Chapter 24:

The Path To The Mountain

Wolf Bloodline

We arrived at a town called Biro, east of the first Kingdom. Our goal was to convince the bloodline of Cronus to join our war. The place we were going to was quite far and we had to come to a town and buy a horse-drawn carriage.

They were searching for us everywhere, so we covered our faces with masks.

When we were walking, I remembered what my uncle once said, he said that the epic had almost as much authority as a king. Because of this, the Kings could not do anything because they were afraid of a great war. It wasn't fun to think about that but it was the truth.

We entered a restaurant to rest before finding ourselves a horse-drawn carriage.

I said, "Babu-san, When you spoke to Master Yix back there, I heard about Ki power. My uncle once told me about it, but I didn't learn much about it. Do you know anything about that? Also, I've heard that you were training about how to control Ki power, how much can you control it?"

"Which is the life energy of a person and a living being. Every living thing has Ki power inside them, but only the fi-sorfeice lineage or a very powerful individual can fully open and use their Ki."

"And about Ki control, I worked with my Master for a long time, but I never fully controlled my Ki."

"In order to control Ki, first of all, your mind must be completely empty, there must be no questions in your mind, and you must meditate for a long time. And if your willpower is strong, you may achieve what you want to achieve."

Lezlie joined our conversation and said,

"How is it to completely unlock Ki power?"

"If I can succeed, my strength increases ten times more than my current strength, and I can also heal a wounded or sick person whose wound is not excessively severe by touching them with my hand. But the bad part is, if I do what I say, I'll have to spend an incredible amount of life energy, which will make me overly tired and powerless, maybe worse. That's why only the best and the strongest can use all their Ki."

Since we were in a restaurant, we ordered food and started eating. Lezlie, Babu, and I were very hungry but Hiroshi-san didn't eat anything. He just looked around, he was getting ready for any kind of situation.

"We need a carriage to climb the mountain. But we don't know much about this place. That means we're going to waste much of our time finding the carriage."

Then Babu said, "That can be true, but since we know where to go it shouldn't be much of a problem."

Just then, a man stood up from the table behind us and approached us.

"Are you people planning on going to between the mountains?"

Babu said, "Yes, but why did you ask about it?"

"Nothing special, I just thought I can take you there, but why do you want to go there?"

"We have important business with the leader of the Cronus Bloodline."

"I understand, it will be really difficult for you to get there without a horse-drawn carriage. If you need anyone, I can take you there."

It was surprising but things like this happened to us a lot so we all got in the back of the carriage.

On the other hand Hiroshi-san, As always, was cautious. He was on his guard as if he was going to trick us or something. When we started to move he lit his cigar and said,

"I want to ask something."

The man said,

"Yes, of course."

"Why are you helping us? We just got here."

"It is not an appropriate move to do, I know. But I saw you guys trying to hide your faces. I understood that you guys are some wanted guys. But since you know about our lineage I thought you wouldn't some bad guys just walking around."

Hiroshi, "Our lineage? So you are one of those people."

"Yes, I am. That's why I wanted to help you guys. But I want to ask something too. Why do you people want to talk to the leader?"

"We have to talk about the first epic with him"

He looked at us with a serious expression,

"So that's why. Then I will absolutely help you on this."

He turned to the road and said,

"We will be there after 2 days, I will inform you when we get there."

Even if it seemed stupid to trust each other so quickly with people we didn't know, I didn't think it was a bad idea. He didn't look like he was going to attack us, and he seemed to know where he was going. We calmly waited behind the car, surrounded by a beautiful silence. But that beautiful silence ended with a scream.

The man turned to us and said,

"These are the looters! They're here to steal!"

Hiroshi said, "Hey! Keep driving, don't stop, we'll deal with them."

The driver quickly continued to drive the carriage, doing what Hiroshi said. The Marauders began to attack and shoot from all sides, and they were quite crowded. Hiroshi and Lezlie were firing spells and bullets at the looters on the horse from behind the carriage. A couple of marauders jumped on the carriage, but Babu climbed on the carriage and he began fighting with sworded and armed looters at the top.

And I went to the driver in front of the car. I punched the Marauder next to the driver and saved him. And then I punched the guy on the horse next to me and he fell off the horse. I jumped and kicked a Marauder on a horse. When the Marauder fell off his horse, I rode his horse. At when I was on it, I was punching and kicking the marauders and throwing them off their horses. Others fought in the same way, stopping the Marauders. When I was on a horse, I punched and kicked the marauders and dropped them from their horses.

Babu was throwing the people he beat on the horse cart at the looters on the horse. As I was riding the horse I found a rope in the horse's saddle pocket. The rope gave me an idea. I rode carefully, speeding ahead of everyone. I was too far away to be seen in their eyes.

I immediately threw the end of the rope so that it would wrap one branch of the tree, and I took the other end in my hand and went across the tree. I waited until the carriage passed, and when the carriage passed, I pulled the rope with all my might. And I stretched it with the road. The Marauders on the horse in front of us got stuck on the rope I was stretching and fell off the horse. When they all fell, I turned to the carriage with my horse and got back into the carriage.