Chapter 55:

Being Aware Of The Danger

Wolf Bloodline

I opened my eyes again in the infirmary. It was becoming normal for me now. When I looked around, there was no one, the environment was quite calm and peaceful. I didn't feel any pain in my wounds either. I got up comfortably, came out of the infirmary wearing something. And I started looking for the others.Bookmark here

When I arrived in the throne room of the Castle, The King, the Leader, my friends, and a few soldiers were in the room. When I entered the room, The King turned his head to me,Bookmark here

Everyone in the room clapped, looked at me with proud eyes.Bookmark here

"Ryuu. Thank you for what you have done. We can't thank you and your friends enough. What you have done will never be forgotten, and what you and our soldiers have done will be told to our grandchildren and your grandchildren. We are honored to take side with you in the war."Bookmark here

I said with a smile, "The honor belongs to us."Bookmark here

"I've heard from your friends that you want to go to the second Kingdom. It's really nice of you to want to accomplish what you've done here, there. Even I want to help you on this journey and support you, I can't do it. But I can arrange a ship in return for the favors you've done. It'll get you there as fast as It can."Bookmark here

"A ship sounds really good. To be honest, that would be really helpful."Bookmark here

"And your secret about you will remain here safely and continue until the grave. A King never breaks his word. Now go and have fun with your friends. It's important to strengthen the bonds between you and your friends if you are willing to take them on a risky adventure."Bookmark here

"Thank you, Sir, for keeping it a secret."Bookmark here

"And also, please come to my room after you're done. I have some very important things to discuss with you."Bookmark here

"Understood."Bookmark here

I left there and went where my friends were. They got very happy after they saw me. They immediately ran towards me,Bookmark here

"Ryuu-San! I'm glad that you're okay."Bookmark here

"Yeah, Lezlie's right, if this goes on, I'll have a heart attack without anything happening to you."Bookmark here

"Thank you for thinking of me, but I'm fine."Bookmark here

Hiroshi slowly approached behind me,Bookmark here

"These are things that we will experience in such adventures, calm down."Bookmark here

He then said,Bookmark here

"But you're still full of mysteries, Kid. It's good for all of us that you came back alive."Bookmark here

"Thank You, Hiroshi-San. And thank you for helping me."Bookmark here

Then I said, "I think we deserve some rest. What do you say should we go eat?"Bookmark here

"That sounds great." said Babu.Bookmark here

We sat at the table and started eating. I didn't know how many days I was sleeping, but I was very hungry, I ate a lot, maybe I ate more than Babu because he was upset that dinner ended early.Bookmark here

After dinner, Babu looked at me and said,Bookmark here

"How are your wounds, Ryuu-Kun? Do they still hurt?Bookmark here

"No, I'm fine. And if anything bad happens, you're with us."Bookmark here

"It's really amazing. If you were a Normal person, unfortunately, you might already be dead. But somehow your body was able to regenerate its cells. And that's pretty incredible."Bookmark here

"Because of my bloodline. Even though the powers I had were dangerous, they protected me."Bookmark here

"It did not only saved you, but it also cured you. You come from a lineage with very impressive powers, Ryuu-Kun. I wonder what other forces you'll encounter."Bookmark here

"I don't know, I think we'll find out later. But thanks for thinking about me."Bookmark here

Hiroshi stood up and said,Bookmark here

"Let's go to the king's room. He wanted to see us."Bookmark here

Then Lezlie stood up,Bookmark here

"Hiroshi-San is right, we must not keep the king waiting."Bookmark here

We got up from the table and made our way to the King's room. When we came to the room, the King was sitting on his throne doing the paperwork. When he saw us, he gave the documents to his employee and said,Bookmark here

"Give these to the palace's staff. I'll deal with the rest of the work tomorrow."Bookmark here

"Yes, sir."Bookmark here

The employee left the room, closing the door. Only the king and we left in the room. The King pointed to the seats and said,Bookmark here

"Please sit down, I want to talk to you."Bookmark here

After taking the seats, I asked,Bookmark here

"What did you want to talk about, Sir?"Bookmark here

"First of all, if you don't mind, I want to know why you want to go to the second Kingdom. Second, I want to inform you accordingly."Bookmark here

"We have received information that the person who will join us is there. That's why we want to go there."Bookmark here

"How do you know such a thing?"Bookmark here

"Thanks to a map I bought a long time ago. Thanks to this, we can find what we are looking for."Bookmark here

"Wait! This is the Dreamer's Map, it is very rare. But how did you get this?"Bookmark here

"My uncle gave me this."Bookmark here

"I understand that. This map will help you a lot on your journey."Bookmark here

Then he said, "So you want to go search for people who are willing to join you?"Bookmark here

Hiroshi then said,Bookmark here

"What did you want to inform us about?"Bookmark here

"I was just about to tell you about that."Bookmark here

"The power of The First Epic, which you saw in this kingdom, is nothing compared to others."Bookmark here

Babu got very surprised and said,Bookmark here

"Really?"Bookmark here

"The First Epic is the most powerless epic among the epics. The epics are ranked by strength from the first to the fifth. Each is many and many times stronger than the other."Bookmark here

I said, "Well, have you seen them before?"Bookmark here

"I've never seen them before, but they're pretty strong according to what they're told and in their order. But at a Kings meeting in recent years, information about a few of them was said, Fortunately, I remember them a little. The second Kingdom's Epic is a woman, They call her Kira."Bookmark here

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