Chapter 23:

The Big Plan

Wolf Bloodline

We had made our preparations, we were getting ready to go. We visited Master Yix again to say goodbye to him. Master Yix smiled when he saw us and said,Bookmark here

"It was really nice of you to come and visit me. And I hope you slept well where I showed you."Bookmark here

"Actually we needed a place to sleep, so we are the ones who are grateful. Thanks again Master Yix."Bookmark here

"It was a pleasure for me. But I have to ask something, where are you going now?"Bookmark here

I forgot to look at the map for our next stop. I immediately took my map out of my bag and looked at where we should go for the next person.Bookmark here

After being silent for a short time, Hiroshi said,Bookmark here

"Hey, Kid! What's our next destination?"Bookmark here

"It does not appear in this kingdom."Bookmark here

Hiroshi said with a surprised expression, "What?"Bookmark here

"It appears in the second Kingdom."Bookmark here

There was no other person left in this Kingdom. We had to get to the second Kingdom to find the 5th person.Bookmark here

Lezlie looked at us and said,Bookmark here

"If so, we must cross the sea to reach the second Kingdom."Bookmark here

"It's not that easy. There are huge seas between the kingdoms. Also, even if we get to the ports, if the First Epic or elite soldiers catch us, we will be in a difficult situation."Bookmark here

Babu said, "Hiroshi-Kun is right. We don't have a choice in here."Bookmark here

They were right it was very hard for us to get there. But I had an idea on my mind....Bookmark here

"Then let's fight. If we're never going to get through there, we're going to have to fight, so let's fight."Bookmark here

Everyone looked at me surprised and some of them were scared,Bookmark here

"Are you crazy, Kid, there are three of us! Who knows how many of them there are? And we're still not strong enough."Bookmark here

"He is right Ryuu-Kun. If Master Yix couldn't beat him, we can't either."Bookmark here

"I know what I'm saying, but if we don't act now, we'll have an extra enemy in front of us in a situation where we're cornered later."Bookmark here

"I understand what you're saying, Kid, but we're talking about fighting against an army and an Epic."Bookmark here

Master Yix stood up,Bookmark here

"Ryuu is right if you go to the second Kingdom in this case. No doubt you will die. But here you have a chance to beat the First Epic."Bookmark here

Lezlie looked at Master Yix,Bookmark here

"Really? But, How is that possible?"Bookmark here

"Yes, a lineage lives among the mountains ahead, their name is the Cronus lineage, a lineage that has a lot of grudge against elite soldiers and epics because of the events they experienced in the past. And a very crowded lineage. If you can convince them. They will fight with you against the First Epic. I'm sure of it."Bookmark here

Hiroshi lit his cigar and said, "He is probably right. We need more people to beat him and this looks like this is our only chance."Bookmark here

"And also, If we consider the people we have encountered before, 2 out of 5 elite soldiers have been defeated. That leaves only 3 elite soldiers and one epic."Bookmark here

Master Yix said, "So you were the ones who beat them. It's impressive, but the people you beat are nothing compared to the strength of the first and second elite soldiers. When the two of them are together, they do not know what it is to be defeated. They always stay close to the First Epic. This is everything I know about them, but I know that they're very dangerous too. "Bookmark here

I said, "But Master Yix what about the First Epic? Do you know anything about him?"Bookmark here

"He's too strong to fight. In a fight, he carefully examines his opponent's moves. He's very adaptable to combat areas and very good at using his surroundings. Be very careful about this, If you try to fight him you might end up dying there."Bookmark here

I didn't know how strong he was, but if I were going to fight him I had to be the one who decides where to fight him.Bookmark here

"And also, Babu, if you want to complete your education on controlling your Ki, there will be a few more of my descendants in the second Kingdom. They'll give you the help you need."Bookmark here

Babu hugged Master Yix once more and said,Bookmark here

"I will be back again Master Yix. But I don't know how late it is going to be."Bookmark here

"Dont worry Babu, I'm trusting on you, you will find your way back home like you always do."Bookmark here

After our conversations with Master Yix, we got some information.Bookmark here

I was thinking about the information he gave. I know that we experienced such difficulties in previous events, but the journey ahead of us was going to be more challenging than any other.Bookmark here

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