Chapter 61:

The Wanted People

Wolf Bloodline

I had to walk late at night. I took Hiroshi on my back and took him to a safe place. I stopped in an abandoned house. I found a bed and put Hiroshi on there. Then I heated the house by lighting a fire in the fireplace. He didn't have any problems, but I still had to be careful.

Because it was cold, Hiroshi's fever was quite high.

Because of this, I took a bucket from the floor and hung it on the fireplace, and then put the dirty cloth I found on the floor in hot water to be sterile, I broke the Aloe Vera I found on the road and poured the gel into the water, so the cloth became cleaner and sterile. After the cloth was sterile, I put it on Hiroshi's head so that Hiroshi's fever would go down. I took off his clothes and covered him with something clean.

And then I lay down somewhere and waited for it to be morning.

In the morning, I went to Hiroshi to check him, but he was already up and dressed. I approached him,

"Hiroshi-San, It's not good for you to move around like this. You need to rest."

"Kid, we don't have time any time to waste, we need to find that Panda and The Girl."

"I think you shouldn't worry that much, From what I saw, they're not that far away."

"How do you know?"

"I have learned that there are not many shores or ports in this kingdom. In this part, the sea between the first and second Kingdoms, there were only two ports. in general, the most ports are at the other end of the kingdom, that is, in the sea between the third and second kingdoms, and since we came from the same route, I'm sure they went this way."

"So we have reached the second Kingdom? So, how long was I out, Kid?"

"Since last night."

"Even though the possibilities are small and they are close to us, we need to find out what happened to them."

"Compared to the first Kingdom, it seems quite crowded here, maybe we can find out where they are by asking people."

"That may work."

When we were about to leave, He then said, "And Kid, how did you find me?"

"Long story short, you were just lying on the beach."

He sighed, "I guess It'll do. Let's go."

Hiroshi and I made our way to the center of the city. It was more crowded than the other day, and more than one marketplace was there. There was an incredible noise. We couldn't even hear our talking. When the road split in two, to the right and left, Hiroshi pointed left with his hand and said,

"I'll go to the left and ask some people about The Girl and the Panda. Go to the right and ask the people there. That way, we'll search faster, meet me back here at noon."

"All Right, Hiroshi-San!"

As Hiroshi-San said, I followed the right path, I asked everyone about them one by one. But I didn't get any results. No one had ever seen or heard of them before. After two hours, I got tired and went to the bathroom. When I went looking again, I heard a noise in an alley,

It didn't sound like a Normal stray animal. I followed the sound. When I got to where the sound came from, I saw two people pushing an old man in the corner. The men shouted at the old man,

"Give me the Money, old man, or we'll send you where your wife is!"

"Please, I have to spend the money on my daughter's medicine! I beg you!"

"Shut up, either you give me your money or we take your life!"

As the old man closed his eyes and began to cry, the man tried to hit him. I got in front of the old man and grabbed his fist. Then I broke his hand, and just as he was screaming, I pulled him to me, hit him in the throat, and took his breath away. and then I threw him on top of the other with one arm. They were both knocked down.

"Enough of that babbling. Even stray animals make less sound than you two, you scums!"

The old man was so surprised when he opened his eyes, he turned his head to me and said,

"You saved my life."

He then said, "I really appreciate your help, young man. Thanks to you, I can get my daughter some medicine. Thank you."

"It's all right with me, just be careful around here. There are a lot of troubled people around."

"If there's anything I can do to help you, please tell me."

"No, thank you, I don't need any help."

Then I remembered,

"Actually, I've lost friends, I'm looking for them. But I couldn't find any trace of them. Is there any chance you saw them?"

"Can you describe your friends to me a little?"

"Well, one of them is a panda, he acts like a normal human, and he's got a straw hat. The other one is a blonde, nicely dressed young girl."

"Hmmmm, ah yeah! I saw them!"

The old man pointed his hand at a place and said,

"Yeah, I saw them at that place yesterday, it's a pretty fancy place actually, as far as I can remember, it was midnight, I saw them there at that time."

"Thank you, old man, you've really done me a big favor."

"You're welcome, thank you, too."

I went to the meeting place to meet Hiroshi. After a short wait, he arrived at the rendezvous point. Hiroshi lit his cigar and said,

"The left footpath is clear, no one there has seen them, have you found anything?"

"Yes, an old man I saved says he saw them last night in the place ahead of us."

"Let's go get them, then."

We walked quickly to the place, and when we got to the place, we went in without waiting. It was pretty quiet and calm, so Hiroshi and I went over to the bartender. As we sat on the stools, Hiroshi put out his cigar in the ashtray and said,

"We're looking for two people, one is a panda and the other one is a girl with blond hair, they were here last night."

"Yes, they were here last night."