Chapter 50:

Ryuu Vs. The First Epic

Wolf Bloodline

Although I couldn't fully control my body, I got in front of the king and managed to save him. My body was still not fully in control, but somehow it did exactly what I wanted. When I blocked the attack of the epic, my body was completely out of control again.

I was pushing myself to make it not happen, but it was very difficult. Epic looked at me,

"Oooh, Miron was right, you're really a wolf. Too bad that happened. Now I have to hand you over to Miron. But I was dying to kill you."

"Where did you learn that?"

"Only a wolf descendant can change the color of the eye in various ways. And a change in eye color can only be done with the power of the claw of brutality."

"I don't need these to beat you."

"Look at you, you can barely control yourself. And you're still dying to fight. All right, have it your way."

After his words, I completely lost control of my body and began to attack. I was faster and stronger than I usually was. But Epic was able to block my attacks. He could run from my fists or block them. When I tried to hit him on the head, he leaned to the right and locked my hand with his hand, and then pulled me to himself and punched me in the stomach.

After a slight bend, I turned and punched him. After he got punched, he did a reverse somersault and jumped towards me. I escaped from his fist by jumping back. I kicked Epic right and left with both feet. Epic grabbed my foot and threw me into the air. Then he used his purple spell against me. I tried to protect myself from the magic fire by combining both arms.

When I landed on the ground, the First Epic continued to use his spells against me. I was running right, left, trying to escape the spells. I took the rock in front of me and threw it directly at him. when he smashed the stone with his magic, I immediately appeared from behind the stone and punched him in the head. Then I punched him in the stomach, and when he bent his back because of the punch, I joined both hands and hit him on the back with all my power.

With his arms pressed to the ground, the epic survived being knocked to the ground. then he turned around face down and kicked me. As I stepped back, he put his hands on my stomach, just like he did with the King. as he ignited his magic, I held Epic by his wrists and pushed him back, and then threw a head at him. It didn't hurt his head, so he threw a head at me too. When we faced each other, we locked our hands together again and pushed each other.

The Epic looked at me,

"A taste of the true power of the Wolf bloodline is a really different kind of feeling. Come on, Kid, Show me all your strength."

We were pushing our feet very hard on the ground. We were both pushing each other with all our might. Because of the force we applied, the earth below us began to collapse. The ground began to spread cracks all over the battlefield. The battle was contentious, it was neutral until he reused his spell. My hands were badly burned by his magic. When I pulled my hands back, he hit me in the head with his knee. And then he punched me until he took my breath away. He threw me pretty far back with his last punch.

I've been trying to stand up. In the First Epic, he was approaching me with slow steps. If it went this way, I would have lost the war. There was only one thing left to do, and it was to completely let go of my control and turn into a monster I never knew about.

The First Epic was getting closer and closer. I had no other choice. I cut my stomach by taking a knife that was on the floor. So my blood began to flow,

"Hey Kid, you are ruining the show."

My power was fully awakened. I involuntarily dropped the knife in my hand. I couldn't control my body in any way anymore. When Epic approached me, I stood up

"Whatever, I will still have fun beating you to death."

I grabbed him by the throat and knocked him down.

Even Epic didn't understand what it was. I kept punching him on the floor. He used his magic to shoot me in the head. and he managed to get off the ground. But I chased him, grabbed him by the arm, pulled him to me, hit him hard in the stomach with my knee. My body was even faster than before, and it was attacking mercilessly. It was just like I attacked the first elite soldier, but I felt stronger.

Epic was waving his fists at me, but I was easily dodging his fists. I hit him hard in the throat, dodging the last punch he threw. When he was out of breath, I hit him in the head with my elbow. As I was about to punch, he tried to block my fist by putting his arms in front of him, but I hit him so hard that the fist went through his arms and hit him in the stomach.

After the punch, he got angry and ran towards me. He punched me in the stomach with all his might. But I grabbed him by the wrist and threw him backward. As he flew back, I instantly appeared next to him. When he was going to kick me, I turned around and stopped him from kicking me, and I hit him with the inside of my hand. He collapsed on the ground, gasping for breath.

He looked at me with a deep hatred.

He jumped into the air with all his might. He put his hands together, and soon, with his hands apart, pointed at me and fired his spell. The spell that came was unlike any before. The energy of the spell was very different, very powerful as if it were a spell fired with all its energy. Getting caught in this spell could be the end of me. But for some reason, my body wasn't running away from the huge spell that came, but rather was waiting.

The spell was getting closer and closer, and I knew I had no escape.

When the spell came near me, my body suddenly began to roar very strongly. The waves emanating from the roar blocked the spell, although the First Epic fired all its magic, I was not impressed by the spell thanks to the roar. It was like the howl of a wolf.

As soon as the spell ignited by his first epic was over, I appeared next to him and pierced his chest with my arm. After this blow, he couldn't do anything, he slowly closed his eyes and fell to the ground.

Ace Axel