Chapter 28:

The Entrance At The Pipes

Wolf Bloodline

Together with the prisoner who helped me, we were looking for a way to open the doors to their pipes.

Together we went deep into the mine. After running for a while, we reached the depths of the mine. It was darker and wetter than the other areas we were in. The prisoner told me that the soldiers were not on guard in this area because there was only one entrance here,

In short, only the entrance area was on guard. In addition, many of the soldiers inside were distracted by the commotion caused by the prisoner.

That made our job pretty easy. But the prisoner was still very cautious and slow, he led the way but he was still checking out if there was someone.

I said to him quietly,

"When do the soldiers come back here?"

"In half an hour, but if we do this quickly, we can do what we want before they get here."

"Alright, but let me ask you something if you know where these pipes are, why didn't you run away?"

"If you can't escape these pipes with so many people, we'll be caught very quickly. But that's not the only problem, the problem is the guard, no matter who gets out of the prisoners. Somehow he knows. I guess it is because of a spell in the chains, I'm not sure, but as soon as we get out, we suffer the punishments of the keeper."

"No one escaped from here?"

"Only one person was able to escape, but he was not of our bloodline. It was too fast for the keeper to catch. People here called him Trev. The wrath of the loop, Trev."

"Oooh, I see, he's got a really impressive story."

"Anyway, Do you really think your friends will come?"

"I am pretty sure they will. We just have to wait patiently."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Let's call it instinct."

As we were running, he suddenly stopped,

"Here we are, The Pipes."

"Okay, but how do we open the doors?"

"Get in the right corner, lower the lever when I give the signal."

As he said, I got in the right corner and started to wait in front of the lever. He turned his head to me and said,

"The levers need to be pulled at the same time, so when I say three, we open them."

"Got it."

"One, two, three!"

As he said three, we pulled the levers at the same time, and the entrance to the pipes opened slowly. Three people appeared from the dark side of the pipes. Ryuu and the others arrived just in time.


When we got to Babu, he had a prisoner with him. It was as if he was working with the prisoner. Babu looked at us and said,

"Ryuu-Kun, The Soldiers will be here any minute, so we have to be fast."

"We have to go to the guard's room to open the handcuffs. Did you find out where it was?"

The prisoner approached us and said,

"You don't need to know that, I know where the room is."

Lezlie said,

"Is there any chance you can take us there?"

"Yes, but we have to be careful, even if the guard is not in the room, the creature usually wanders around the room."

Hiroshi said, "It's ok. Let's start moving, we don't have time to lose."

When we finished talking, we started following the prisoner. As we ran, we heard a few soldiers approaching us. After that, everyone hid somewhere.

So I quickly jumped up to the ceiling. I hung by holding the stones in the ceiling. The soldiers slowly went by walking under me. I let myself go when they turned their back. I quickly knocked them out.

Hiroshi looked at me and said,

"You could have waited for them to pass."

I said smiling,

"You're right, but it's more fun this way."

We managed to get to the room after walking quietly for a short time. But we had a big problem. The predatory creature, which looked like a giant dog, was laying in front of the door.

Hiroshi said what to do with hand signals without making a sound.

He told Lezlie and the prisoner to stay here. And he asked me and Babu to follow him.

We did what he said and followed him. As we were passing the creature, we were also incredibly close to it. I was able to smell the creature's breath.

Hiroshi told Babu to lift the creature with him, so we could get through the door.

Babu at first was kinda scared and it was pretty dangerous, But he knew if Hiroshi told him to do it, he definitely knew he had something on his mind.

Babu and Hiroshi managed to lift the creature a little. Right after that, Hiroshi signaled me to go under it with his head. I then jumped under the creature and began to crawl towards the door of the room.

For a moment, when the creature growled, I thought it was up. but fortunately, the creature didn't wake up. I crawled to the door and went in. There was only one seat inside.

There was also a bed, except for the chair. I couldn't tell if it was the right room because it was like a holding room. I was looking around for a totem to break the spell so I could free the prisoners from the chain.

And I knew If the chains of all the prisoners in this mine were magical, the spells were probably written on a totem too.

Because totems are generally an item to used to keep spells intact. If you put the seal symbol on any object, after you cast the spell, spells can't be broken until the seal is broken.

Because of this, I thought there was probably a totem. At that moment, I saw a written totem on the floor, Just as I expected. As I made my way to the totem, a sound came from the shadows of the room.

"You shouldn't be here."

I got scared and jumped back,

"Who's there! Who are you?"

He slowly got closer to the light, revealing himself,

"I'm not an important person, I'm just a keeper here."

I said, "So you're the dangerous person they're talking about."

"For me, danger tests power. It shows how strong a person is. Now tell me, are you strong enough?"

"I don't know, It's time to learn that."