Chapter 20:

Expected Light

Wolf Bloodline

After the sound that Hiroshi created with his weapon, the shadow lineage began to attack us just as we wanted. So we responded with all our power. Our goal was to keep them away from the gunpowder and the miners, and we had to do it without going out of the area where we were, the piece of land that would take us up.Bookmark here

I fought back against the shadow lineage with my fists. Their heads were pretty hard, but their torsos couldn't handle my blows. I used it to punch and kick them in the torso. I then turned to Hiroshi-san and Babu-san. Hiroshi kept bringing them down with his guns in both hands, and when they came close, he responded to them with his kicks.Bookmark here

And Babu was fighting a fighting style I'd never seen in anyone before. Despite his weight, his punches and kicks were very fast, and he also used his fluffy belly to respond to the opponent.Bookmark here

He fought quite impressively. I think, Now I know why the map brought me here.Bookmark here

I turned in front of me and quickly ran to my opponents in front of me. I was jumping one to another and I was taking them down one by one. I jumped over them and hit one of them hard on the ground. Due to my blow, the mine swung slightly.Bookmark here

Hiroshi looked at me nervously and said,Bookmark here

"Hey, Kid! This mine can collapse at any moment. Attack them carefully."Bookmark here

I kept fighting, shaking my head.Bookmark here

When one of the monsters caught me off-guard, it tried to punch me. I avoided the punch and holding him by the shoulder I threw it at Babu. And Babu sent him to Hiroshi with his belly. Hiroshi was in the air, and he finished him with one kick blow, sending him back to the ground. We continued to make great combos together. Babu looked at me and said,Bookmark here

"Ryuu, throw me towards them!"Bookmark here

After that, he jumped on me, I held him and turned him slightly, and then I threw him into a group of shadow lineages. As Babu flew through the air, he kicked everyone down one by one. Despite his small legs and, his kicks were too hard and too fast.Bookmark here

After that, we began to respond to the coming monsters, giving back to back with Babu.Bookmark here

After fighting for them for a while. Hiroshi turned his back to us. put his back on us, We were all back-to-back. The monsters saw what we did and they stopped. They didn't attack, they just walked around us, getting ready for another attack.Bookmark here

Hiroshi looked at them and said,Bookmark here

"Don't let your guard down! They seem to have an idea."Bookmark here

At that time, miners were continuing to dig. And Lezlie continued to protect them.Bookmark here

The Wise, gave motivation to miners while digging,Bookmark here

"We'll make it! We're almost outside, keep digging, don't let our friends who are fighting for our freedom down."Bookmark here

The creatures attacked us, trying to disrupt our triple circle. but they failed. We were going to stay safe that way. But the monsters noticed the barrels of gunpowder we were hiding in the corner. Hiroshi then shouted at us,Bookmark here

"Hey, Kid! Panda! throw me!"Bookmark here

Babu and I joined hands and threw Hiroshi to the barrels. As Hiroshi floated through the air, he shot at monsters approaching the barrel. When he landed on the ground, he began to guard the barrels, standing in front of them.Bookmark here

I landed a hard blow on one of the monster's neck by joining both of my hands. Then I took one of the monsters and used it as a shield against the other monsters. Then I threw him away and continued fighting.Bookmark here

We fought with all of our power. For some reason, it seemed like they were going to keep coming forever. We could fight much more, but I wasn't sure this place would last that long.Bookmark here

Babu took off his hat and quickly threw it towards the Monsters, his thin hat went through the monsters's neck and ripped them all off one by one. It was very surprising to watch a very thin hat rip monster's neck. Then his hat returned just like a boomerang.Bookmark here

As one of the monsters attacked me, I jumped and escaped its incoming attack. Then while I was in the air, I pressed hard on his head and buried his head in the ground.Bookmark here

Then I quickly jumped on their heads one by one, burying their heads like I did with the other Monster.Bookmark here

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bookmark here

The Miners succeeded when Ryuu-san was fighting beside Hiroshi-san and Babu-san. They had managed to see the light of day again, the daylight they had not seen in a long time. The Wise looked at his people and said with a smile on his face,Bookmark here

"We've reached the daylight again."Bookmark here

All the miners came out of the mine quickly and waited there for us to come. But I was still worried about Ryuu-san, I took a look at their path.Bookmark here

"Ryuu-san, you can do it."Bookmark here

I then threw the torch in the flammable liquid and left the mine.Bookmark here

After the liquid started to burn, it quickly moved in the direction where Ryuu-san was.Bookmark here

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bookmark here

While we fighting Hiroshi-san shouted,Bookmark here

"It's time to leave! Come on Kid!"Bookmark here

I saw that the flames have reached us, I quickly ran towards him.Bookmark here

I looked at Babu-san and said,Bookmark here

"You can go there first Babu-san, Leave these to me!"Bookmark here

Babu quickly made his way to Hiroshi.Bookmark here

I was still fighting with them, while fighting I slowly tried to get there.Bookmark here

The fire was getting closer. I had to get out of here as soon as possible.Bookmark here

Babu then shouted,Bookmark here

"Ryuu-Kun! You have to hurry!"Bookmark here

I ran towards them, holding my breath. But then suddenly I felt a cold touch on my feet.Bookmark here

They cathced up to me. They all jumped on me and blocked me from moving.Bookmark here

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