Chapter 56:

Kingdoms And Epics

Wolf Bloodline

Lezlie looked at the King,Bookmark here

"It is very surprising to hear. I've never heard of a female Epic before."Bookmark here

"Yes, this is the first and only female epic. It is said that she can kill people she looks at with the power she has. I don't know how long she can do that, but be careful anyway."Bookmark here

I said, "What do you know about other Epics?"Bookmark here

"The epic of the third kingdom is also quite dangerous. There was a story told at the time, the story of the "Chaos Boy", I don't know if you've ever heard it before."Bookmark here

Hiroshi said,Bookmark here

"A child who kills his entire family just for power and fun."Bookmark here

"Yes, he is the child in the story, The Third Epic."Bookmark here

"I heard that kid died in a fire."Bookmark here

"He deceived people to make himself look dead, and then somehow one day returned to the third Kingdom as an epic. I have heard he is as strong as Miron. And a few of you have seen what Miron is capable of."Bookmark here

I said, "Even though I saw his powers, I don't know much about him. Do you know anything about Miron?"Bookmark here

"Unfortunately, no, he's like a ghost, no one knows where he's going to come out or what he's thinking. He'll be out of anywhere at any moment. So be very careful."Bookmark here

Hiroshi said,Bookmark here

"Our main event should be the fourth and fifth, right? After all, the ranking is from one to five. What do you know about them?"Bookmark here

"The most powerful of the epics. There's probably nothing they can't do if they work together. They have the power to end the world."Bookmark here

"Why don't they work together?"Bookmark here

"They have separate ideas. One wants to take over the kingdoms and rule, but another just wants to see the world burn."Bookmark here

Babu said,Bookmark here

"And if there is a war between them?"Bookmark here

"I don't think so, and even if the war breaks out, it won't last that long."Bookmark here

"Why?"Bookmark here

"Because the fifth Epic knows no pity. With his power, he just spreads fear around. And he is the heir to the destruction line, one of the most powerful lineage. I only know these about him."Bookmark here

"And is the fourth as strong as they talk about?"Bookmark here

"Unfortunately, Yes. Even if he can't defeat the fifth, he's stronger than all the other elite soldiers and epics. He is also stronger than Miron. And he alone defeated an entire army. And now he is the number one enemy of the Dragon lineage, one of the strongest lineage. He defeated the son of the leader of the lineage."Bookmark here

"That's not all of it. A legendary creature roams in the sea of the five kingdoms. And the creature is too strong and dangerous to kill. Also, he has a magical cloak made of Dragonskin, the cloak does not undergo magic or fire.Bookmark here

And finally, rumor has it that this man was the son of the ruthless Yores."Bookmark here

This was another shocking news for us. My uncle told me that Yores was the person who fought Alpha Prime many years ago.Bookmark here

"The Ruthless Yores? The one who fought with Alpha Prime and tore the kingdom apart?"Bookmark here

"Himself."Bookmark here

Babu said,Bookmark here

"Sir, are you sure he is no stronger than the fifth?"Bookmark here

"We know a lot about the son of Yores, but we know nothing about the fifth epic. It is also said that Yores's son had a scar on his face and that scar....."Bookmark here

Hiroshi lit his cigar and said,Bookmark here

"You know it was made by the fifth epic."Bookmark here

"The fourth kills the one who touches him without mercy, but for some reason, he can't do anything to the fifth. There's something he knows and he's afraid of. I'm sure of it."Bookmark here

He then said, "Now is there anything else you want to ask?"Bookmark here

"What does the "King's meeting" means?"Bookmark here

"It is a meeting held at certain intervals of time, where kings get together and talk about their kingdom. The reason these meetings are held is that we discuss how to offer our people a more comfortable life. And we'll be reunited as a family."Bookmark here

I said, "What kind of differences there are between the kingdoms?"Bookmark here

"Each of the kingdoms is quite different from the other. This is the first kingdom, and The name of the first Kingdom is "Pevell." This is the smallest of the kingdoms. It is often engaged in mining and agriculture. The name of the second Kingdom is "Keontis". The Second Kingdom is bigger than the first Kingdom, what is being dealt with there is more design, artistry, and the food there is the best food among all the kingdoms. The name of the third Kingdom is "Jorion," it is the largest kingdom among the kingdoms. In general, it deals in commerce. but theft, assault, and many things often happen there.Bookmark here

"The fourth kingdom is called "Neverland", it is industrially powerful. And the weapons they produce are pretty good."Bookmark here

He sighed and said,Bookmark here

"And finally, the fifth Kingdom, its called "Verendus", it is superior to the other kingdoms in everything. The largest piece of land after the third Kingdom is the fifth Kingdom. But no one in our family rules there."Bookmark here

I asked, "Who runs it?"Bookmark here

"Someone named Reyuo."Bookmark here

"How did he get in charge?"Bookmark here

"I don't know that, unfortunately. One day he somehow took over the fifth Kingdom. All I know is this."Bookmark here

Hiroshi said,Bookmark here

"Why don't Kings unite and fight with the epics, it's is ridiculous!"Bookmark here

"In order to do something at the King's meeting, everyone must approve it unanimously. We can't fight because the fifth king and my eldest brother opposed it in the vote."Bookmark here

One of the soldiers knocked on the door and came in,Bookmark here

"Sir, the ship is prepared as you requested."Bookmark here

"Perfect timing. Although it is unlikely, we have already prepared your ship in case Miron or any evil force attacks back. You can go when you want to go."Bookmark here

Hiroshi looked at Lezlie and Babu and said,Bookmark here

"Panda! Little Girl! Come let's get going, we don't have time to lose. You too, Kid."Bookmark here

The King stood up, pulled a chest out of his closetBookmark here

"Before you go, I want to give you one last thing."Bookmark here

The King opened the chest, and from it came incredibly beautiful and high-quality clothes. King looked at us,Bookmark here

"These are made from the finest fabrics from the second Kingdom, and they are all for you. And you can keep the weapons I gave you. I'm sure you'll need them more."Bookmark here

"You don't have to thank me, you people deserved it."Bookmark here

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