Chapter 51:

Glory Of The Hope Seekers

Wolf Bloodline

We've all seen the end of the Battle of Ryuu and The First Epic. When the epic was knocked down, the soldiers we fought, the monsters, all the surviving troops began to retreat. The war was over for everyone. Soldiers shouted joyfully,Bookmark here

"They're Retreating!", "We won!", "Finally It's over!"Bookmark here

As the soldiers rejoiced, I ran to Ryuu-San. He was covered in blood, but somehow the wounds on his body were slowly closing. When I checked his pulse, his pulse was normalizing, I could hear him breathing. Soon after, Hiroshi, Babu, and The King also arrived. Babu bent over and took care of Ryuu. I turned my head to Babu,Bookmark here

"His body has the ability to heal itself in an abnormal way. Babu-San, how is this possible?"Bookmark here

"I don't know. I've never seen anything like it. His wounds have closed themselves, and his organs seem to be fine."Bookmark here

The King, barely walking, approached us,Bookmark here

"Because of his bloodline, he was able to last so long in the fight. From his eyes and the fact that he can heal his wounds, he must have opened the "claw of brutality." "Bookmark here

"The claw of brutality......"Bookmark here

"The claw of brutality is the second pure power of The Wolf bloodline. It happens when he loses a lot of blood. It's a very dangerous power."Bookmark here

"Why is it so dangerous?"Bookmark here

"He fought an epic alone, that's enough evidence. But if an explanation needs to be made, in extreme blood loss, if he does not have enough body control, whoever is in front of him, he will attack without mercy. But when he wakes up, he'll be back to normal, I'm sure of it.Bookmark here

For now, let's go back to the Kingdom and celebrate the war we won."Bookmark here

We were learning a new power of Ryuu, but we couldn't do anything at that moment. As the King said, We put Ryuu safely in a horse-drawn carriage. After the king invited the bloodline of Cronus to the kingdom to celebrate, we all made our way to the kingdom.Bookmark here

When we arrived in the kingdom, the people greeted us with enthusiasm and applause. We were heroes in everyone's eyes.Bookmark here

It was really nice to see people happy, but I was still thinking about Ryuu-San. What kind of battle he fought with Epic. And If he was awake he would probably love this scene. He always talked about how great being a hero is. I guess I can understand now.Bookmark here

The King entertained us in his palace and gave us a great feast. The banquet table built by the King was the largest table I had ever seen. There were almost fifty seats at the table. Most of them were singing, laughing, having fun.Bookmark here

Ryuu was taken to the infirmary. Hiroshi and Babu were enjoying the feast. Especially, Babu, he was so happy to eat, tears were coming from his eyes. And I sat and looked at them. I was happy, I hadn't had such a beautiful moment in a long time, but I wasn't sad. Soon The King and leader began to sing shoulder to shoulder, with cups in their hands.Bookmark here

Other people at the table applauded, giving the tempo to the king and leader's song.Bookmark here

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bookmark here

At that time, In an unknown place of The Fifth Kingdom,Bookmark here

Among the shadows, a man sitting on the throne looked at Miron and said,Bookmark here

"I've taught you a billion times, but you're still not good enough. And I thought you'd be good at tracking.Bookmark here

"Forgive me Master for not learning about this before."Bookmark here

"Silence! You've let me down enough. The First Epic is defeated. It's unclear how, but I'm sure the person who did it will come here."Bookmark here

"... , he did this. he must have done it. I'm sure that boy is a descendant of wolves, sir, let me return to the first Kingdom and bring you that boy's head."Bookmark here

"I understand your hatred of the Wolf bloodline, my student. but everything has a time. You'll meet them very soon, make sure of that. Do what I've given you for now and return to the third Kingdom.Bookmark here

"As you wish, sir."Bookmark here

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bookmark here

I wanted to go to Ryuu-San and look at his condition.Bookmark here

When I got to the infirmary, I saw Hiroshi. He was by the window smoking out his cigar. I approached him,Bookmark here

"Hiroshi-San, how are you?"Bookmark here

"I'm fine, but I ate a little too much because of our panda."Bookmark here

"Where is Babu-San?"Bookmark here

"After the tenth plate, he couldn't stand it and fell asleep."Bookmark here

Hiroshi turned his head to Ryuu,Bookmark here

"At first, he asked me for help, as if he were joking. Then he said he could help me to get my gun back. I thought he was crazy, but this Kid really has true power in him. And he doesn't look like he's going to give up his idea. It's really crazy that we're going on an adventure like this with just a little help."Bookmark here

"Although it is full of difficulties, I think what Ryuu-San is doing is the right thing. He helps so many people. Even if their hopes are lost, he catches up with them in time and helps them in all circumstances. I guess that's why I always want to help Ryuu-San.Bookmark here

Ryuu-San helped a lot of people but caused us to help too. You Hiroshi-San, Me, Babu-San everyone helped somebody. He gave us the idea, the want to save a person, the want to protect."Bookmark here

"Yeah, we did a lot of stuff. I don't know if somebody would be proud of me, but Pandas master would be proud of him, and your mom would be proud of you."Bookmark here

"I know, she always been nice to me."Bookmark here

I looked at the stars and said,Bookmark here

"Today was her birthday."Bookmark here

"Trust me, Kid, Seeing you this healthy would be the present to your mother. She would be happy just to see you like this."Bookmark here

I looked out again, thought how we would celebrate it if she was here.Bookmark here

"Happy Birthday, Mother."Bookmark here

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