Chapter 57:

The Compulsory Travel

Wolf Bloodline

After I put on the clothes that were given, I stood in front of the mirror and looked at how it looked. The clothes were quite comfortable and light, they did not look like clothes that would be easily torn. I made my way out of the room to the entrance of the castle. I needed to meet the king and my friends.

Everyone was waiting for me to enter the ship. When I arrived at the entrance to the castle, they were all looking at me in their new clothes. Obviously, the new clothes were good for all of us, because we went on such an adventure unprepared.

The King climbed on his horse, and said,

"If you're ready, let's go, if we go at night, it'll be cold and we'll have trouble seeing the surroundings."

We all climbed on our horses, and I said,

"We are ready, sir, let's go."

We started riding our horses slowly. Babu looked back and said,

"I should have bought a cardigan for the night."

Lezlie said, "You already have fur."

"I may have fur, but that doesn't mean I won't catch a cold. Besides, is there food onboard?"

Hiroshi said,

"This is going to be a very long journey."

After the conversation, we continued to ride our horses to the port. When we got to the port, there were a few small ships in the port and a huge ship beside them. The King pointed at the gigantic ship with his hand,

"This is your ship, you will go on your journey with this ship."

I said, "Isn't this ship a little too conspicuous?"

"Other ships can't cross the ocean, you'll go faster and safer with it."

Babu said, "In terms of not breaking security?"

"Unfortunately, no, there is more than one big sea creature in the ocean. Especially the domesticated creature of the fourth epic."

Hiroshi said,

"And how much trouble will we be in if we meet this creature?"

"Usually the third and fourth Kingdoms travel between the seas, but if something like that happens, if it attacks you, don't fight, just stay away from it."

I said, "Leader is here, isn't he?"

"He said he couldn't be here, he said he is going to go back to his village to do his jobs, but he wished you good luck."

"How long does it take to travel on this ship?"

"Most likely two weeks, if there is a storm, this process can be prolonged."

We got off our horses and walked to the harbor. A big ladder came down from the ship so we could get to the ship. As the King extended his hand to say goodbye, we heard a trumpet. We all turned our heads in the direction of the sound.

We've seen about forty creatures. They were creatures that fought alongside the First Epic. A man came forward from among the creatures and said,


After saying those words, the creatures threw a man in front of us. When we looked at the face of the person, it was the leader of Cronus himself, covered in blood, barely breathing.

The King immediately went to him,

"Hey, what happened to you! How did they do this to you?"

"They threatened me and bullied me by holding my people hostage. I'm sorry I couldn't do anything."

"Hey, Babu! Help me quickly!"

Then he turned to the leader and said, "Rest, brother, I'll take care of them."

Babu got off the ship and went to Leader and started taking care of him. Because of his anger, The king tried to attack them. Hiroshi looked at Lezlie and said,

"Lezlie, you're responsible for the Panda and the old man's safety."

She got off the ship and ran towards them.

He then turned to me and said,

"And you Kid, Take care of them with the King. I'll try to help you from behind."

I nodded my head and got off the ship to help the King. The King was furious. He struck the monsters mercilessly, leaving them covered in blood. And I quickly caught up with him and started supporting him. We easily defeated creatures, but there was something strange about it.

It was strange that they attacked with so few people, even though they knew how strong we were. While I was fighting with them, The King shouted,

"Don't touch his hands!"

Right after the King said it, one of the creatures was about to touch me. I couldn't block or escape. At that moment, Hiroshi-San shot the monster's hands and saved me. I had to keep fighting without touching his hands.

But that wasn't my only problem. Two giants appeared on the battlefield and started approaching me. One of them tried to hit me with his giant bat, but I dodged it by jumping high.

But there was something strange about his bat like it was covered in slime. As I was going to attack the giant's head, he put his bat over his head and survived the attack. I jumped back and got away from him. Then the man next to him struck the giant's bat with his burning arrow and set it on fire. The creature roared and walked towards me with his burning bat. I was thinking about how to beat him, and on the other hand, I was running away from the burning flames thrown by normal soldiers.

I don't know how but I heard someone loading the ship's cannon. I did a somersault, and that right moment a big bullet went under me, hitting the giant's eye.

When the giant was stunned, I hit its stomach with my elbow and knocked the creature out.

When I turned and looked around, everyone else, including the other Giant, was knocked down by the King. All that's left was the soldier who just gave a speech.

He was smiling like a madman,

He looked at me and said, "It's pathetic, you think we didn't win, but you're wrong, your death and the death of your friends will happen,

Then he turned to King and said,

"And you, you will die with your people. It's all exactly as we planned."

"You're the one who is gonna do this?"

"Not me, but others will kill you in pain, you will see the price of defiance."

I said, "I'm not scared of death. Neither people like you.",

"But you should be."

His words included enough nonsense, I punched him very hard and knocked him out.

The King and I immediately went back to the others. King, looked at Babu and said,

"How is he?"

"He's in good condition, he's not bleeding internally, but he should still be taken to the infirmary and wound up."

He then sighed and said, "Get on the ship and get out of here."

I got surprised and said,

"Are we going to leave you like this?"

"Don't worry about me, all my soldiers will be here soon. And I'll take care of the leader."

"Sir, Are you're sure about this. he said "As planned.". That must mean something, they might attack again soon."

"And also their goal may be to keep you here as much as possible, and if that happens, you'll be in a lot of trouble. So get on board and make your way. Here you go."

"Yes, Sir."