Chapter 33:

The Fall Of The Keeper

Wolf Bloodline

I've faced over fifty clones. Punches and kicks were coming from everywhere. And the guard was just watching me fight. He was walking around slowly like he was going to attack me. I couldn't pay attention to him because it was so crowded. As the clones began to attack faster and faster, I began to take harder punches.Bookmark here

One of the Clones kicked me in the stomach, throwing me back, then another clone hit me in the jaw with his elbow. At that moment, the guard took this opportunity and leaped towards me, and threw a powerful punch to my stomach. That made me fall down on my knees. Guard put his hand on my face, and said,Bookmark here

"Everything you did was just a waste of time, and you still kept trying. You know what you did had no effect, right?"Bookmark here

"Saving a life is never something that has no effect, only you will never understand it. You can try to stop me, but I will not stop!"Bookmark here

I bit the guardian's hand, then he pulled his hand off me. I took a reverse somersault with one foot and hit the guard with the other foot. But he became invisible again when he flew among his clones.Bookmark here

After my kick, the clones were focused on attacking me again.Bookmark here

I was thinking about how I was going to deal with the clones, but when I saw a big iron bar on the floor, I decided to change the plan in my mind.Bookmark here

I couldn't get the guard where I wanted to, so I'd shoot him where he was. I took the iron bar and escaped among the Clones. I dodged them by doing it right and left and jumping over them. Then, jumping quite high, I lifted the iron bar in my hand into the air and waited for the Lightning to hit the bar. When I heard the sound of lightning, I threw the stick into the middle of the Clones.Bookmark here

As I thought, Lightning went after the iron bar and landed on all of the clones and the guard. All the clones disappeared under the influence of lightning. The guard was left alone on the floor.Bookmark here

I went down, aiming my foot at him. He seemed powerless after he ate the Lightning.Bookmark here

I landed a very powerful kick on him when landed. I thought this would finish him but he got up again. Even though he got up, I attacked him nonstop, throwing my fists in his face many times over and over.Bookmark here

Then I turned around myself and punched him. Then I jumped again and landed a spinning kick. The guard couldn't understand what was going on. But I kept hitting.Bookmark here

I took his breath away by hitting him hard in the throat. Then I kicked him in the left knee and dropped him to his knees. He looked at me on his knees, gasping for breath,Bookmark here

"You may have won the fight, but you won't win the war!"Bookmark here

"How do you know we'll fight?"Bookmark here

"Why else would you want to save these people?"Bookmark here

"We save these people, for freedom, so that they do not die here. Not for nothing for more."Bookmark here

"You can't even lie to yourself. You'll only use people here as pawns in battle. That's why you and your friends are here."Bookmark here

"No, you're wrong."Bookmark here

"So why are you here, warrior?"Bookmark here

"I'm here because everyone has the right to live freely, I can't force anyone to fight, but I can get them out of here and give them a chance to choose what to do."Bookmark here

"A chance? No one can live the fate they want kid, like everyone else, you will see in time. No one was here of their own free will, not even me."Bookmark here

The brightness in the keeper's eyes went out. After that, the guard slowly fell to the ground. And as he fell to the ground, the totem disappeared, the rain stopped, and the sun began to rise from behind the mountains.Bookmark here

Along with the sun, the prisoners came out of the cave entrance. The prisoners looked at the sun with admiration. They were happy to be out again.Bookmark here

Finally, Hiroshi, Lezlie, and Babu emerged from the cave. Babu had someone in his arms. He seemed very upset. When I got a little closer, I saw that the person in Babu's arms was the prisoner who helped us.Bookmark here

All the prisoners were shocked when they saw him. Everyone seemed to know him. Their brief joy turned to sadness.Bookmark here

The prisoners took the man who helped us out of Babu's hands.Bookmark here

They buried him in a beautiful place. I wanted to say something, but I didn't know what to say.Bookmark here

We went to the rendezvous point, got into the horse-drawn carriages that were waiting for us, and made our way to the nest of the bloodline of Cronus. Babu was very quiet and sad about the death of our prisoner friend. I could easily tell by his expression that he was upset.Bookmark here

When we arrived at the nest of the Cronus lineage, everyone in the castle excitedly went out and hugged their relatives, whom they had not seen in years. And the people we saved, couldn't help themselves, they hugged the people they missed too. The leader came to us with a happy expression.Bookmark here

"I am grateful, my people have become whole again. I want all of you to join me tonight to thank you all."Bookmark here

I didn't how I was going to explain this to him but I had to say something.Bookmark here

"Thank you, but we couldn't save everyone."Bookmark here

"What do you mean?"Bookmark here

Babu said,Bookmark here

"One of the prisoners, Xolis, sacrificed himself to save everyone."Bookmark here

The leader's expression turned into a horrified one,Bookmark here

"I want to see him, I want to see if he's him."Bookmark here

An elderly prisoner approached the leader with a sad expression,Bookmark here

"Leader, we were the ones who buried him, and he was Xolis for sure. He sacrificed himself to save us."Bookmark here

"The blood of Xolis will not remain on the ground. whoever did this to him, whoever gave this order, I will kill them all without mercy."Bookmark here

Then he left there,Bookmark here

I asked the prisoner why he was this sad, he said,Bookmark here

"Xolis, is the brother of the leader. They had an incredible bond, they would do everything together. But they had to leave each other because of our prisoner situation. It made him incredibly sad to hear his brother's death."Bookmark here

All of us were so surprised, I didn't think it would be the leader's brother.Bookmark here

We all stood there surprised, thinking about our situation.Bookmark here

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