Chapter 63:

The Mysterious Lady

Wolf Bloodline

We didn't know what to say. Before we hadn't found the others yet, someone asked us for help. After she was silent for a while, she started talking again and said,

"I'm sorry I called you here for no reason, but I really need your help to get to the second port."

Babu said, "I'm sorry but don't you know anyone who can take you there?"

"I did, but I lost them in an ambush."

"An ambush?"

"I don't have time to talk about this right now. I have to go immediately. If you don't mind, I'll tell you my story on the way."

While she waited for us, I silently told Babu-San,

"Babu-San, We need to help that lady. She looks like she really needs help."

"I understand what you're saying, Lezlie-Chan, but if it's someone who helps an elite soldier or communicates directly with an epic, we can get in a lot of trouble."

"But our goal is to help people. Even if she's not like we think, we have to consider taking that chance. It could just be someone who is in need of help."

"Okay, you're right. But be prepared for anything."

When we were talking she turned to us and said,

"And my name is Mila. I'm sorry I didn't tell you this sooner."

"Nice to meet you, Mila-San. I'm Babu, and this is my friend Lezlie-Chan."

She smiled and said, "I hope this has removed the insecurities between us. After all, I'd be pretty unreliable if I didn't say my name, wouldn't I?"

Babu said, "We'll help you get to port two."

"I am very grateful to you, I will pay back your kindness when I arrive at the second port, I promise."

"Actually, we also had to go to the second port."

"Great, then let's get going before we waste too much time. My car is in between the houses ahead."

Doing what she said, We followed her between the houses. The place we were going to was like an alley, and there was no one around. Mila-San lifted the bushes in front of us and opened the road in front of us. There was a horse-drawn carriage in the driveway. She got in the car seat and said,

"Get in, we have to get out of here as soon as possible."

We did what she said, and we jumped in the carriage. Then we quickly got out of there. As we decayed the alley, Mila-San started driving faster. We didn't talk to Mila-San until Babu-san and I left the port. When we left the port, it was clear around us so she started talking,

"It looks like we won't have any problems for a while."

Babu-San turned his head to her and said,

"Will you tell us what is going on, Mila-San?"


"My name is Seaun Mila, daughter of the 5th King Of The Sea People, and I am the new heir to the throne."

"Sea People? Mila-San, or you.....?"

"Yes, I am a mermaid."

"But you can roam the land like a normal person."

"Actually, Babu-San, my mother told me that mermaids can turn their tails into feet."

"Yes, your friend is right, but not all of us. Sea people can't stand on land until they reach adulthood."

"So, Mila-San, why did you ask for our help, even though you were the King's daughter?"

"Please just call me Mila. You don't have to show me any extra respect."

Then she said, "As for the subject, it all started two days ago. I'm here because my father, King Atrius, wants to marry me to the King's son."

"So what happened, did you run away from the wedding?"

"Actually, it wasn't exactly like that. Two days ago, news spread across all the kingdoms, news of the death of the First Epic. A teenager and several of his friends defeated the epic, showing everyone that the epic was not immortal, but edible. They were the daylight to all the people and everyone who fought against the epics. In addition, the epics increased the number of their soldiers in the kingdoms so that this would not happen again. They began to cause more suffering to innocent people living in the kingdoms."

"This is really bad news."

"Sea people are not a lineage that is very loved by people. Especially because of these events."

"So that's why they treated you badly there, Mila-Chan."

"Yes, my father made a deal with the King on this. He wanted to marry me with someone to join forces."

"So, what did you do?"

"You might think I ran away, but I didn't. during my journey, I was attacked by an elite soldier. He killed all my men, and I barely managed to escape, and then I took a carriage from someone and came to this port. The Epic of the second Kingdom has learned that we will ally with the kingdom, so he does not want this to happen. That's why I'm being chased by an elite soldier."

"If the marriage happens, will you fight against them?"

"Probably, but I don't want to marry someone I don't know. no woman wants it."

"But Mila-Chan, isn't this for the good of your people? If you do that, a lot of people will survive."

She slapped Babu-San on the head and said,

"What are you saying! No one should be obligated to do this!"

"I just gave an advice."

"Mila-San, there is actually someone who can help you. Actually, he helped a lot of people before we arrived here."

"Oh, yeah? Well, who's that friend of yours?"

"We can take you to where he is. But we don't know much about where he actually is, unfortunately."

"Are you planning to find your friend without knowing where he is?"

"We have to search for him, and our other friend too. Only they can help you."

"Okay, okay. Then hold on tight. We have to start looking for them quickly. We can't lose time."