Chapter 32:

The Loss Of The Creature

Wolf Bloodline

Hiroshi-san and I were at a dead end to stop the creature. Everything was ready, waiting for the creature to arrive. Hiroshi-san was planning to trap the creature here by exploding the entrance.Bookmark here

But it was quite dangerous for the whole mine and for us. We briefly searched around to find another solution. Then Hiroshi-san found a chain and said he had another plan in mind.Bookmark here

My part of the plan was to blunt the monster for a little while when it arrived at the dead end. I was believing that Hiroshi-san's carefully crafted plan was going to work.Bookmark here

And Hiroshi-san was going to tie the chain to the creature when I used the blunting spell.Bookmark here

The other end of the chain was going to be connected to the most intact part of the mine. That way, the creature could neither get out nor attack us or others. Hiroshi-san and I were sure about our plan. All we had to do was wait quietly.Bookmark here

I immediately got behind a big rock and started hiding. Hiroshi-san was hiding behind two rocks a little further. We were sure the creature was on this path. Because we could hear it growling from where we were hiding. I saw it approaching with slow steps.Bookmark here

When the creature came to a dead-end, it saw that there was no way to go. The creature started to sniff around. When it was sniffing around, Hiroshi-san made a sign to me. It was the sign for me to use my spell. It was difficult to stay calm, but I remained silent and planned out what I was going to do.Bookmark here

I quickly got out from where I was hiding and used my spell.Bookmark here

But for some reason, I couldn't use my magic. The creature was snarling towards me. I was in great fear, frozen in front of the creature. I didn't know what I would do. I closed my eyes. But nothing happened. I opened my eyes again, to see Hiroshi-san holding the monster's mouth wide open.Bookmark here

Hiroshi-san turned to me and said,Bookmark here


"But Hiroshi-san, what will you do?"Bookmark here

"GO, DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME!"Bookmark here

I didn't want to leave Hiroshi-san behind, but I didn't want to be a burden to him. By doing what he said, I ran away. I was scared that Hiroshi-san was going to get eaten. I was in a big panic, but I searched for some solution. At that moment, I saw a pickaxe lying on the floor. I grabbed it and hit the monster's feet with it.Bookmark here

The creature's legs were more sensitive than its torso. When I hit the creature's foot with a pickaxe, it got very angry and turned its head to me. Just then, Hiroshi-san set fire the dynamite he found in the mine and threw it into the creature's mouth. As the dynamite explodes in the creature's mouth, Hiroshi-san ran,Bookmark here

"Follow me, hurry up!"Bookmark here

Although dynamite exploded in the creature's mouth, the creature did not suffer much damage. But it got much much angrier. We ran away from the creature as fast as we can. But it pretty fast and it was catching up to us. Hiroshi-san then pushed me towards a narrow hole. The creature tried to bite me but it was quite small for its head.Bookmark here

I was horrified but then we both heard a whistle. Then the creature followed the whistle noise and left me there. I knew it was Hiroshi-san trying the draw the creature's attention.Bookmark here

Hiroshi-san was in danger again and I had to something. I searched around me again and founded a wooden safe. I quickly opened it. It was full of dynamite. And that gave me an idea.Bookmark here

But I needed Hiroshi-san's help. After I pulled the safe out of the hole, I moved quietly, looking around. There was no Hiroshi-san or the creature. I had to find him quickly.Bookmark here

I searched around for a bit until I saw Hiroshi-san running towards me.Bookmark here

"We must return to the pit. it's dangerous here, the creature could be back any minute."Bookmark here

"Hiroshi-san, When you and I got separated, I came up with a plan, but I need your help."Bookmark here

"What are you talking about?"Bookmark here

I showed the safe that I found to him, and said,Bookmark here

"I found a safe full of dynamite while you were gone. If we can use them, maybe we can neutralize the monster."Bookmark here

"These are things that will really help us."Bookmark here

He then lit his cigar and looked at me,Bookmark here

"Well then, let's use the plan on your mind."Bookmark here

He tied the chain he found to me and put the dynamite box behind me. After putting the dynamite, he went behind the stones, shot at the Stones once with his gun, for the creature to find us. The creature soon came to me, hearing the sound.Bookmark here

The monster was furious, It had been chasing us for a long time.Bookmark here

I was afraid, but I was still waiting. The creature soon started running at me like a maniac. It opened his mouth while it was running, and just as he was about to bite me, Hiroshi pulled my chain. The creature ate a full case of Dynamite instead of me. Everything felt so slow at that moment. I saw Hiroshi-san's cigar between the dynamites.Bookmark here

All of a sudden, a lot of dynamite exploded in the creature's stomach. After the explosion, the creature was knocked down directly. Hiroshi-san approached me and said,Bookmark here

"Hey, are you alright?"Bookmark here

"I'm fine, thank you."Bookmark here

"You did a good job there. Congratulations."Bookmark here

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