Chapter 31:

The Rebellion

Wolf Bloodline

The prisoner and I were continuing to move towards the sound room. As we ran, some soldiers suddenly appeared in front of us. There was no point in hiding anymore.Bookmark here

So we decided to attack. My fellow prisoner standing next to me fought well too. We tried our best to defeat them and we did.Bookmark here

Then he pointed to the sound room,Bookmark here

"The sound room is right in front of us. We control the speakers there."Bookmark here

"Got it. But it is full of soldiers we have to be careful."Bookmark here

"We have to take them all down. You have to earn me some time to talk to the prisoners."Bookmark here

When I saw the rails and the little wagon in front of me, I turned my head to The Prisoner,Bookmark here

"Okay, I'm gonna save you time. I'll draw attention to myself, and you do what you have to do."Bookmark here

He nodded with his head and left. I then jumped on the little wagon. I took a deep breath,Bookmark here

"Here we go."Bookmark here

After I said that, I pulled the break. Because the wagon was on the hill, it quickly began to descend.Bookmark here

My goal was to hit all the soldiers standing in front of the rail ahead and draw attention to me. The wagon was getting faster and faster. But I had to be as careful as possible. And I had to earn some time for the prisoner. As I approached the soldiers, I noticed that the soldiers were much crowded than I thought. When the soldiers saw me, ray tried to withdraw. A few of them tried to stop me. But they didn't make it in time, and I went right in the middle of them in the wagon.Bookmark here

Thanks to the wagon, I managed to overthrow ten or fifteen soldiers.Bookmark here

But again, they were quite crowded. Almost all of the soldiers were here. And when the wagon stopped, I immediately threw myself out and started fighting without losing time. The chain they tied me to made it difficult for me to fight, but then I got used to the chain and continued to fight using it. I've already had knocked down a few before they know what happened.Bookmark here

Soon the soldiers were all focused on me. They tried to attack me with iron sticks in their hands. I wrapped a soldier around his neck with chains, then threw them at the other soldiers. As one of the soldiers was going to attack me with a stick, I avoided the attack and hit his stick with my palm and the stick fell apart.Bookmark here

They didn't think I could break this, but life is full of surprises my friend. I threw an elbow in his face, then hit him in the stomach, throwing him backward.Bookmark here

As I threw the soldier backward, I jumped into the air and kicked him hard to the ground. With this action, I neutralized some soldiers under him. When I landed, I kept fighting breathlessly.Bookmark here

After some time, the soldiers didn't want to fight because they looked afraid, they were watching me in the corner of the mine. I got much faster, second by second.Bookmark here

I got hit by a stick to the head from a place I didn't see. I grabbed the soldier who hit me by the throat and threw him into a corner. And then I ran a little and jumped again. In the air, I threw my hat at the soldiers. The soldiers saw that my hat cut the ıron sticks, and they started throwing themselves around. And I used the opportunity to run to the soldiers who were separated from the right and left, knocking them down with chains tied to my hands.Bookmark here

I've knocked down a lot of soldiers.Bookmark here

Then I jumped in the air again, this time to get my hat back. I grabbed my hat in the air and put it back on my head. The fight left me gasping for air. The soldiers were almost endless.Bookmark here

I was losing energy, but that's when I heard a noise.Bookmark here

The sound of the prisoner was spreading all over the mine. I knew it was him. He did it. When the soldiers heard him talking to the speakers, they stopped attacking and me and made their way to the sound room.Bookmark here

I tried to buy the time he needed. I was believing in him. He had to do this.Bookmark here

Then I heard him say,Bookmark here

"Everyone out there, listen to me! I am Xolis, someone you know who has been imprisoned here for many years with most of you. I am here today to tell everyone something, I'm here to end something. Our suffering and pain will end here today.Bookmark here

All I'm asking you to do is work with the people who came to save us and help them start this rebellion. You all had been waiting for this moment for a long time. So get up on your feet and do what you can!"Bookmark here

His speech probably made prisoners angry enough. I was going to catch up to him but some soldiers blocked my way. I thought I had to fight again, but I heard many footsteps. So many prisoners were running in my direction. They started to attack the soldiers. I used that as an advantage and ran away from there.Bookmark here

The prisoners shouted,Bookmark here

"They deserve the feel the pain that we have felt! Give them a lesson!"Bookmark here

The prisoners were incessantly attacking the soldiers. They were prepared to do anything for their freedom. After that, I sat in a safe place to rest for a short time. That's when the prisoner who helped me came to me. He looked at me and slowly approached.Bookmark here

"I've been dreaming about this for years, and now my dream has come true. But it's a shame I can't live all of it."Bookmark here

He laid beside me, he was smiling but I didn't understand what he had said.Bookmark here

I said with an anxious tone, "What are you talking about."Bookmark here

He moved his hand from his stomach. He was stabbed, and he was bleeding pretty badly.Bookmark here

My brain went numb. I quickly went up to him,Bookmark here

"No, no, no! Xolis-san, hold on a little more. I can heal you, please stick with me a little more!"Bookmark here

"It's too late for me, and we both know it. So please, I'm asking you one more favor."Bookmark here

He pulled a letter out of his pocket,Bookmark here

"Please give this to my wife and children. Tell them I'm sorry I couldn't come to dinner."Bookmark here

I slowly took the letter from him.Bookmark here

"Thank you, Babu."Bookmark here

"Why?"Bookmark here

"For saving us."Bookmark here

Xolis closed his eyes and died in my hands. It was one of those lives I couldn't save.Bookmark here

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