Chapter 29:

Keeper's Power

Wolf Bloodline

As soon as I attacked the keeper, suddenly two people appeared to my right and left, holding me. These were his clones. They were pretty strong, and they wouldn't let me go. After a short effort, another keeper appeared in front of me.

He looked at me and said,

"Then you'll get what you want."

After he said that, he hit me hard in the stomach. The punch threw me out of the mine. I was feeling a huge pain in my stomach but just then before I landed, he jumped up next to me.

But that's when I came to my senses and started responding to his fists. I was trying to escape the blows and attack, but he could easily escape my punches. We were fighting in the air. Neither of us landing any blows until the guard copied himself, he copied another guard right under us on the ground.

The clone jumped up to me and hit me hard. I wasn't able to stop the punch, it was pretty fast, and I was fighting with the other guard so I couldn't stop it.

And when I lost my balance, the real Guard landed a powerful kick on me and threw me to the ground.

Because of the loud noise made by the fight, the creature suddenly opened its eyes and woke up.

Hiroshi and Babu got scared and began to move away from the creature, taking slow steps. Hiroshi turned his head to the others,

"Do not make any noise."

The creature growled frightfully. Lezlie looked at Hiroshi scared,

"Hiroshi-san, It seems that the Monster intends to attack us."

"I know, but if we run, this giant thing will catch us before we blink an eye."

"But if we wait any longer, there is a possibility we can die here."

When the creature finished its growl, it quickly ran towards Hiroshi and the others. Hiroshi fired at the ceiling, dropping the giant rock from the ceiling on the creature's head.

Then he shouted,


Everyone started running away with all their speed. But when the creature came to its senses, it began to chase them, making a strong roar.

The giant creature was chasing Hiroshi and the others through the mines. And I was at the outside of the mine facing a guard.

After a brief silence, we began to fight again. Our hands got locked together and we started pushing each other. Immediately after that, a guard came out from under us and punched me, and broke the lock. But I kept attacking. I gave the copy a spinning kick, and it just disappeared. But the real guard continued to attack.

I was blocking attacks with my elbows and palms. After his punches, he formed a clone again, The Clone hit me with his left shoulder. And I glided back involuntarily.

The copies were as strong and fast as the keeper himself. In addition, the guard was able to create copies in an incredibly short time. That made my job very difficult.

The guard retreated and ran towards me to attack again. This time I waited, my goal was not to attack until he pulled out the Clone. When the guard approached me, he pulled out a clone, just like I thought. But this time it wasn't a single clone, four clones came out to surround me. Two from the air, two from the ground. Just as they were going to attack, I threw myself back and ran away when they were going to squeeze me. But they kept coming.

I fought four to one. I hit one, and then another one came. I had to defend and hit, but it was pretty hard. I almost couldn't find any weak points of them. The clones were doing great teamwork. I took a lot of punches when I dropped my guard, but I still kept resisting and fighting.

I was like this till one of the Clones was tried to hit me, I leaned as hard as I could and hit him hard in the stomach. I destroyed one of the Clones at that moment.

But there were still three of them. One of them was the real one. I was trying to figure out who the real one was by watching his movements. But his movements were so similar to his clones that made it almost impossible to understand which one he was.

Then I got an idea. The best way to understand that was to watch their defense. If I hit any clone, the Clones wouldn't guard themselves. But when I hit the real one, its clones would defend him. I tried to hit someone by using this tactic, but they didn't defend themselves.

The Clone I punched wasn't the real one. Right after that, I tried to hit the one in the middle of the Clones, and just as I thought, the clones got in front of the keeper. I jumped into the keeper with taking power from the ground.

When I hit the Clones, the Clones disappeared. Then I grabbed the guard's waist and jumped down with him. But it didn't do him much harm. We immediately stood up and kept fighting. I grabbed his fist and got behind him and then kicked him. The guard blocked the kick and returned to me and threw a punch.

I blocked the punch and hit him hard in the jaw. Thanks to my punch, he flew a little in the air. But he managed to hold me in the air, and he hit me in the face with his knee. I did the same, hitting him in the stomach with my elbow. He punched me again. Then I hit him with my head.

Our fight continued, neither of us had any intention of losing.

Hiroshi and the others were still running from the creature. As they escape, Hiroshi turned to the prisoner and said,

"Is there any way to make the creature lose track of us?"

"From here, there will be two roads separated, but one does not come out, and the other goes to the soldiers."

"What are we going to do, Hiroshi-san?"

"We'll split up, Lezlie, and you'll come with me to the path that has no exits. Babu and the prisoner will use the other way that goes to soldiers."

The prisoner looked at Hiroshi confused,

"Are you crazy? Almost all the soldiers are there, they will attack as soon as we enter."

"If you guys can start a rebellion, nothing of those will happen."

"But the totem is still at the guard, what if the totem kills us?"

"He can't, his current goal is to defeat that Ryuu, and I don't think the Kid will give up easily."

Eventually, they came to two crossroads. The prisoner said,

"Hey, how do you know this is gonna work?"

"If our plan doesn't work, we'll leave some of our work to chance."


"Do you have any better idea?"

*sigh* "Alright but don't forget, be quick as you can."

After they talked, they got separated and gone their ways.


As they were running Lezlie turned to Hiroshi and said,

"So what are we supposed to do, Hiroshi-san?"

"We're going to keep the attention of the beast on us right now. But when the time comes, we'll take this thing down."