Chapter 69:

The Skirt Of The Mountain

Wolf Bloodline

After a day's journey, we managed to reach the skirt of the mountain. When we got there, Mila looked at the mountain and said,

"Here we are the "Rowdown" mountain."

Lezlie tried to look over the mountain and said,

"The mountain looks quite high. It's not even visible because of the clouds."

"Yes, it is, this mountain is bigger than the mountains in other kingdoms, even the largest mountain among the kingdoms."

Babu smiled and said,

"Imagine founding the other person we were looking for here, wouldn't it be nice, Ryuu-Kun?"

"I don't think we're that lucky, but let's look at the map anyway."

I opened the map and checked it just in case Babu said it, and I came across a problem I hadn't encountered before on the map, it was a pretty strange problem, Hiroshi saw that I was looking at the map in a strange way and said,

"Hey, Kid! You look like you are frozen, is something wrong?"

"Very strange. It says the other person is in this kingdom, but the person's location is unclear."

Lezlie looked at the map and said,

"But Ryuu-San, It's impossible. No matter what condition the map is under or who it is, it must directly inform the location."

Mila turned to us and said,

"Maybe it's a person-related problem. After all, we don't know what powers do they have."

Babu scratched his head and said,

"Mila-san may be right, perhaps the person is using a spell that does not show itself and protects him from getting caught to maps like these."

Lezlie said,

"Again, I regret to say this, however, that no spell can disrupt the indicator status of this map."

I folded the map and put it back in my pocket,

"Anyway, let's not think about it right now, we have more important things to do."

"The Kid is right. Also have a problem. The road becomes steep after a short distance, so we can't go any further by horse-drawn carriage, we'll have to walk the rest of the way.

Babu looked at the top of the mountain and then swallowed and said,

"As a panda, I will definitely die of breathlessness at the top of the mountain. I'm sure of it."

After the conversation, we took a few pieces of food from the supply box in the carriage and two long ropes tied to the hooks. After we got what we needed, Hiroshi released the horses in the carriage and we started walking towards the mountain. Since the skirt of the mountain was not too steep, we could walk. But after an hour of progress, the mountain was too steep to walk. In addition, Hiroshi and I decided to take out the long ropes and throw the ropes on the slope that we saw on the mountain, but the shot was not going to be easy, since part of the slope was above the clouds. Hiroshi looked at me and said,

"It can be difficult for us to swing such a rope in this wind."

"So what's on your mind, Hiroshi-San?"

"If Babu and I support you, you can climb to a certain height so that you can comfortably secure the ropes to the top."

"All right then, let's go for it."

I took the ropes in my hands and waited for Hiroshi and Babu to join hands. When they joined their arms, they looked at me and gave me a ready sign with their heads. I quickly ran towards them on the mark and jumped on their arms.

Hiroshi and Babu raised their arms in the air and supported me with all their strength to jump. But I didn't get as high as I wanted. At the time I was going to fall, Lezlie backed me up with a bit of a push spell. And Mila supported me with the power of water. As I started to rise again, I turned around myself and threw the hook ropes to the top of the mountain, and fell down again, but I managed to get the hooks fixed on the slope above the mountain. I stopped my fall using the ropes and safely went back down.

Hiroshi was pulling the ropes towards himself, trying to understand that the ropes were safe and sound. He then stopped pulling the rope and said,

"The ropes will carry us up, but if we leave regularly. Panda and Kid, you'll use a rope. And you two, you'll use the same rope as me. So we can get to the top without any problems."

Lezlie looked at the top of the mountain and said,

"But Hiroshi-san, the end of the rope is quite high, and we are also climbing the rope with three people at the same time. And if our hand slides or we get tired, it will be a big problem for us."

"Don't worry, I'll be under you, I won't let that happen."

Mila turned to Lezlie, patted her back, and said,

"Don't worry! Don't worry! After all, I'll be behind you too. And we have no choice but to climb the mountain, do we?"

When they started climbing, Babu looked at me and said,

"Oh! I think we need to start climbing too, Ryuu-Kun. After you, please."

"Thank you, you're really generous."

He smiled and said, "After all, I'm a panda."

After our conversation, we started climbing. By the middle of our climb, an incredible wind and rain began. The rain and wind were pretty strong, it was like we were officially pulling down. Babu shouted towards me,

"How much longer we have to go?!"

"There's more!"

Mila looked up and said,

"The rain is getting stronger, we need to speed up!

When I looked back at Lezlie, I could see her hand shaking from the cold. I shouted towards her,

"Lezlie-San, Are you Okay!? Can you hold on!?

"Yes! Don't worry about me please!"

At that moment, I heard a noise over the mountain. It sounded like a powerful creature. I lifted my head up and said,

"There's a noise coming from above! I think something's coming!"

Mila looked at me and said,

"That's impossible! Unless......"

Just after Mila said that a gigantic bird opened its claws and began to approach us.