Chapter 62:

The Things That Happened

Wolf Bloodline



I, Lezlie-Chan, and the crew managed to land at the end of the third day. As soon as our rafts touched the beach, we first looked for a place to eat. Because a lot of us were starving, and we hadn't had a bite in our mouth in days.

After walking a short distance, we came across a restaurant, and we immediately went in and ordered something to eat. Captain, Lezlie, and I were sitting at the same table. The captain was looking at the ground with a rather sad expression. I turned my head to the captain and said,

"Captain, are you okay?"

"Don't worry about me, I'm just a little distracted, that's all."

"Are you sure, that you are okay?"

"I lost my ship and two passengers, being a captain is a difficult job and I couldn't perform this task. So I regret that."

"Oh, Come on, Captain, you can trust them! Because they promised to come back, and they always keep their promises. And don't worry about the ship, you saved your crew, didn't you?"

"You're right, I'm sorry for bothering you two."

"It's all right, captain, Ryuu-Kun and Hiroshi-San will be here soon."

Lezlie turned her head to me and said,

"Do you think Ryuu-San and Hiroshi-San will find their way here, Babu-San? We don't know for sure how many ports this place has or what kind of shores it has."

Captain looked at us,

"Don't worry, young lady, I've heard a few things about the sea of the second Kingdom. For some reason, whatever the sea is, wherever it is, whether it is a ship or a boat, the sea always attracts the things it to ports, always. If your friends succeed, the port will attract them here."

I said, "So they're definitely coming to the port?"

He said, "Yes, but which port?"

"What do you mean?"

"The second Kingdom has two ports. This and the other port in the west of the kingdom."

Lezlie said, "How far are we from the second port, Captain?"

"It's not much, it's two days away."

As we spoke, the food came, and I couldn't help it because it smelled pretty good,

I turned to Captain, and said, "I'm sorry, but I think we'll have to leave the conversation later, captain."

I immediately started eating. After we were done eating we went out, we were tired so we started looking for a place to rest. The captain pointed with his hand,

"There was a hotel there, you can go there to relax."

Lezlie said, "What about you, Captain?"

"I and my crew, unfortunately, have to part ways with you here, we have fulfilled our duty, we have brought you to the second Kingdom."

I said, "I see, Will you return to the first Kingdom?"

"There's a ship Merchant in the eastern part. I'll go there and see if I can buy another ship, and we'll see how it goes."

I hugged the captain tight,

"Captain! Take good care of yourself! I hope you and your crew can make it back!"

The captain smiled and said,

"Come on, it hurts."

I let him go. He sighed and said,

"It was a pleasure to meet you all."

Lezlie said, "It was a great honor for us to meet you too, Captain."

After separating our ways with the captain, Lezlie-Chan and I went to the hotel. I bought us a room for one night with the last gold left in my pocket. We went to our rooms.

I lay down on the bed and closed my eyes and went to sleep. In the morning, Lezlie-Chan was waiting for me at the entrance to the hotel. I went to her, and when she saw me, she shouted at me,

"It would be better for us to not waste any more time here, Babu-San! We need to get to the other port as soon as possible."

"Wait for a second, Lezlie-Chan! But what if they come here?"

"Maybe I can't observe events like Ryuu-San, but according to my observations over the last few days, we've been at sea for days and we've been here for almost a day, I'm sure Hiroshi-San and Ryuu-San should have caught up by now."

"You may be right, Lezlie-Chan. But I'm not sure about this."

I then thought about it. If they were coming right behind us, as we thought, it made more sense for them to get here later. But if something happened, as the captain said, they could have gotten here before us. I guess we had to try what Lezlie-Chan said. Because If we started searching for them it would be better for the four of us.

I sighed, "Okay, we will do that. but you know we need a car or a horse, so we can complete the road faster."

"I understand, but where will we find such a vehicle, Babu-San?"

"Last night I saw a poster in front of a place, a job poster, I couldn't read much, but it said something about transport work related to the second port."

"Then our only chance is to go there and look, Am I right?"

When we got to the front of the place, we saw the job poster for the second port, but the poster didn't say the exact address. We decided to go in and ask the bartender. When we asked the bartender, the bartender looked at us and said,

"Unfortunately, I don't know anything, posters can usually be incomplete or they can be there for a long time."

I said, "All right, we understand. Thank you anyway."

Just as we were leaving the place, we saw a table to our left. At the table, a woman in a black cape, her face was completely invisible, surrounded by three to four men. At first, we didn't mind, but then we noticed that the guys were talking to the lady in a harsh manner. One of the men yelled at her and said,

"I guess you didn't learn that your kind isn't welcomed here. You and your kind make me sick."

The woman continued to sit down without telling them anything. He got even angrier at her silence and said,

"Let's see if you still be so quiet when you get hurt."

That's when Lezlie shot the guy using her spell,

"Please leave that lady alone and leave here without making a scene."

When the other people looked at us I took the tray on the table and threw it at the other guy, and when the other guy was going to hit me, I held the tray in front of me, and I blocked his fist, and I banged the guy in the jaw with the tray. When Lezlie struck the man in front of him with her spell, it made the man get closer to me. So I hit him on the head with a tray and knocked him down.

We managed to knock them all down in no time. The lady quickly passed us and said in a quiet tone,

"Meet me in the alley in behind this shop."

She said that and went out. We went out doing what the lady said and met her in the alley, behind the shop. The lady looked around, saw that there was no one there, took her cape off her head, and said,

"Thank you, what you did mean a lot, but I didn't invite you here to thank you alone, I know it happened very quickly, but I need your help with one more thing."