickly went to where the sound came from. When we got there, we saw that Lezlie had been taken prisoner by two young people. When they saw us, they put a sword to Lezlie's throat and yelled at us.

"Who are you guys and what are you doing here? Answer my question, or we'll kill her."

It was a hard situation, I didn't think we would be in this kind of situation this quickly. I was planning on doing something but then,

Babu looked at them and said,

"Hey, hey, calm down, it's me, Babu. I'm back."

They got very surprised after they saw Babu. They put their weapons on the ground and ran towards him, shouting out his name,


They were hopping around him, saying how much they missed him.

Babu laughed and said,

"You guys have grown up a lot."

"It had been so long when we last saw you Babu, We are so happy that you are back."

"Okay, okay, let's leave this conversation for later. I want you guys to tell me something. What happened here, where is everyone, Where is Master Yix?"

"Some people attacked our village, it was horrifying but thankfully no one was hurt. But from that incident, everyone had to move."

"When did this happen. Does Master Yix know about this?"

"Yes, he does. Also, he is at his home, you might want to talk to him personally."

"Alright, I will talk to him. But you kids should go back to your houses. It's not nice to take hostages like this, leave this kind of situation to adults."

After they left they approached and said sorry. It wasn't actually a problem but like Babu-san said, It wasn't a normal thing for them.

We arrived at Master Yix's house after a little walk.

Master Yix's house was an old-fashioned Japanese house.

When I entered the house, It wasn't very bright, it was dusty and warm. There wasn't much stuff. When we entered the bedroom, there was a quiet old man sitting on the bed, staring at the window. Babu slowly approached the man,

"Master, I'm back."

The man got surprised, and slowly,

"Babu, is it really you?"

"It was quite long, I know. But I helped people in need of help."

"Don't be ridiculous, come here and give me a hug."

Babu smiled and approached him, giving a hug,

"I'm happy to see you, Babu. I taught you would never come back."

"I'm happy to see you too Master, I wish I could come back earlier."

"I asked you to go and help other people, didn't I? But if I'd known something like this was going to happen, I wouldn't have done it. We live what our destiny says, Babu. So, don't worry, we're together now."

"I'm happy that I came back here, but I wasn't expecting to see my village like this, what happened?"

"These are important topics to talk about, let's eat something before we talk about them. And also looks like you have lost weight. But don't worry you and your friends are lucky because there's ramen for dinner today!"

We all sat down at the table and started eating. Master Yix approached with his cane and sat down and he began to eat. After dinner, we picked up where we left off.

"It all happened a year after you left. The First Epic came here to our village."


"For an offer. He wanted me to work for him and become an elite soldier again, but I refused without thinking. he began to destroy the village. I got him out of here so no one would get hurt. I carried our war into the woods. We fought for hours, he was incredibly fast and strong. He shook the entire forest with one hand. I kept fighting until the people here ran away. He didn't kill me when our fight was over, but he broke both my legs to make me suffer, and he left a big wound to my chest. My legs are still not fully healed. And after that day, I never fought again."

"How many people escaped?"

"Fortunately, I saved all of them."

"If everyone escaped, why are you living by yourself Master Yix?"

"Like I told you, I was an elite soldier back then, I was worried that something like this was going to happen, and it did. And I know that something like this can happen twice."

"I understand you very well Master Yix, but you have taught many things to our people. You taught me and many others fighting, healing, and many other things. It's not right to leave us alone like this."

Master Yix smiled,

"I've spoken as much as I should, and I'd like to hear some of your adventures."

"When I wasn't here, I went down to the mines with Miner Lineage to help them, but we were attacked by the Shadow BloodLine. We stayed there for two years. Everyone was sure we were going to die, but a group of people came out of nowhere and said they were going to save me and the entire miner bloodline. It was Ryuu-Kun and his friends. I owe them a debt, master, and I have to go again to pay my debt."

"I understand, even if I don't know all things that have happened, a life debt is something that cannot be paid. So, I won't stop you. And also I thank you. For getting Babu out of this. For me, this is a very meaningful thing. If you need anything, you can ask me."

"Before you leave, please take a few supplies from the supply depot. There are enough supplies for us. And besides, if you don't have a place to stay, you can stay here tonight. It's almost night, and you can go back on your journey tomorrow, am I wrong?"

We listened to Babu's master and decided to stay one night to get rid of our fatigue. His master was very kind to us. He gave us a place to sleep and some clothes. For the first time in a long time, I was in such a warm and comfortable bed.