Chapter 64:

The Second Port

Wolf Bloodline

Mila-San looked at us with confusion and said,Bookmark here

Babu-San looked at me and said,Bookmark here

"Lezlie-Chan, Are you sure about this?"Bookmark here

"Yes, I'm sure, Babu-San. If we find Ryuu-San and Hiroshi-san, we can help Mila-san with their help."Bookmark here

"You're right. But if don't be careful, we can get caught up by the epic."Bookmark here

"Yes, that is correct. But we can help Mila-san, and by doing that Mila-San won't have to get married."Bookmark here

Mila-San looked at us and said, Bookmark here

"Are you sure you really know him?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, we've been traveling with him for a long time. He's a very close friend of ours."Bookmark here

She then looked at the road and said,Bookmark here

"Okay, but now we're moving randomly, try to remember where you last saw them.Bookmark here

"They could be at Port two. We got to the first port, and they weren't there, they were probably at the second port."Bookmark here

"All right, then get ready. We'll be at Port Two soon."Bookmark here

Half an hour after our conversations, we made it to port two. Mila-San left the carriage a little behind the second port to avoid attracting any attention, and we walked a little distance to the second port.Bookmark here

When we got to the second port, we started asking around places, people about Ryuu-San and Hiroshi-San. No one we asked had seen them.After searching for them for a long time, we found ourselves resting in the middle of the harbor from exhaustion. Babu-San looked at me,Bookmark here

"It's almost night. We asked everyone at the port, and if they were here, I'm sure someone would have seen them."Bookmark here

Panting, Mila-San said,Bookmark here

"Your friend is right, there's no way they're here."Bookmark here

"But we can't give up now, Mila-San, Babu-San. We're running out of time!"Bookmark here

"I think she's right, we can't stay here. We've already wasted a lot of time here. If we wait a little longer, they'll catch up with us. We need to leave as-"Bookmark here

Just as Mila-San was talking, we heard a noise at the entrance to the port, as if someone was running towards us very quickly. Mila-San looked back at us and said,Bookmark here

"Oh, no. I didn't expect him to find us so soon."Bookmark here

Someone had entered the Port very quickly. He was running so fast we couldn't even see his face. He caught up to us within seconds of entering the port. After he saw us, He started looking at us in a strange way, with a strange mask on his face.

Then he began to approach with slow steps,Bookmark here

"Princess, it has been a long time."Bookmark here

"Yes, some time has passed, I think. Tell me, how did you find me?"Bookmark here

"I've been looking for you all over the kingdom for almost a week, running there, here, in short, everywhere. But fortunately, I finally found you."Bookmark here

"You still haven't answered my question."Bookmark here

He looked around and said,Bookmark here

"In order to find out where you are, I had to spend some time and hurt some people a little. But as you can see, it worked."Bookmark here

"I hope you didn't touch my men. Or you will pay for that."Bookmark here

"Ah! Yes. The men you love so much, and the men you leave behind."Bookmark here

He continuedBookmark here

"Unfortunately, they're all dead. They're all dead because of you, Princess."Bookmark here

She got very angry and said, "You filthy bastard. I will make you pay for this!"Bookmark here

She slowly pulled out the dagger behind her and tried to attack his neck with a quick lunge. But he grabbed Mila-San's arm at the right time.

There was something strange with her dagger. Her dagger's perimeter of the pointed section was covered with water. It was flying and not spilling. Was this a new magical power? I heard some things about it before, but it was my first time seeing it.

He bent her arm, and said,Bookmark here

"Princess, Are these your new pets? Oh, I'm sorry, I meant your new victims."Bookmark here

At that time, Babu-San became angry at the situation and tried to attack,Bookmark here

"Mila!"Bookmark here

He suddenly threw Mila backward, and then dodged Babu's stick, by going under it. He then appeared behind Babu and kicked him hard. Then he started hitting him from all directions before Babu had time to be stunned. Because of his speed, Babu couldn't keep up with him.Bookmark here

After the blows, Babu grasped his stick thoroughly and began to rotate his stick around himself. And he created a barrier in his own way. At that time, I lifted Mila-San off the floor and said,Bookmark here

"Mila-San, We must help Babu-San."Bookmark here

"I know, but as soon as your friend finishes his attack, he'll start moving fast again. And even my water power didn't work on him."Bookmark here

"Isn't that the water you collect around the dagger?"Bookmark here

"Yes, the more fluid in my body, the more water I can throw out. But as I said, no matter how fast or hard I throw water, he can easily escape my attacks."Bookmark here

When I was thinking about what we should do, an idea had come to my mind,Bookmark here

"Mila-San, I have an idea!"Bookmark here

"An idea that is all we need actually."Bookmark here

She got up and said,Bookmark here

"Well, what do you have?"Bookmark here

"I can cast a spell on the concrete on the ground and make a more slippery floor. You can use it as an opportunity and wet the floor and make it much more slippery."Bookmark here

"So, will that be enough for us to escape? He's pretty fast, he can easily catch up with us."Bookmark here

"After he falls on the ground, I can also make the floor sticky. But since there is water on the ground, we will have a maximum of thirty minutes."Bookmark here

"All right, that's enough time, let's get to work."Bookmark here

I put my hands on the floor and started doing the spell. But unfortunately, he knew I was doing something. And because of that, he immediately turned his direction to me. But if I made any mistakes, I would have to do the spell again, so I tried not to move. As he approached me, Mila-San used her power and started throwing pointed objects made out of water. He began to maneuver to avoid being affected by these incoming attacks. But he was so close to us. When he was going to attack Mila-San, Mila-san made a shield from the water and protected us from the impact. And just then, not realizing that Babu-San was behind him, Babu-San approached from behind and delivered a solid blow to his head with his stick. His face was stuck to the wall from the water. When he was stunned, I yelled at Mila-San, Bookmark here

"Mila-San! Now!"Bookmark here

Mila had managed to wet the floor using her power. The man turned to Babu and raised both feet in the air and hit Babu. I've never seen such fast maneuvers before. Babu floated back a lot and hit the wall. He then turned to the princess and began to provoke her,Bookmark here

"Come on, Princess. Are you going to leave your new pets too?"Bookmark here

"Don't worry, you're the only one I left here!"Bookmark here

Our plan worked as it was, and he went over the slippery road just as we planned. He lost control and clung to the ground strongly. Then, using the sticky spell, I glued him to the floor, even if it was in a short time.Bookmark here

Using this as an opportunity, we helped Babu-San and started carrying him. Bookmark here

When we were about to leave, he slowly tried to get up from the ground and said,Bookmark here

"You think you've won. But do not forget. When I get out of here, I'll come after you. Keep that in mind."Bookmark here

We ignored him and headed for the carriage. We put Babu-San in the back of the car to rest. I and Mila-San got ahead and started driving the carriage and drove away.Bookmark here

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