Chapter 70:

Impending Danger

Wolf Bloodline

As soon as Hiroshi saw the approaching Bird, he shouted and said,

"Get down!"

We all bowed down and managed to survive the onslaught. After the giant bird missed us, it went back into the clouds and disappeared. Babu shouted and said,

"I think we got rid of it!"

Mila then shouted and said,

"No, it's "Klodan"! The bird that protects the mountain's water. And it will continue to attack until we fall!"

Lezlie looked down and shouted,

"In this case, we can't fight it, we have to go down!"

I turned to them and shouted,

"We don't know where it's going to attack, it's too dangerous if we try to get down!"

We heard a loud groan again from the sky. The sound was getting closer and closer to us. Immediately after that, A Thunder landed, and thanks to that, we could see the shadow of the creature. The creature was in the clouds behind us, about to attack the area where Babu and I were, and this time we couldn't escape by bending over.

I shouted at Babu,

"Use all your strength and push yourself as hard as you can with your feet!"


"Come on, do it!"

Babu did as I said, and with me, he used all his strength to step his foot on the mountain and push himself backward. As we did that, we managed to get rid of the creature's claws.

Because the creature missed its attack, it stuck its claws and beak on the mountain. It was trying to get away with flapping its wings. This was good for us to escape, but we were in a very dangerous situation because we were right next to the creature. While we were trying to get away the creature's wings almost hit us.

The creature eventually managed to escape, but because of this, the tip of the rope that Babu and I were on got cut and we began to fall down. At that moment, I threw the rope towards Hiroshi so that Hiroshi could hold it,

"Hiroshi-San, Catch!"

But at that moment the giant bird caught the rope with its mouth,

I said,

"Oh, n-"

The bird quickly began to fly and escape there. Babu and I were floating on the end of a rope that the bird caught with its claw. It was quite difficult to hold the rope because the creature was maneuvering to hurt us. When the bird saw that we had not let go of the rope, it began to fly towards a giant piece of rock standing at the top of the mountain, thinking of a way that it could use against us.

As we approached the rock, I threw myself backward, joined my feet, and hit the rock with all my power. The rock split in half, so we survived without damage. But seeing that it didn't work, the bird began to fly higher. It was climbing the mountain.

We climbed above the clouds. As we crossed the top of the mountain, the bird suddenly stopped at the top. Me and Babu, under the influence of the stop, involuntarily let go of the rope. As we fell, the bird opened its mouth, waiting for us to come towards it. As we fell to its mouth, I was trying not to be bait, holding the corners of the bird's mouth.

The bird had a lot of jaw power, but I could still hold it. Until Babu fell on me. When Babu was on top of me, my hands began to slip and it became increasingly difficult to hold on. Babu looked behind the bird and said,

"Ryuu-Kun, hang on, I have an idea."

"I'm trying to do that! Hurry!"

Babu went to the front of the bird's beak and began to push it so that its beak would close. But this made the bird got pretty angry. Because of this, it threw me out of his mouth, and it started flying fast again. Fortunately, when I was in the air, I managed to catch the rope from the bird's claw again. I climbed the rope and headed towards Babu.

The bird hit all the rocks and stones in front of it to drop Babu. I kept climbing towards Babu, and that's when I noticed something. There was a diamond-style piece between his feathers on his chest, It was attached to his body, right in the middle of its chest, as if it were a mechanism. This brought an idea to my mind.

I quickly went up the rope and started approaching Babu.

When we saw each other I said,

"We can't fight this creature in the sky, it is almost impossible. Also, its skin is pretty hard."

"So what do we do, Ryuu-kun?"

"Move to the right of the creature. And when I give you the signal, hold on to the feathers on the right side of the creature and become a weight. But hold on tight until then.

Babu moved to the right side of the creature and began to hold on tightly. In order to achieve my goal, I went across the creature's head and pulled out the feathers on its head with all my might. Because of the pain, the creature began to fly down, just as I wanted. When it reached the height I wanted, I went to the back of the creature.

As we fell, I realized that I could see Hiroshi and the others from this height. With a strong whistle, I shouted,

"Hiroshi-San, We're here!"

After this, Hiroshi tied his foot to the rope and moved into an upside-down position to aim. So I signaled Babu and yelled,

"Babu! Now!

I said, and with all my power, I grabbed the creature by the head and pulled it to the right. The creature had to lean to the right because of the power that Babu and I applied. So the chest was opened to Hiroshi. As soon as Hiroshi saw the diamond piece on its chest, he fired a single shot and shot the piece. After Hiroshi's shot, the bird began to fall quickly towards the mountain. And we hit the mountain hard and entered inside. Thanks to the hard skin of the bird, nothing happened to Babu and me.

After the dust lifted around us, I began to see the surroundings comfortably. The scene we encountered was quite interesting because it was not like a normal mountain. It was like a cellar. Soon after, Hiroshi, Lezlie, and Mila caught up with us and went in through the hole we opened.